The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8

The brothers managed to trap Katherine in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7. Before Damon threw away the key, she warned him that Elena’s in danger and needs help.

We now return to our regularly scheduled kidnapping. Elena’s brought from one car to another. As for the guy who grabbed her, he serves as lunch for the vampire who asked him to take her.

Tyler is noticing funny things about himself, such as increased strength. If that doesn’t give it away, the yellow eyes and turning into a wolf three times a month might.

Elena’s kidnapper wants a taste, but he has some chick to answer to, one who wants nothing more than for her to be quiet.

Stefan doesn’t really care that Katherine is the enemy and wants them dead. If she can help get Elena, that’s all that matters to him. Bonnie suggests a smarter way. Slice open Jeremy and track Elena. The map his blood creates gives them a town 300 miles away. While Stefan and Jeremy argue who’s going to go save Elena, Bonnie starts bleeding from her nose.

Tyler confronts Caroline because he wants to know what’s happening to him, but she’s got bad news for him. She can kick his butt without even breaking a nail.

Jeremy may not have been allowed to go with Stefan, but Damon went in his place. So why? Is he just helping his brother, or is he trying to save the girl he loves, too?

As if the random nose bleeds weren’t weird enough, Bonnie gets another one, followed by a paper burning in her hand and then a collapse on the bed. She’ll be fine, so she says. Witchcraft has its limits. If she pushes too hard, she has to face these consequences.

Elena’s been brought to wherever she is with whoever she is with (Rose) because they’re running from Elijah, a vampire, or one of the vampires rather, the originals. Tired of running for 500 years, Rose and Trevor are using Elena to break themselves out of their old mess. Elena’s the key to breaking the curse. The moonstone binds the curse, but sacrifice is what breaks it, the blood of the doppelganger. In order to break the curse, Elena has to die. Well then. The mistake they made that has had them running ever since is trusting Katherine, the first Petrova doppelganger. Can’t make that same mistake again.

Not content just getting his butt kicked at school, Tyler goes to Caroline’s home to confront her again, with the idea in his mind that she’s a werewolf, too. The fangs say otherwise. She doesn’t want him to tell. Who’s he going to tell?

Elena finds a note on the couch from Bonnie that Stefan and Damon are on their way. Elijah arrives first, though. After he agrees to pardon Rose, she introduces him to Elena. Before he leaves with her, Elijah has one last piece of business, Trevor, the one who freed Katherine half a millenium ago. Off with his head. Although Elena wishes to negotiate, Elijah’s in no mood, so he rips off her necklace and gets her to spill the beans about where the moonstone is.

It’s at this point when blurs start running around them. Damon wants Rose to be quiet, and seeing as how Elijah just offed her best friend, she will oblige. Elena’s got a bottle, but that doesn’t do anything. Guns don’t work either. Tag teaming brothers who have each other’s backs are sufficient. With one brother down serving as a distraction, the other kills Elijah dead. Elena asks for Rose to just be let go.

Stefan says something he should have told his brother decades ago. He’s sorry.

Rose seeks out Stefan. Elijah may be dead, but this isn’t over. Perhaps she needs his help.

Damon’s going to say something to Elena just once. He loves her, but he doesn’t deserve her. Not that it matters because she has to forget what he just said anyway.

As for Elijah, he may have just had a coat rack jabbed through his heart, but it will take more than that to kill him.

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