The Apprentice Season 10 Winner

Liza’s firing in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 12 brought us down to a final two of Clint Robertson and Brandy Kuentzel, one of whom will be The Apprentice Season 10 winner.

We finished off the evening last week with Poppy’s realization that Clint had misspelled the name of their concert performer, Liza Minnelli, on $4,000 worth of printed materials, a move of sheer stupidity. Over on the other side, their photographer went to a golf club 2 hours away, and Donald Trump unfairly handicapped them by taking away one of their members for the afternoon.

Clint says that the spelling looked good last night. He’s not sure what happened. For all the (fake) drama, the end result is that they do have enough money in their budget to get everything redone.

Brandy’s team plans to have Kathy Griffin greet the golfers. That plan doesn’t work since they don’t get her up there in time, and all the golfers leave, presumably without even knowing/caring they missed anything.

Trump has decided he does not like playing in a threesome. I’ve got an idea. Why not take one more person from Brandy’s team to just tilt the odds a little bit more? She finds them two more players from somewhere because Trump wants a big advantage.

Ivanka’s not sure Clint could lead as effectively without the assistance of Steuart, who seems to be doing everything.

As Clint enters a competition to see how many times he can say the word y’all in one sentence, Steuart is worried whether Clint’s Texasness will come back to bite him. While it may not exactly suit a golf club environment, I’m assuming Trump is comfortable enough with Clint and has considered this already.

Apparently, Liza Minnelli is still releasing albums, and even more apparently a very few people are still buying them. Trump couldn’t find a more contemporary artist, perhaps one who’s charted in the last couple decades?

Brandy tells Trump she chose the team because she likes them, but also that she doesn’t work well with Mahsa (who does?). Mahsa’s response is that Brandy brings personal things into the tasks, but she does not. Really, Mahsa? Delusional, party of one.

Trump never heard of the prizes Liza chose for the winners. The winners didn’t either because they just left the products behind.

Poppy was very impressed with Clint, and she thinks Brandy is phenomenal. In an unusual change from the norm where those who come back for the final task feel obliged to choose who they worked with, Poppy would pick Brandy.

Stephanie will not be so nice. Shocker. She was upset with Clint during the task because he was on the golf course, rather than in his own place doing his own thing. She thought this display was pathetic, and Brandy thought it was desperate.

Anand would back Brandy. Steuart is finally a vote for Clint. Mahsa doesn’t like either of them (or anyone else), but she, too, would pick Clint. Liza would choose Brandy.

Ivanka was impressed with the execution of the dinner and how Clint’s team engaged the golfers. Don Jr. thought Brandy’s team did a great job, but the prizes were not very good.

Brandy makes an interesting pitch. She’d like to learn alongside one of the Trump kids, rather than old man Trump.

In a move that’s been building throughout the hour and particularly the last 15 minutes, Clint is fired. The Apprentice season 10 winner is Brandy Kuentzel.

No matter what Trump may say, the ratings this season have been a joke, far lower than even the Martha Stewart version, which is a shame because this season was entertaining to watch. No chance we’ll end up seeing it again, though we should expect the D-listers make their return in The Celebrity Apprentice.

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 12

Trump decided in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 11 that one person from each team should be fired, thereby making the week’s task completely and totally pointless. First, Steuart was fired, with no explanation provided. I guess because he’s less experienced than Clint.

In spite of their win, the women are up next. Ah, but Clint’s not in the clear yet. He comes back to the boardroom once again, not that he’s going to be the one fired.

Brandy says that Clint is the stronger of the other two.

Clint says that Brandy is stronger than Liza.

Not having been chosen by either of the other two, Liza says that Clint is stronger than Brandy. Of course, the result here is obvious, though. As the target every week for the last several weeks, Liza has finally been fired. She struggles to accept the fact that everybody has been saying she’s the weakest.

The final two will be involved in two different tasks. One will be putting on a dinner gala and concert with Liza Minnelli, while the other team puts on a VIP golf tournament with Kathy Griffin.

