Big Brother Season 20 Episode 24

Even with Haleigh in power, her side couldn’t catch a break, losing yet another number in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 23 with the elimination of Rockstar.

The HOH competition has them running back and forth across the slippery backyard. We already know this is not JC’s competition, so he is going for the money instead of the power, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to fill that one up either. Faysal has the lead throughout the challenge with Tyler and Scottie right behind him. It’s becoming clear that nobody is going to catch him. Fessy wins HOH.

For a change, his side might actually get what they want. Of course, his side hardly exists, since he’s been in the dark on voting night five times.

Haleigh wants to figure out who is lying to them. Uh, everybody in the house. The other side of the house has a plan: pretend that Brett is the one who flipped. Weird plan, but it won’t take much to convince people that Scottie can’t be trusted. Nobody has trusted him this whole time, even though he’s been trying to work with them all season.

Fessy’s target is another guy. Any other guy.

JC wants to make Faysal jealous by convincing him that Scottie likes Haleigh. She claims she doesn’t buy this, but Fessy doesn’t trust Scottie to begin with. This is just one more reason. JC’s story is not far fetched, but it is a stretch to believe the only thing preventing Haleigh from being in a showmance with Scottie is Faysal being in the house.

Haleigh’s trying to be the voice of reason, but the problem is that Scottie is close to her, not Fessy.


They actually did it.

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