Big Brother Season 20 Episode 17

Tyler won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 16, which backfired and put him into a corner where he had to leave two of his alliance members on the block, Brett and Rachel.

Now Tyler needs to figure out how to keep Brett instead of the person his alliance no longer trusts. As with the last time two Level Sixers were on the block, Brett is calm and collected, while his opponent is emotional and unpredictable. He was worried about using the veto and making Bayleigh angry, but she has no interest in Brett staying in the house either. The spin here is not that hard, yet again. Blame Scottie. Bayleigh already doesn’t trust him.

Brett adds another good point to the list. If they get rid of him, that will put the girls up in numbers by 7-4. We’ve already seen the risk of a girl power alliance with how Rachel has been behaving.

Brett begins hanging out with Haleigh. She denies she has anything going on with Fessy, who notices the two of them hanging out all night long and gets jealous.

In his pre-voting speech, Brett reveals Bayleigh’s power to the house and then says there is an all female alliance. He does have the power a bit wrong, though. She can’t use it just next week but until there are 8 people left. It’s a good power, though not great. Not like that garbage Sam got.

Rockstar: Brett
Angela: Rachel
Kaycee: Rachel
Scottie: Brett
Tyler: Rachel
Sam: Rachel
Faysal: Brett
JC: Rachel
Haleigh: Brett

By a vote of 5-4, Rachel has been evicted from the Big Brother house. For the fourth time, Bayleigh’s side of the house (and Scottie) are blindsided by a stray vote. Perhaps eventually they will figure it out. Rachel runs out without saying a word to anyone, having learned pawns do go home, particularly if they freak out and start making enemies.

The memory wall transforms into a set of looping gifs, which is for the true/false 50/50 chance to guess HOH competition. Kaycee gets the first question incorrect. Everybody gets the second question correct. JC gets the third question incorrect. Sam is eliminated on the fourth question. Brett, Fessy, Scottie, and Tyler are eliminated on the fifth question. Haleigh is eliminated on the sixth question. Both Rockstar and Angela get the final question correct to move on to a tie breaker. Angela wins HOH.

It seems quite likely she will not have complete control this week. Now that Bayleigh’s cat is out of the bag, this is about as good an opportunity as she’s going to get to use her power. In related news, Julie warns us about a new twist, the H@cker Comp, which will allow one person to secretly hack the game each week, whatever that means, probably not good.

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