Big Brother Season 20 Episode 25

Fessy won HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 24, so naturally he was going to put two people from the other side. Or one person, Brett. Against Brett is the person nobody trusts, Scottie, who actually has thought of himself as being Fessy’s ally the entire season.

Haleigh’s defense of why he should have nominated Angela and Kaycee is because they are actively coming after her. Her being the key word. Same as her defense of Scottie, who even though it was all a story probably does have a crush on her. She’s ultimately not wrong, but it’s not hard to see his side. Conversely, she has no use for JC, who Fessy views as one of his main allies. Hard to say whether that’s actually true, though the voting certainly hasn’t indicated it.

Fessy selects Angela at random to play in the veto competition. Scottie selects Haleigh (houseguest’s choice). Brett selects Tyler.

Fessy tells Tyler that he respects the game he and Angela are playing, and he’d like to take out the people who haven’t been doing anything instead. Sure, Tyler will play along and pretend like that’s a good plan.

Hide and go veto will require them to hide their pictures somewhere in the house, then search for what the others have hidden. Brett plays defense by piling the biggest objects he can find on top of his folder, as many mattresses as he can get his hands on. Scottie follows suit by trashing the floor to slow people down and make sure they don’t want to get messy on the ground looking for his. Haleigh overlooked Angela’s folder in the oven wrapped in tinfoil, but Tyler finds it. Scottie grabs Tyler’s folder in Sam’s pants. Brett’s still playing defense, now piling couches. Faysal finds Haleigh’s “in plain sight” folder in the ottoman. Scottie’s bathroom drawer folder is still safe, but he finds Fessy’s in the bedroom drawer. Haleigh finds the last one, and it’s obviously Scottie’s because nobody was moving Brett’s mess even if they tried. Brett wins the power of veto. He made it so obvious to at least one person, but the amount of muscle it would have taken to clear those couches and mattresses out of the way wasn’t happening for most people.

The plan is to pick a replacement nominee who will not go home because Scottie is now his target, whether he was before or not. JC’s afraid that means him. Sam thinks she can convince him to nominate Haleigh, but her pitch is not to use her as the pawn but rather as the target he can’t trust because she has been using him. Sam could just talking herself on the block. Since he’s already on the block anyway and probably going home, Scottie throws Haleigh under the bus as well. He could be trusted before, but he’s ironically showing Fessy at the last minute that he’s getting rid of an acceptable person. If even Haleigh can’t trust Scottie, he’s got nothing.

And no veto ceremony tonight? Lame.

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