Big Brother Season 20 Episode 16

Bayleigh won HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 15 and targeted two people from the other side, Brett and Rachel.

Faysal takes credit for preventing JC from being nominated, which is deserved. JC reports this back to Bayleigh in order to drive a wedge between them, thus forcing Faysal toward JC. Until Bayleigh tells Faysal where she heard that from. That could help drive a wedge between all of them.

Rachel complains to Bayleigh about being a target, despite assurances she is just a pawn. Bayleigh warns her people need to watch out because she’s going to snap.

Bayleigh selects Sam at random to play in the veto competition. Rachel selects JC. Brett selects Tyler.

Seems like a pretty stacked deck, but perhaps not. Tyler is again in a no win situation because he’s playing both sides of the house, and both sides are buying it.

The veto competition requires them to complete a road puzzle to drive their cardboard former housemates to their destination.

Rachel – 30:00 (max)
Bayleigh – 14:24
Brett – 10:59
JC – 30:00 (max)
Sam – 30:00 (max)
Tyler – 6:54

Tyler wins the power of veto rather easily. Realizing that Angela is the likely replacement nominee, he tells her that Scottie is his best friend in the house, which he theorizes will get her to put up Scottie intead. Bayleigh pretends to Rachel that he said that he wants Angela nominated, and they come up with the concept that he must want a girl out. Rachel buys it and says he is not to be trusted. Angela and Kaycee don’t buy this story. If she wants to be the pawn, giving her an alliance a reason to vote her out is not the way to stay a pawn. Of course they trust Tyler over her, and in this case they should. Everybody does. She may be telling the truth about what was told to her, but what was told to her was a lie that she should have spotted for what it was.

In order to try to regain some trust, which she doesn’t even realize she has lost, Rachel spills the beans about Bayleigh’s power to Angela, who of course tells the people she actually still trusts. That complicates things because Tyler now knows that angering Bayleigh could just cause her to nominate him next week.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Tyler would have been better off letting Brett win, but Rachel has become a liability anyway.

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