Six people are returning. Obviously, among them is Mahsa. Surprisingly, Anand is also there, hoping to redeem himself I guess (he can’t). There are two teams. Mahsa, Poppy, and Steuart are on one team, while Stephanie, Anand, and Liza are on the other.

Trump gives them a choice of either the team or the task. As a member of last week’s winning team, Brandy can pick first. She wants to choose the team, and she picks Liza, Stephanie, and Anand, mostly because she does not want to work with Mahsa. Hilariously enough, that means that Clint gets stuck with Mahsa. Mahsa says that she, Clint, and Jesus know that he’s not square with Jesus, whatever that means. Because he loves Liza Minnelli, Clint goes with the dinner.

Clint is going to run this task with a right hand man, Steuart. The two women are going to have trouble here.

Brandy has no clue about golf or golf tournaments. Luckily, she has Liza, who was on the Kenyan women’s golf team.

One of Clint’s key tasks is to deal with a whiny celebrity who cares about things like the color of the chair she sits in.

Brandy’s team has to choose prizes for the players. Believing that they will already have top quality golf related products, Anand suggests gift certificates. They have $25,000 to purchase prizes and goody bags. Not content with the original decision to offer gift cards, Liza decides to buy prizes such as bags and clubs instead. Both Brandy and Stephanie are angry with this decision.

Clint is not happy with where Steuart wants to put the food, but he will defer to the expert and hope for the best. That’s the least of their worries. At 6:30, they get an e-mail from the caterer saying they may not be able to do it. Steuart tries calling them, but they guy is unable to commit, so Clint instructs him to hang up on him. From there, Steuart has to make a bunch of calls, hoping to find somebody for whom this is not too late notice. They eventually get a commitment.

Brandy asks Kathy Griffin to do a stand up routine. Seems fair enough. Kathy’s not interested.

Who does Donald Trump want to golf with? He’d like to play with Liza. Well, then, this means that they are one man down, their most knowledgeable person on the subject. Hardly a fair curve ball for Trump to be throwing at them. Is he planning on taking one person away from the other team as well?

Then they get some more bad news, a call from the photographer, who apparently failed to realize that he was wanted at Trump National Westchester, rather than Trump National Bedminster. It’s a two hour drive away. Could be worse.

Poppy realizes Liza Minnelli’s name is spelled wrong on their poster. Yeah, that’s why I looked it up on Google before I typed it, and all I’m doing is writing a blog post. Surely somebody there is competent enough to do that. I guess not. Oh, and by the way, not only is it spelled wrong on the welcome poster. It’s also spelled wrong on every placecard for the dinner tables. They’re going to have to find it in their budget to fix this problem, but they don’t have it. It cost $4,000 to do this in the first place. All they have to work with is $1400.

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The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 11

Continuing her reign of obnoxiousness, Stephanie was finally eliminated in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 10. With today being Thanksgiving and all, every other show is taking a break for the week, but luckily nobody watches The Apprentice anyway (the lack of competition may actually result in a viewership increase for a change).

With Liza partnerless, Brandy moves back over to her team. Brandy fears that Liza has not been very strong, but she does have a lot of experience defending herself in the boardroom.

They will be going to PA to work at QVC, selling products on air.

Clint is the project manager for the men; Liza is the project manager for the women.

On the helicopter ride over, Steuart tells Clint he reminds him of his father, which Clint takes to mean that he’s too immature to be The Apprentice. While they talk, Brandy and Liza just sit in silence.

At the meeting, the boys come up with a strategy to pretend they want a watch, when in reality they want the purse. Liza says she’s interested in the watch as well, to which Brandy just responds that it’s Liza’s decision to make as the project manager.

After the teams are done discussing their plans, they have to negotiate for both items and time slot. Both teams come up with two items, and Clint thinks he’scan just bark orders and the girls will follow. He tells Liza to let him know both their items they want and then negotiate from there. Brandy declines, offering one item at a time. Not that this matters because Clint just pretends he wants both the same items they want, although he wants neither.

Following that, the issue of time comes up. Again, Clint asks the ladies to go first, but Brandy’s not going to let him steamroll them that easy, so she declines to answer. Clint would like to present last. He offers a compromise: you pick the product first, and we get the time we want. That works for Liza. She chooses the watch, and the girls will present first. Once the negotiations are done, Clint lets them know that all sounds good… and they’ll take the purse.

