Big Brother 16 Episode 15

Nobody was surprised when Brittany was evicted in Big Brother 16 Episode 14, and then Zach and Frankie won (for lack of a better term) HOH.

Last week, Amber tried to form yet another girl alliance. Because that worked so well the last time. It’s not long before Christine passes this information back to the guys. Now Zach wants her gone. Her threat is that she’ll expose the whole alliance if that happens. Yeah, the big secret alliance that involves pretty much everybody in the house, the alliance that does not exist any more anyway, sort of. Christine is the proposed pawn, and she flat out refuses to throw the battle of the block.

Amber promises to go on a date with Caleb if he eats a pickle. He thinks she’s serious, and she gets stuck in a corner. They go on an awkward date, which she says is their first and last, though even now she can’t stop staring at Cody.

Zach starts talking to Nicole of all people. Yeah, this should stay between the two of you. He acknowledges that he and Cody are more than just friends, which I assume means alliance partners. Of course, Nicole tells Christine about this whole conversation, though Christine keeps the alliance a secret for now. Nicole tells us that her heart would be broken if Christine has been playing her. Well, that’s a meltdown for a later day then.

Whatever alliance Zach may think he has with Cody, Derrick and Cody strike a final two of their own. Their alliance name is The Hitmen.

Team America is assigned their next mission to get two houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination or veto ceremony. The thing they have going for them is that Zach is generally loud and hot headed even without three people poking him. It does not take very much effort. For that matter, they really don’t have to do much of anything. Just let him do what he wants rather than trying to talk him out of it.

Frankie wants to nominate two weak players so they will lose the battle of the block. Zach just wants to stir up trouble, but he plans to push Amber through the back door.

Frankie’s Nominations
Jocasta & Victoria

Zach’s Nominations
Christine & Nicole

Zach’s speech about Christine being a floater and Nicole being a fruit loop dingus does not cause a heated exchange. Rather, it causes fits of laughter, followed by tears. Whether Team America just failed or not, the bottom line is that the nominees are all women. Perhaps they will wake up eventually.

Their battle of the block is to build a giant wedding cake, stacking blocks without making them fall. It’s obvious what is going to happen here. Victoria and Jocasta do not have a plan and are unable to communicate. Their cake comes crashing down as they try to climb it. Nicole and Christine win the battle of the block, leaving pointless nominees on the block.

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