The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 8

After being called out for being a liar (she now wants an apology… good luck) in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 7, Mahsa was fired.

As much of a (well deserved) hard time as I like to give Trump, I’m halfway through The Apprentice New Zealand, and it’s a trainwreck. This Terry Serepisos is a piece of work. I might have to start going easy on the Donald.

Brandy is not unhappy that Mahsa is gone. On the contrary, this was quite the easy way of getting rid of a tough competitor.

Not realizing she got away with another lackluster performance, Stephanie isn’t keeping her mouth shut. Instead, she returns to the suite with much yelling, as per usual, this time at the other team (specifically, Anand).

Brandy and Liza are switching teams with Clint and Steuart. I’d say the boys got the worse end of that trade.

The task will be to do a 4 page ad for Donald Trump’s line of clothing. Hard to get more self serving than this. The ads will be judged on creativity, brand integration, and the overall presentation of the work.

David is the project manager for his team; Brandy will be the PM for her side.

When Clint thinks of Donald Trump, he thinks power, wealth, and sexual prowess. I really did not need to know that. Brandy is thinking along the same lines, suggesting the morning after scene, with a woman wearing the man’s shirt. Every time she hears her team use the word sex, Liza questions whether it’s really appropriate.

Brandy and Steuart arrive at Trump Soho to find that there are no models. Good thing they are there and not Clint and Liza because Brandy makes the call that they will have to model instead, a nice boost to Steu’s ego. I don’t know that Steuart’s as good lucking as he thinks he is, but Liza assures Clint he has no worries because Brandy has great legs.

The other team has to choose six models. David has a man crush on the first guy through the door, and he doesn’t care who else he sees as long as they get this one guy. David’s thrilled to have Stephanie on his team because she loves the way things are going. However, neither Poppy nor Anand are happy. They think the model that David loves has too small a neck for the shirt he’s wearing.

Eric Trump is worried that this whole selling sex concept is too racy, even for his dad. Liza doesn’t like how this is all unfolding either.

David tasked Anand and Poppy with the job of getting food (the same task he found so insulting one or two tasks ago), which they say they did not have time to do. With Don Jr. there, this is perfect timing for David to harp on the issue.

Later, David does not want any input from anybody on the pictures. He wants to figure out what he likes himself. Then others can offer input, which he can freely ignore if it does not agree with his conclusions. Dismissing Anand to the other side of the room, he has decided he hates him.

Brandy does the presentation for her team due to the previous praise she received for her runway presentation. This time, she’s not quite so strong, stumbling over her words some.

David goes into the presentation without any real practice. Their concept is to mute the models, making everything black and white but the clothing. His presenting seems much smoother.

The judges think that both teams did a great job, although neither project was without its flaws.

Liza thinks that Brandy did an amazing job as project manager.

Clint did not miss David. However, Stephanie was happy to have him.

David says that 90% of the task was his, so it’s hard to say who was weak, but Poppy had the least involvement. She’s a puppy who just follows Anand around. Her response is that David is very demeaning.

In spite of his crush on the model, David will not be coming out of the closet tonight. Trump points out what everyone else but David noticed: the shirt David’s cover model wore did not fit him.

Brandy’s team wins, and their ad will be used in a Macy’s campaign. It was great work, imaginative, and beautiful. For her reward, Brandy will meet with the head of Macy’s, Terry Lundgren.

The result here is obvious. David took over the whole task and did not want any input from anybody. He’s got to go. Granted, he’s had to go for weeks.

Although Trump first points out David’s model mistake, Poppy will not get through this unscathed. Her last page had all the products, but it lacked the details about them, with all the pictures being too small anyway. In spite of that, Stephanie could not see Poppy being fired. There goes David’s hope of having any support.

David will be letting Anand go back to the suite. Interesting. The reason Stephanie’s going back to the boardroom? She said David should be fired. He didn’t just say that, did he?

David, you’re fired. Well, that was quick. Not a lot of discussion surrounding that. At least he leaves with a modicum of dignity, though.

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