Although they just got duped, the women are comfortable with that decision, thinking the men have bit off more than they can chew with that $100+ handbag. The women markup their $30.56 watch to $69.50, a compromise between Liza’s higher price and Brandy’s lower one.

Clint is having a little too much fun with this purse. He’s probably going to buy a few of them himself. Clint does not want to cross the $200 line, a 50% markup, although Steuart would like to go higher. They settle on $194.97, with a plan to sell the installment payment plan, three payments of $64.99.

We have heard the phrase profit margin about 5 times because that’s what the contestants seem to think the point of the task is. It’s not. I’m not even entirely sure any of them understand the concept. It’s all about net profits, regardless of margin. With that in mind, the girls will have to sell more products than the men, which at least Brandy realizes.

One person will have to be the guest host along with QVC’s professional host, while the other person will be the producer. Realizing he doesn’t exactly have the look to go with the products they’re pushing, Clint defers to Steuart as the guest host, just hoping he can gain some composure instead of laughing like he has been (not that Clint isn’t amusing). Liza appoints Brandy as the presenter because only 7% of QVC viewers are African American. What a copout answer. Brandy has no complaints. She will do whatever the boss wants, and she really does not want to make any decisions.

From there, those who were picked as producers will have to go behind the cameras and figure out what they have to do. Liza’s initial fixation is on the Isaac Mizrahi sign that she has Brandy keep moving. Once they actually get on air, Liza is spitting out a bunch of words, which seems to be working, at least at first. After a while, they just decide to ignore her. When all’s said and done, they run out of time, which Liza takes on her own shoulders.

Unlike the women, the men had plenty of time to prepare their presentation because they got the later slot. Steuart seems quite comfortable with the product. They manage their time effectively as well.

Isaac thought Brandy seemed very natural, perhaps redeeming herself for her last two bad presentations. Although Steuart was very smooth, their pricing is the big question mark. That said, he’s not so sure that the watch was not undervalued.

Brandy thinks Liza did a good job, though she disagrees with Liza’s reasoning for choosing her as a presenter. Interestingly, the other team had an African American host and a male guest host, with a male producer feeding his presenters words like supple and snuggle.

The women sold 77 watches and made $2,998.38 in profit; the men sold 25 handbags and made $2,174.25 in profit. If you ask me, both of these men should be in the finals and not going home yet, but they made a critical mistake of choosing a product that was simply too expensive.

Not that the fact that the women won matters any because one of them will still be fired, bringing us down to a final two. Effectively, this was just a pointless task and a waste of time.

Steuart does not believe that Clint has a Metropolitan savviness to him, and might not do that well in New York. Juan agrees Steuart would fit in better than Clint with the Trump organization. Catherine, however, thinks Clint’s experience will be beneficial.

Clint accepts the blame for the price they chose, with the caveat that Steuart wanted to go even higher. I’m not sure to what extent it really matters because whatever price they chose, the product was going to be too high to be an impulse purchase. They would have been better off with the watch or the belt.

Steuart is fired. No explanation given. Since leaving the show, he has just gone back to running his business.

Now the women can head back into the boardroom…

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The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 10

Two people were sent home in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 9. First, Anand was sent home for being an idiot, a cheat, and a liar. Then Poppy was eliminated for being too girly and not abrasive like her team members.

Brandy’s guard is up because she doesn’t trust her team members to not turn on her should things go south.

The net result of Poppy’s firing is that Liza and Stephanie are stuck on a team alone together. This is a perfect recipe for disaster, which is exactly what Trump wants.

As part of his reward, Clint has received a $5,000 gift card for Pier 1 Imports.

Today, the contestants will be working with AT&T and Flo TV. Their task is a 30 second TV commercial for AT&T Mobile TV. They will be judged on creativity, representing the brands well, and a clear and concise message.

Stephanie will be a project manager for her team; Steuart is the project manager for his team.

