Big Brother 16 Episode 13

Following the nominations of Victoria & Brittany and Jocasta & Amber in Big Brother 16 Episode 12, Jocasta & Amber won the battle of the block, leaving Victoria & Brittany in danger of going home. I’m not sure anyone would care about either of them getting evicted.

Jocasta thinks God saved her. Amber talks about how the boys are in trouble if they keep putting her up. Oh really? I have not seen any sign of trouble yet.

On the other side, there’s Brittany and Victoria, both of whom feel like they are alone don’t trust anybody, an accurate sense of what’s happening.

Then we have the ongoing love triangle, for lack of a better term. Caleb won’t take the hint that Amber does not plan to return the affection he has for her. Cody and Amber, they actually are getting closer. The further Caleb pushes on this issue, the more reason Cody has to nominate him. Of course, if you look at these weak nominations, it does not seem he will act on that impulse.

Cody selects Zach at random to compete in the power of veto, Victoria chooses Nicole, and Brittany picks Caleb (houseguest’s choice). Yeah, Brittany’s choice is not at all suspicious. Now Caleb has some damage control to do, admitting he was talking to Brittany for a while about how she deserves to stay over useless Victoria.

A little late for soccer fever, it’s time for the BB Cup. They will use a fake foot to try to land in the bucket with the highest amount of points.

As a former pro soccer player, not that it matters here, Cody says that if he does not win, he’s an idiot. He is the first one out and claims the power of veto as his prize. There is some degree of skill required here, but it’s mostly luck, as with most of the competitions on this show. Brittany scores a 0 and is out next, picking the penalty kick (10 kicks in the butt at random for the next 24 hours) as her prize, which she trades for the power of veto. Zach is the third one out and picks a German vacation. Nicole is out next, and her punishment is 2400 soccer goals in 24 hours (or else she will not be able to compete for the next veto). She trades that to Brittany for the veto. Victoria chokes in the final round and scores a 0. Her prize is $5,000, which she trades to Nicole for the veto.

Caleb claims the Germitard, which he trades to Nicole for the $5,000. That leaves Victoria holding the power of veto. She made what seemed like a dumb choice, but it paid off, saving herself while increasing the size of the target on Caleb. Still, as far as Victoria is likely to get in this show, I’m not sure she’s not better off just grabbing the $5k.

Cody coninues talking about how he wants to nominate Caleb. Zach is thrilled with this idea. Frankie would like these people to stick to a plan.

Zach has done the math on Brittany’s punishment. 2.5 goals per minute for 24 hours straight. Still, this is Big Brother. It’s not like they have anything else to do in that house but talk and talk and talk some more. After 12 hours, she’s down to 1000, so she’s actually on track (but in pain). In the end, after much suffering, she accomplishes her goal. Oh, and Cody and Nicole had punishments, too, but they paled in comparison. Cody kept getting woken up so he could kick himself in the butt at the speed he chose, while Nicole had to get dressed up in the least humiliating tard costume ever but had to carry around a sausage and beer like all Germans do.

After talking with Donny, Cody says he has made the final decision to nominate Caleb. But he will be completely fine if they don’t vote him out. Frankie wakes Derrick up in hopes that perhaps the most level headed member of the Bomb Squad can talk him out of this.

At the veto ceremony, Victoria obviously removes herself from the block. It’s just a question of the replacement nominee, which seems to be settled on either Donny as a pawn or Caleb as possibly maybe a target. Cody names Donny as the replacement. Not terribly surprising that all that talk did not amount to anything.

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