Big Brother Season 20 Episode 19

Angela nominated two not very threatening houseguests, Scottie and Rockstar, in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 18. Another stupid twist put a wrench into those plans when Haleigh was able to secretly remove Scottie and replace him with the person who has otherwise never been in danger in this game, Tyler.

Rockstar predictably suspects Scottie as the hacker. Angela thinks this would be too obvious. Tyler suspects Bayleigh. That logic spreads to each of their corresponding sides. Nobody suspects Haleigh because she hasn’t done anything, still hasn’t done anything.

The hacker selects Kaycee to play in the veto competition. This was the plan, which Bayleigh unknowingly helped spread, and Haleigh bought it. It made sense because she didn’t want to raise any red flags, but she also just selected someone who would be happy to save Tyler.

Scottie is selected at random to play in the veto competition. Angela selects Brett (houseguest’s choice). That is a well stacked deck. Four of the five Level Six members are playing against two of the weakest competitors.

They will have to roll balls back and forth without dropping them until the required number of times in each round, each of which will keep getting longer. Scottie finishes first in the first round, showing perhaps he will be surprisingly competitive if he doesn’t run out of steam. Rockstar is eliminated in the first round, and her prize is the power of veto. Angela is eliminated next, winning Jessie’s fitness and food program, which she trades for the veto. Kaycee is eliminated next, and she claims a trip to Honolulu, which she keeps. The next round is the closest yet. Brett had been doing better than most, but one little mistake eliminates him seconds behind the other two. He claims the prize of being a mascot for a week, which he trades for the trip.

Scottie asks Tyler to throw it so he can keep them both safe, but Tyler doesn’t trust him. This round is twice as long as the last. Both of them have been consistently strong, though I think Brett would have been stronger than Tyler if Tyler just threw it to him last round. Tyler drops his ball after 3 passes, but he returns to take a slight lead. One dropped ball would end it, but otherwise, Tyler is running away with this. Tyler wins. Scottie claims $5,000 as his prize, which he tries to trade for the power of veto. Why? Tyler would just steal it from you when he goes. Keep the money. Angela will do him one better. She’ll let him keep the money and promises him safety. Tyler claims the insta granny punishment, which he trades for the trip because Angela also promises him safety, and he knows she’ll keep that promise. Wouldn’t it have just been easier and more profitable for Angela to take the $5k and let Tyler take the veto from Scottie? Perhaps she’ll gain some loyalty from both of them that will help propel her further, though.

Veto Ceremony
Tyler is saved.
Bayleigh is the replacement nominee.

Angela blames the nomination on Bayleigh being the hacker. Little does she know that the reason her conversations were flowing back to the hacker is not because she was talking to the hacker but the hacker’s ally. In any case, this is a successful result. They knock her power out of the game without her being able to screw up anyone’s nominations. Should have used it this week as she saw her side’s numbers dwindling.

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