Stephanie’s concept is to shoot inside a sports arena and an office setting, putting people in situations they don’t want to be in and escaping through their TV. Liza suggests having a mom and her kids in the park as well, but Stephanie doesn’t care. Her philosophy is that she’s a one man show. Again. The problem with Stephanie is that she thinks she’s so great, but she just keeps sucking, so it just comes off as delusional. Liza is just her secretary for this task, and none of her ideas will be acknowledged.

Brandy is assigned to the presentation, Clint will handle the creative, and Steuart will do the editing. While in the bathroom, Clint comes up with a concept that he loves, which Steuart begrudgingly accepts because he doesn’t have any ideas. They will do an odd man out scenario, with one guy who doesn’t know what’s going on because he does not have Flo TV.

Liza is unable to find any type of sporting location or any type of office location, so their photographer/director is just standing around staring at them. I bet she would have no problem finding a park. This leaves Stephanie scrambling to create a makeshift office, and she’s trying to deal with a photographer who doesn’t seem to like her. Can’t imagine why.

Clint has decided he has to be the star of the commercial, the odd man out. He talks about how many hats he has to wear, although that could have been limited some if he didn’t insist on the camera time. They are shooting in multiple locations, which may put them in something of a time crunch, but at least they have picked sensible locations that are easy to nail down.

Back to Stephanie and her stupid location ideas. There are no sports stadiums available. Therefore, they are stuck doing an indoor sports stadium complete with a backdrop that looks fake. Rather than switch to a more sensible location, she insists on running with what she has, no matter how long it takes to modify it. Her director calls her work the high school version. Don Jr. sees that Stephanie has sidelined Liza, which means that Stephanie will get most of the credit or most of the blame.

After he’s done acting, Clint wants to retain control of the task, but Steuart wants to go with the original plan, which is him handling the editing. As the night winds to a close, Steuart doesn’t feel great, but he doesn’t have any choice but to go with what they have because it’s way too late to do anything about it.

Liza and Stephanie have 27 seconds already with their office scene, so they make a decision together (how unusual) to just scrap the lame indoor outdoor sports scene. That said, Liza doesn’t like the office scene either. Then Stephanie complains in her confessional that Liza doesn’t know how to work as a team. Wait. Liza doesn’t know how to work as a team? I thought it was Stephanie who started off as a dictator unwilling to listen to Liza.

Although Brandy may have nailed her presentation the first time with the fashion show, she hasn’t delivered in her two efforts since then, and is now fumbling over her words. On the other hand, Stephanie delivers a decent presentation.

The executives liked the production value of Stephanie’s commercial, whereas they thought the other team did a good job of product message and where it could be bought (in spite of Clint’s thoroughly cheesy acting).

Stephanie wanted to prove that she could manage a task and get along with Liza. She also wanted to prove that she doesn’t lie. She and Liza got along really well in this task. Really? Liza agrees. Huh? I guess their definition of getting along is biting their tongues to avoid a shouting match, which it seemed they did a fair job of.

Trump doesn’t get the whole concept of showing an office setting. He doesn’t want his employees watching TV during a boardroom. Stephanie blames lack of props for how this turned out and, hence, Liza.

The judges liked Stephanie’s/Liza’s presentation and energy. However, the premise was flawed, lacking common sense. It also took too long to get to the brand, about 18 seconds into the commercial. Liza told Stephanie they should have the brand in the beginning, but that idea was vetoed.

On the other side, the executives loved that they put the brand up front, the creativity, and the reasons they provided for why the product would be a worthwhile purchase, as well as where it could be bought. They disliked that it was a bit campy and the inconsistent brand messaging (to be fair, I’m confused whose brand is supposed to be getting promoted based on all the names being thrown around anyway).

Clint, Brandy, and Steuart easily win. For his reward, Steuart will be meeting with Cathie Black of Hearst magazines.

Stephanie felt as though she was a team of one, which happened because she designed it to happen that way.

Steuart starts yelling at the TV. He’s as tired of Stephanie as I am.

