Big Brother Season 20 Episode 3

Tyler won the first HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 2, and rather than picking a side, he targeted two seemingly harmless people in the middle, Sam and Steve.

Sam calls everybody into the storage room one by one. Even as a robot, she can still manage to get into an argument with Kaitlyn. Though he nominated her, Tyler doesn’t actually want Sam to go, which is a rookie mistake.

Tyler, Winston, Kaycee, Brett, Angela, and Rachel have named themselves Level 6.

Protesting too much about how it’s not going to happen, Bayleigh and Swaggy are already hooking up.

Tyler has the opportunity to name the first four have nots of the season. He doesn’t have to make any hard decisions because four people volunteer: Kaitlyn, Winston, Scottie, and Brett.

Swaggy and Faysal want to make another alliance, this time with Brett and Winston so that they have all the muscle. Brett plays along, but it’s becoming obvious that Swaggy C is making alliances with everybody in the house.

Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh go along with Kaitlyn’s awful name suggestion of FOUTTE, five of us til the end.

The BB App Store will grant a power and a punishment to whoever is trending the most or least.

Faysal has somehow beat Swaggy as least trending. He selects the Hamazon package, which is a food punishment, requiring him to eat whenever there is a delivery. Why would you select the punishment with ham in the name if you can’t eat it for religious reasons?

Sam is the top trending houseguest, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because she has not started off well. She selects Bonus Life, which will allow her (or someone she chooses) the chance to return to the game if evicted if used within the first three evictions. If not used during the first three evictions, the fourth evictee will be granted the chance.

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