Big Brother Season 20 Episode 6

Sam needed just one person to flip in order to save her in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 5, and she got that in the form of Kaitlyn voting to eliminate Steve instead. Of course, Kaitlyn then went on to win HOH.

Kaitlyn thinks that nobody is on to her about her vote. Except pretty much the whole house. For right now it doesn’t really matter because she’s the one in power.

Nobody knows what Kaitlyn is going to do. Even she doesn’t know what she is going to do. Tyler is trying to make sure she targets Swaggy. In the process, he reveals that Sam has the power. Later, Sam also confides in her. At the end of the day, her spirit guides are going to make the decision.

She tells her side that the target is Winston. She tells the other side that Swaggy is the backdoor target. The latter seems to be the truth. She doesn’t want to get rid of Winston, not yet.

This week’s least trending houseguest is somehow Rachel, whoever that is. Perhaps that explains it, too invisible so far. She selects the Yell! crap app, which will allow an angry reviewer to loudly provide feedback on her and her game for the next 24 hours. How is Swaggy not getting this?

Tyler wins the power app. Not only was he already likeable in his own right, but then he hitched his wagon to Sam. He picks The Cloud, which will allow him avoid one nomination or veto ceremony during the next two months if he thinks he is in danger of being nominated.

Faysal is pressing Kaitlyn really hard to try to influence her nominations, but her mind is already made up and showing no signs of changing.


Neither is the actual target, though she wouldn’t mind either of them going if it does come to that.

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