The office setting concept they originally discussed was modified, which Liza found surprising in the editing room because she was out getting props and had no idea what was going on. As much as Stephanie wants to blame Liza for her prop shopping, Stephanie’s failure to communicate with her about the changes wouldn’t have left her with the knowledge of any necessary prop changes anyway.

Don Jr. says that Liza didn’t contribute very much, but ultimately she was not allowed to contribute anything either. Granted, even her prop shopping left something to be desired.

Although Trump is not happy with Liza either, Stephanie is fired. In her cab ride, Stephanie takes one final opportunity to call Liza incompetent. Good riddance. Can’t even leave with a shred of class.

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The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 9

Having sort of redeemed himself somewhat the week before, David finally met his demise in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 8.

Trump calls everybody back into the boardroom. He’s been given disturbing news that Anand has been text messaging people telling them to bring in money. Anand denies doing this, which would be a clear violation of the rules, and Donald Trump’s the only one allowed to cheat on this show. Just for clarification, he’s saying he did not do anything wrong? Correct. Would he like Trump to read him a text message? After hearing the text message read aloud, Anand comes clean. How honorable of him.

Now that he’s sitting in the boardroom facing Trump, he crossed the line. But otherwise, he didn’t?

Anand, you’re fired. Fair choice. No need to keep a cheater and a liar around.

Stephanie’s got her fingers crossed that Liza does not get put on her team. Request denied.

The teams will be designing and constructing an in-store display for Kim Kardashian’s fragrance. They will then go to work at Perfumania.

Clint will be the project manager for his team; Poppy steps up for her team.

Stephanie says that Poppy has no business experience, and Liza has no brains, so she’s with dumb and dumber. Oh, a task in which Stephanie thinks she’s the genius. Again.

The women have decided to go with a life sized Kim Kardashian that people can get their pictures taken with. Poppy wants to do lots of bedazzling, which Liza fears will look cheap.

The other team, lacking much in the way of girl power, hopes they can lean on Brandy. No such luck. She says she’s not as feminine as the other women in the process. Her realization is that, since they’re asking her for her approval on everything, she’s going to be blamed if they lose.

At her own request, Liza stays behind to do construction, while the other two head off to do some shopping and graphic design. Convenient for everybody. Liza fears that the stuff they’ve bought is tacky and not at all representative of Kim Kardashian.

The boys are thrilled with their display case. Brandy’s not overly convinced, but she’s going to have to live with it.

As a surprise to both teams, Kim Kardashian is there, and she will be helping make the decision as to who will win. Knowing this, Poppy takes the opportunity to overdo the compliments.

Clint believes the backlit acrylic made their project a winner, and because of that, Steuart was the star of the team. Brandy, however, was disappointing because she is the team’s female.

Steuart says Brandy was good, and Clint was great.

Poppy has compliments for both her teammates, but she will not offer an answer as to who did better.

Liza thinks the other team did a great job. Not so fast to compliment, Brandy says the other team’s project looks like arts and crafts, and Clint chimes in that it looks cheap.

The judges felt Poppy’s team’s display looked cheap, juvenile, and unsophisticated. On the other hand, for the other team, they loved the clean lines and elegance and the sophisticated and understated look. Obviously, Clint’s team wins. For his reward, Clint will be meeting with the head of Starwood Hotels.

Poppy came up with the sequins and the boas, which Trump calls a bad idea.

Why should Stephanie be fired? Because she backed the idea. Not a convincing argument.

Liza agrees with the judges. The idea was fantastic, but it didn’t look good.

Poppy needed to separate Liza and Stephanie. Yeah, no kidding.

The only thing the judges liked was that a photo could be taken with the life sized Kim. Whose idea was it? Stephanie’s. Except not if you ask Liza. She thinks it was a team effort. No, wait, maybe it was Poppy’s idea. Whoever’s idea it was, it was not Stephanie’s.

Ivanka wants Poppy to chime in. However, Poppy does not like to talk over people, particularly with two people already shouting at each other. Good luck lasting in a Trump boardroom. Typically, the loudest person is viewed as the most entertaining, and, hence, safe. Poppy is not overly sure whose idea this was, but she’s willing to take credit if that’s what Liza is saying. Regardless, her argument is that she did a great job leading, as she prevented conflict between Stephanie and Liza.

