Big Brother Season 20 Episode 20

Haleigh’s hacker power ultimately proved completely useless, and if anything, she just helped paint a bigger target on her ally Bayeligh in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 19. With Tyler saved from eviction by the veto, Bayleigh became the week’s target, up against Rockstar.

I can’t imagine a scenario in which Bayleigh stays. Rockstar is emotional but in no way a threat. Bayleigh has a power app that would allow her to hijack someone’s nominations. Normally they at least pretend there’s a chance, but they aren’t doing that here. It is made very obviously and publicly clear who is going home.

After much drama, Haleigh finally feels guilty enough to confess to Bayleigh that she is the hacker. Everybody else will find out anyway, so she tells them as well. She calls a house meeting. Then Bayleigh starts shouting at and calling Tyler names and tells him to shut up, as if he’s the out of control one in one of the most over the top hopefully not real (surely this has to be acting) demonstrations of anger we’ve seen on this show.

Tyler’s vote has been nullified by the hacker. Not that it matters in what should be a unanimous vote. Unless someone wants to stir the pot again. Even Bayleigh’s allies need to try to keep Rockstar happy in this otherwise hopeless situation.

Kaycee: Bayleigh
Brett: Bayleigh
Faysal: Bayleigh
Scottie: Bayleigh
Haleigh: Bayleigh
Sam: Rockstar
JC: Bayleigh

By a vote of 6-1, Bayleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Should have used her power and at least try to flip things. She thought she could save it for later because she could work both sides of the house, though nothing we have seen suggests why.

In the HOH competition, they will match hashtags with photos. Sam and JC are up first. JC gets the first question correct and selects Rockstar and Tyler to go next (apparently he doesn’t get how this works). Tyler is incorrect, and Rockstar selects Kaycee and Brett. Kaycee is incorrect, and Brett selects Haleigh and Faysal. Fessy is incorrect, and Haleigh chooses Scottie and Brett, which should raise a flag for Scottie and suggest that she trusts JC more than him. Brett is correct and selects Rockstar and Haleigh. Haleigh is correct, leaving JC up against Brett. Brett is incorrect, and Haleigh will go against JC in the finals. Haleigh wins HOH.

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