Big Brother Season 20 Episode 5

Faysal won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 4 but did not use it, leaving Sam and Steve on the block.

This vote could go either way. They were nominated because they were not on either side, and it was just viewed as a way to waste a week.

Steve is sure he has 7 votes, so he’s not going to bother going to anyone else. Not that anyone in the other alliance of 6 wants him to stay. Of course, if they don’t want Sam to go home, they could have made smarter nominations.

Faysal and Haleigh are starting their own showmance. If the other side needed a crack, one may be forming. Kaitlyn is not happy about this latest showmance or her own lack of one. Her two best buds are pairing up, just like everybody else.

Scottie: Sam
JC: Steve
Swaggy: Sam
Bayleigh: Sam
Rachel: Steve
Kaycee: Steve
Faysal: Sam
Haleigh: Sam
Angela: Steve
Brett: Steve
Winston: Steve
Kaitlyn: Steve
Rockstar: Sam

By a vote of 7-6, Steve has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Kaitlyn breaks ranks from her FOUTTE alliance to prevent Tyler’s HOH from blowing up in his face. They may have accidentally dodged a bullet. On paper, Steve is a very dangerous player, considering his background. If only he could have gotten past the first week.

For the HOH competition, they will toss balls into a city and try to land on the highest salary. Scottie starts things off with $40k. JC lands in the street, jobless. So does Brett. Winston scores $12k. Sam takes the lead with $50k. Kaycee can’t beat that. Faysal lands on the street. Kaitlyn takes the lead with $80k. Angela is in the street. Too many people are doing that. Bayleigh is also in the street. So is Swaggy. Rockstar is as well. This is silly. Haleigh is also in the street. Rachel is in the street. Kaitlyn wins HOH practically by default because hardly anybody could land on an actual target.

Well, that makes things interesting. The girl who just flipped on her alliance now has the power. She could either go back or gravitate toward the other side. Probably not a position she wants to be in.

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