Poppy would fire Stephanie because she supported her. What is she hoping to accomplish by saying this?

Whatever the case, the tacky aspects of the task were Poppy’s ideas, and she is fired. Following her departure from the show, Poppy is now doing stem cell research, working to solve problems with muscular distrophy.

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The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 8

After being called out for being a liar (she now wants an apology… good luck) in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 7, Mahsa was fired.

As much of a (well deserved) hard time as I like to give Trump, I’m halfway through The Apprentice New Zealand, and it’s a trainwreck. This Terry Serepisos is a piece of work. I might have to start going easy on the Donald.

Brandy is not unhappy that Mahsa is gone. On the contrary, this was quite the easy way of getting rid of a tough competitor.

Not realizing she got away with another lackluster performance, Stephanie isn’t keeping her mouth shut. Instead, she returns to the suite with much yelling, as per usual, this time at the other team (specifically, Anand).

Brandy and Liza are switching teams with Clint and Steuart. I’d say the boys got the worse end of that trade.

The task will be to do a 4 page ad for Donald Trump’s line of clothing. Hard to get more self serving than this. The ads will be judged on creativity, brand integration, and the overall presentation of the work.

David is the project manager for his team; Brandy will be the PM for her side.

When Clint thinks of Donald Trump, he thinks power, wealth, and sexual prowess. I really did not need to know that. Brandy is thinking along the same lines, suggesting the morning after scene, with a woman wearing the man’s shirt. Every time she hears her team use the word sex, Liza questions whether it’s really appropriate.

Brandy and Steuart arrive at Trump Soho to find that there are no models. Good thing they are there and not Clint and Liza because Brandy makes the call that they will have to model instead, a nice boost to Steu’s ego. I don’t know that Steuart’s as good lucking as he thinks he is, but Liza assures Clint he has no worries because Brandy has great legs.

The other team has to choose six models. David has a man crush on the first guy through the door, and he doesn’t care who else he sees as long as they get this one guy. David’s thrilled to have Stephanie on his team because she loves the way things are going. However, neither Poppy nor Anand are happy. They think the model that David loves has too small a neck for the shirt he’s wearing.

Eric Trump is worried that this whole selling sex concept is too racy, even for his dad. Liza doesn’t like how this is all unfolding either.

David tasked Anand and Poppy with the job of getting food (the same task he found so insulting one or two tasks ago), which they say they did not have time to do. With Don Jr. there, this is perfect timing for David to harp on the issue.

Later, David does not want any input from anybody on the pictures. He wants to figure out what he likes himself. Then others can offer input, which he can freely ignore if it does not agree with his conclusions. Dismissing Anand to the other side of the room, he has decided he hates him.

Brandy does the presentation for her team due to the previous praise she received for her runway presentation. This time, she’s not quite so strong, stumbling over her words some.

David goes into the presentation without any real practice. Their concept is to mute the models, making everything black and white but the clothing. His presenting seems much smoother.

The judges think that both teams did a great job, although neither project was without its flaws.

Liza thinks that Brandy did an amazing job as project manager.

Clint did not miss David. However, Stephanie was happy to have him.

David says that 90% of the task was his, so it’s hard to say who was weak, but Poppy had the least involvement. She’s a puppy who just follows Anand around. Her response is that David is very demeaning.

In spite of his crush on the model, David will not be coming out of the closet tonight. Trump points out what everyone else but David noticed: the shirt David’s cover model wore did not fit him.

Brandy’s team wins, and their ad will be used in a Macy’s campaign. It was great work, imaginative, and beautiful. For her reward, Brandy will meet with the head of Macy’s, Terry Lundgren.

The result here is obvious. David took over the whole task and did not want any input from anybody. He’s got to go. Granted, he’s had to go for weeks.

Although Trump first points out David’s model mistake, Poppy will not get through this unscathed. Her last page had all the products, but it lacked the details about them, with all the pictures being too small anyway. In spite of that, Stephanie could not see Poppy being fired. There goes David’s hope of having any support.

