Big Brother Season 20 Episode 23

Tyler won the power of veto and saved Angela in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 22, putting Kaycee, who had previously saved herself as the hacker, back in danger up against Rockstar.

Haleigh is annoyed with how this week has gone. So basically exactly how she tried to make last week go isn’t sitting well with her.

Tyler saving Angela isn’t sitting well with Sam either. I don’t see the benefit. Kaycee, Angela, whichever, same bad result for him if either of them were to go home, unless he prefers Angela that much more. The easy argument here is he is just returning the favor from last week.

Rockstar is convinced that not only has she secured JC’s and Sam’s votes, but that her arch nemesis Brett will vote for her to stay as well.

Obviously, Kaycee has blocked Faysal from voting as her final act as the hacker. He’s the only guaranteed vote for Rockstar to stay. That said, Scottie is also a guaranteed vote because he doesn’t realize he’s not actually in an alliance, but nobody trusts that or him.

Angela: Rockstar
JC: Rockstar
Sam: Rockstar
Scottie: Kaycee
Brett: Rockstar
Tyler: Rockstar

By a vote of 5-1, Rockstar has been evicted from the Big Brother house. The least threatening person in the house, but still a successful week for Level Six to be taking out someone from the other side on Haleigh’s HOH. She’s part of perhaps the most inept alliance ever, and BB’s propensity for game altering twists didn’t help. Rockstar guesses that Sam is the one vote to keep her.

Angela’s aggressive goodbye messages continue. Didn’t matter when she was dissing people like Rachel, but now we’re at the point of jury management. Julie asks that same question about Brett, but Brett is funny and charming when he’s insulting people.

The HOH competition will require them to run back and forth on slippery floors, transporting liquid from a container on one side to the other.

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