Big Brother 16 Episode 12

There was neither a lot of surprise nor tears when Devin was unanimously voted out of the house in Big Brother 16 Episode 11.

We return to the HOH competition that barely got under way at the end of Thursday’s show. Caleb has a theory that his man hands will hold him up, but Victoria is useless regardless of the size of her hands. Brittany & Jocasta take an early and large lead, but then Frankie & Cody come up with a good strategy to keep two eggs in play at all times. Eventually, Zach & Amber take the lead with Frankie & Cody right behind them. Brittany & Jocasta have now fallen out of it despite being three eggs ahead at one point. In the dash to the end, Frankie & Cody are HOH.

Whatever talk there is about the Bomb Squad being dead, nobody really seems to commit to that. The assumption is that the non-Bomb Squad members will be nominated. With Caleb and Amber being part of their own drama, the remaining five propose a new alliance, The Detonators. Had anybody else been in the room at the time, they probably would be part of this alliance, too.

So now Team America gets its second assignment, and this one is stupid. They must get a physical threat nominated. It must be a Bomb Squad member because that alliance was pretty much made up of physical threats. They can work around that problem and pretend they’re still following the task, even though their resolution is not what anybody had in mind when voting. Amber is the strongest girl, and she’s not in their new alliance. This is good in that it does indicate they cannot be completely pushed around by America, at least not yet. This time, Caleb’s not going to be dumb enough to volunteer himself to try to save her.

Brittany was going to be nominated anyway, but when she talks about all the other girls chasing Cody around, she made sure of it.

Cody’s Nominations
Victoria & Brittany

Frankie’s Nominations
Jocasta & Amber

Who’s the target here? Because these are pretty weak and pointless nominations. Perhaps that’s the point. It’s week 4, too early for making really big moves, so why not just coast through the week and get rid of somebody like Victoria who the entire house does not like?

Joey brought up a female alliance weeks ago, which got her voted out of the house. Now Amber is upset about being a pawn for all these guys and would like to see some of the girls start working together before they get picked off one by one.

In the battle of the block, they will participate in a life-sized chess match in which they can move the same way as a knight would, knocking the squares they land on out of play until they run out of moves. Jocasta’s strategy is to pray, which does not work. Brittany is knocked out next. Victoria is the last one eliminated. Amber & Jocasta have won the battle of the block, dethroning Frankie. I’m not sure what would have happened if there were another outcome because that was some weird crying Jocasta was doing.

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