Big Brother Season 20 Episode 7

Kaitlyn nominated Scottie and Winston in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 6, but she doesn’t actually want either of them to go home.

Kaitlyn continues to hang out with her seemingly dead alliance, who already know that someone didn’t vote with them last week but don’t realize anything is wrong.

Kaitlyn selects Faysal to play in the veto competition (houseguest’s choice). Seemingly a good competitor, better than she would want if she wanted someone who will lose. Scottie picks Rachel at random. Winston selects Tyler.

Fessy is asked to throw the competition. She is worried he will win. That is why you pick someone else. This request seems odd to him.

The veto competition requires them to swipe through dating profiles of houseguests and match them to date spots.

Rachel – 5:49
Scottie – 18:20
Winston – 20:00 (maximum)
Tyler – 5:29
Faysal – 6:22
Kaitlyn – 13:12

Tyler wins the power of veto. That went exactly how they wanted, but Fessy did pretty well for a pick who wasn’t supposed to win.

It seems obvious what they will do. Save Winston. So Tyler decides that he wants to save Scottie, who would likely be a vote for a backdoor from the other side to stay. Shouldn’t matter. Might. The theory is to sway a potential floater to their side. That would perhaps be helpful, but it’s a big risk.

The secret backdoor doesn’t stay secret for long. Half the house already knew, and Kaitlyn tells Baleigh, who tells Rockstar, who dances around it to the oblivious Fessy. Kaitlyn eventually confides in Fessy, and no, she can’t have a hug from him.

Veto Ceremony
Tyler uses the veto on Scottie.
Swaggy is the replacement nominee.

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