Big Brother Season 20 Episode 4

The point of Big Brother Season 20 Episode 3 was not very much, but they finally told us that Sam won a prize for being the most trending houseguest, which will allow her to be able to try to save someone during the first three evictions.

Even though he nominated her, Sam still apparently considers Tyler the person she can trust most. Perhaps not so much a choice as a lack of options. She reveals to him that she won the power app, sort of.

Swaggy tries to convince Tyler to put up the person he wants to target, Angela, which fails miserably. Tyler proposes an alternative, Swaggy’s day 2 showmance, Bayleigh. Swaggy warns Bayleigh, and much crying ensues. Why would he even reveal this when the veto hasn’t happened yet?

Tyler selects Swaggy to play in the veto competition (houseguest’s choice) because he knows he won’t change the nominations. Sam selects Scottie at random. Steve selects Fezzy (houseguest’s choice).

The veto competition will be a series of stages where they are trying to not be the worst each time. In the first round, they must retrieve three likes from a snake bite pit. Scottie is too afraid to get anything and is eliminated. Stage 2 is a polar plunge. Swaggy barely survived the first round because Scottie sucked, but this time he easily loses. Stage 3 will have them balancing on posts while being shot by paintballs. Steve is the one who falls. Stage 4 requires them to balance and transfer balls while being shocked. Sam is eliminated. Tyler asks Faysal if he’s going to keep things the same. Probably. Probably? Yeah, probably. Good enough for Tyler. They have to drink gross drinks for the final round. Faysal wins the power of veto.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Faysal would prefer that someone else be nominated, but he knows the replacement won’t be someone he wants.

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