Big Brother Season 20 Episode 22

Haleigh nominated two people from the other side in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 21, putting Angela on the block against Kaycee. However, Kaycee won the hacker competition and removed herself from the block and nominated Rockstar in her place. The thing that nearly allowed Haleigh to gain some semblance of power last week may be what makes her HOH week not just a waste but actually something that takes out one of her own allies.

Sam is channeling Kaitlyn. The universe is telling her that Tyler can’t be trusted. The universe is right. He’s with everybody, when it’s suitable. It’s mostly working, aside from when Haleigh finally took a shot at him (anonymously).

Having revealed that she did that, she’s now trying to convince Tyler that he won’t be the replacement nominee. Does she really think he is going to believe her?

Rockstar is pretty sure Kaycee is the hacker and confronts her about it. This leads to a shouting match between the always emotional Rockstar and the hacker who is protesting far too much.

Hacker Kaycee selects Tyler to play in the veto competition. Rockstar selects Fessy (houseguest’s choice). Angela selects Kaycee (houseguest’s choice).

It’s the Otev competition. They must find the names of the evicted houseguests he describes. Some knowledge is required, but dumb luck searching is important. Kaycee is eliminated first. Angela is eliminated next. Things are not going well for Level Six, but Tyler is performing strongly, though Haleigh is neck and neck with him. Faysal is eliminated next after he realizes that Rockstar is not an eliminated houseguest yet. Yeah, some knowledge is required, such as who is still in the house.

Tyler gets the next one wrong, but thanks to Rockstar confirming with him whether her answer is correct, he realizes it. Haleigh is eliminated. It seems that Rockstar has crushed Tyler in this challenge, but then we hear her answer. Obviously incorrect. This is why she spoke to Tyler last time. She didn’t “give him the answer.” She wanted to know if she was correct. Tyler wins the power of veto.

He saves himself without having to use his power app, but there’s there’s not much point in using it. Kaycee may have removed herself, but she’s still a potential nominee, meaning she would likely be the replacement nominee. Angela’s probably a bigger target, but Kaycee would be sufficient.

Veto Ceremony
Tyler uses the veto on Angela.
Kaycee is the replacement nominee.

In order to save Rockstar, they’ll need to flip both JC and Sam to force a tie. Hasn’t happened so far this season.

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