The Amazing Race 25 Episode 4

Unable to obtain correct directions from the place all people go to ask for help (a bar), Michael & Scott were eliminated in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 3.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Misti & Jim – 10:36AM
Second: Adam & Bethany – 11:45AM
Third: Keith & Whitney – 11:53AM
Fourth: Shelley & Nici
Fifth: Amy & Maya
Sixth: Brooke & Robbie
Seventh: Kym & Alli
Eighth: Tim & Te Jay

Teams must now travel via a 13 hour ferry ride to Copenhagen, Denmark. All teams are on the same ferry ride several hours later, but then there’s a race for the best flight.

First flight (arrives 2:00PM): Kym & Alli
Second flight (arrives 4:00PM): Jim & Misti
Third flight (arrives 5:10PM): Adam & Bethany, Keith & Whitney, Amy & Maya, Brooke & Robbie
Fourth flight (arrives 5:35PM): Tim & Te Jay
Fifth flight (arrives 6:20PM): Shelley & Nici

Jim & Misti manage to score some pretty good seats, but somehow Kym & Alli leapfrog them by a couple of hours. For two of the teams, flight delays push them behind the rest of hte pack.

From Denmark, they will now drive 20 miles across a bridge to Sweden. Somehow, they even manage to turn this drive into a Ford commercial, assigning an extra (very small) task to those who do not drive fuel efficiently.

The detour is a choice between parking space or wedding cake. In parking space, teams must set up a streetscape (apparently, people create an environment to sit in parking spaces) within half an hour. In wedding cake, teams must create a traditional wedding cake and delivery it to a restaurant on bicycle.

Wedding cake: Kym & Alli, Brooke & Robbie, Adam & Bethany, Jim & Misti (switched from parking space)
Parking space: Amy & Maya, Tim & Te Jay, Shelley & Nici, Keith & Whitney (switched from wedding cake)

The wedding cake task seems like the better one if for no other reason than a restart of a half an hour task because you use up the whole half hour would be problematic, though the cake task has the similar issue of potentially dropping the cake, except that is not a set half an hour.

Jim & Misti fail on a simple issue of attention to detail that allows other teams to start passing them. There are 7 petals on their flower pot instead of 8 (had they turned it around, they would have been correct). On the other task, Adam & Bethany struggle to balance the cake.

The road block is to be a waiter (or as Robbie calls himself, waitress), memorizing the ingredients from four sandwiches and relaying that to the chef. This hardly seems like a task that could make much difference.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kym, Maya, Robbie, Whitney, Te Jay, Adam, Misti, Nici

This task seemed simple enough, and it was for Shelley & Nici, who pulled out of last by getting it on the first try. Misti’s multiple failures push the dentists into last. After re-reading the clue, she finally realizes on her 9th attempt that she has not been stating the sandwich number before stating the ingredients. This is only a sensible requirement since she could be talking about any of the random 100+ sandwiches.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the VM Houses.

First: Kym & Alli (win a Ford hybrid each)
Second: Brooke & Robbie
Third: Keith & Whitney
Fourth: Amy & Maya
Fifth: Tim & Te Jay
Sixth: Shelley & Nici
Seventh: Adam & Bethany
Non-eliminated: Jim & Misti

The constantly bickering Shelley & Nici get lost on their way to the pit stop. Rather than helping her daughter, Shelley just lets them stay lost to prove a point. This team needs to go already.

Regardless, Nici figures out what went wrong in time to finish ahead of the two trailing teams who switched detours. Correctly assuming he is in last place, Jim pulls out the save and hands it to Phil, but they won’t be needing it this time because it is a non-elimination leg.

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