Big Brother Season 20 Episode 15

The house united together for a change to target Kaitlyn for eviction in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 14.

JC’s stray vote was a deliberate attempt to cause chaos, but he’s worried that Tyler may get blamed for it. Tyler’s certainly toward the top of the list of suspects because of his relationship with Kaitlyn. Nobody really wants to believe that, though. Scottie, however, he’s an easy person to blame. Level Six thinks that, but so does his own “alliance,” who don’t even really want anything to do with him other than let him vote with them.

For the HOH competition, they will slide to the other end and try to do so within exactly 8 seconds. Bayleigh has an impressive start of 8.08 seconds that’s going to be nearly impossible to beat. A few people come close, but it wasn’t going to happen. Bayleigh wins HOH.

It seems unlikely that anybody in the middle would be nominated. Level Six just helped get rid of the biggest target who is not on their side. Their only hope is that Scottie gets nominated. He’s someone everybody can agree on, but as long as he believes he’s on a side, he’ll be a number for that side.

Who’s quickly determined to not be a target? Tyler. This guy is always safe. Otherwise, Bayleigh is threatened by all the guys, obviously Brett, and then either JC or Scottie. Nobody will come to Scottie’s defense, but Fessy doesn’t want to see JC on the block, even as a pawn.

Bayleigh is also considering Rachel as a pawn, and after they complain about Scottie, to secure her loyalty for next week after she probably survives, she tells her about the power app.


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