Big Brother Season 20 Episode 21

It didn’t matter that she wasn’t the hacker because she still had a dangerous power app, so Bayleigh was eliminated in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 20. Having failed miserably at anonymously taking control of the house, Haleigh was able to win HOH, though the hacker power she tried to wield is now back up for grabs.

I thought Sam was trying to create drama with her vote, but she openly admits she was the only person to vote for Bayleigh to stay because she liked her better. She says she refuses to cut people down, aside from that time she got power and took a swipe at Kaitlyn and Haleigh.

In an effort to try to get Sam to vote with them, Tyler told her about his power. She doesn’t believe him, but if he is telling the truth, it hurts her feelings that he kept it secret for so long.

As Sam’s allies see how emotional she is, they don’t want to anything to do with her anymore. She’s becoming a liability, but the other side of the house wouldn’t mind if she went home either.

Tyler’s got the only power app still left in the game. He knows he’s a target this week, but he needs to figure out whether she will try to backdoor him or not. He suggests that she go ahead and backdoor him.

Nomination Ceremony

The second and final hacker competition could screw with things, though it was pointless last week. Their challenge will be to identify the room where fragments of images are located. Incorrect guesses eliminate them for the round.

Round 1: Scottie, Rockstar, Kaycee
Round 2: Sam, Haleigh, Kaycee
Round 3: Kaycee
Round 4: Faysal, Brett, Scottie
Round 5: Sam, Tyler, Brett
Round 6: Angela, Scottie, Kaycee
Round 7: Angela, Faysal, Tyler

Kaycee is the hacker. She’s obviously going to save herself, but the question is who the replacement will be. Unlike last week when Haleigh kept the result a secret from her alliance until after all the crying, Kaycee tells her alliance the results right away.

Hacker Ceremony
Kaycee is saved.
Rockstar is the replacement nominee.

Easy nominee. Not a particularly threatening one.

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