Big Brother Season 20 Episode 18

Another close vote blindsided the side of the house that is either not very good or not paying attention in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 17, as Brett once again stayed over an alliance member with the elimination of Rachel. Angela then won HOH, but there are so many twists floating around that we’ll see whether it matters.

Bayleigh’s mad that the guy on the block defended himself by harming her game. She’s also upset by the fact that he calls her Honey. Words seem to have a lot of power over her.

Now we get another lame twist. The BB Hacker. That person will be able to replace one nominee with the person of their choice, choose one person to play in the veto competition, and eliminate one person from casting a vote. At least this will only last for two weeks because way to screw with the game.

Sam has a request. Everybody throw the hacker competition to her, and she won’t use it. This does not go over well.

This seemed like the perfect time for Bayleigh to play her power, but the Hacker Comp throws a wrench into that. Still, what’s she going to wait for? She can’t even secure the numbers as it is, let alone after more people from her side go home.


Two expendable people, neither the actual target, but it wouldn’t hurt if either of them did go home.

The first Hacker Competition requires them to unscramble Big Brother related words. The first three people in each round will score a point.

Round 1: Haleigh, Scottie, Kaycee
Round 2: Angela, Haleigh, Faysal
Round 3: Tyler, Angela, Rockstar
Round 4: Scottie, Tyler, Kaycee
Round 5: JC, Faysal, Scottie
Round 6: Sam, Tyler, Haleigh
Round 7: Rockstar, Brett, Haleigh

Haleigh wins the hacker competition. She can now anonymously change the nominations and save one of her allies.

Hacker Ceremony
Scottie has been saved.
Tyler is the replacement nominee.

Nobody else would have targeted Tyler. That’s about the only way he ends up on the block. With Scottie being removed rather than Rockstar, he can easily get blamed for this.

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