David will be letting Anand go back to the suite. Interesting. The reason Stephanie’s going back to the boardroom? She said David should be fired. He didn’t just say that, did he?

David, you’re fired. Well, that was quick. Not a lot of discussion surrounding that. At least he leaves with a modicum of dignity, though.

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The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 7

David was an ass as usual in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 6, but Trump’s not going to fire him because he finds him entertaining. The women opted to try to sell their pedicab rides at Wall Street, a terrible location. Although Stephanie was the reason why they chose that location, Trump blamed Kelly, firing her instead.

Back in the suite, Mahsa’s telling the story of, well, I don’t know. She’s just rambling. One of the blondes, Brandy I suppose, doesn’t think anybody’s arguing with her. She’s arguing with herself.

Stephanie finally admits she was tasked with location. Now that the firing is done. Her plan is to back down some because she doesn’t want to do everything again, especially if she does it as badly as she did last week.

Mahsa would like to prove that her buddy (for now… she’ll turn on her like she turned on Tyana) Stephanie is great, so she wants to tell the guys exactly who sold what. Brandy takes issue with this, and Steuart is quite amused by the cat fight that ensues. Mahsa’s ready for a fight. These people are not her friends. I noticed.

The task will be to produce a backers audition aimed at getting investors to put up money for their musical. They will be judged by some people whose names I’ve never heard. They will be judged on their marketing materials and the overall presentation of their audition.

Liza will be the project manager for the women; Steuart will be the project manager for the men. Liza stepped forward pretty much just to say she did. She has no interest nor experience in Broadway or anything along those lines. Stephanie doesn’t understand why she doesn’t just rent it on TV. Apparently, you can do that.

Once again, Stephanie claims to be the expert, refusing to recognize anybody else’s strengths or input.

When the audition begins, David is tasked with ordering lunch, and he’s promptly dismissed to go outside to do that.

Last week, Stephanie was mad because she was given too much to do. Okay, you can go and do marketing this week then. Not happy with that either. Liza’s attempts to get the abrasive Stephanie and Mahsa separated from the rest of the team just upsets Stephanie.

Steuart wants the team to be up on stage introducing the talent at each step. David disagrees. Of course. Strangely enough, Clint agrees with David. Somehow, he gets the backing from the project manager as well, with the caveat that he will be blamed if they fail.

When Don Jr. arrives, he asks what’s going on. Liza doesn’t know, so Brandy steps up to explain. On the other team, Ivanka encounters the same thing. This seems like David’s task.

Liza doesn’t really like Mahsa’s and Stephanie’s efforts because they didn’t listen to her. Stephanie still can’t believe she’s there doing this, badly.

On the way over to the audition, Liza still has not completed her introduction, all three sentences of it. When they arrive, Liza’s disappointed by the poster Mahsa and Stephanie have created. The men produce a far better chalkboard poster, which they are all happy with.

Clint gives David his props. The production is right on the money to him.

His introduction may have went smoothly, but Steuart is stumbling over his words the next time he gets on stage. I wonder if Trump still thinks it would be a good idea to have him be a presenter, like he did when he fired Wade. The judges are also disappointed that he didn’t seem that excited about his presentation.

For the other team, the judge in the middle felt the music was great, but perhaps the stage direction was not up to par. Liza’s presentation went over better than Steuart’s did. Their information pamphlet is simple and straightforward. However, it lacks any information, so there is no way to follow up and do something like send a check.

Brandy thought Liza was a very good project manager, although she would have liked to see more involvement from Stephanie.

Mahsa thought Liza was fine. That’s almost a compliment.

Steuart gives David credit for his performance. Clint agrees.

Anand thinks Steu did a pretty good job.

Trump likes what the men did with their promotional material. He’s not as happy with what the women did, to which Mahsa responds that it’s Liza’s fault. Stephanie also blames Liza for not babysitting her enough.

Stephanie wanted to be the PM, but Liza hadn’t done it yet, so she let her do it. Fair enough. Then she digs herself a hole. She claims she would have done it had she known it was musical, which Trump calls a lot of crap, calling what she says a lie.

One of the judges loved the men. One of the judges loved the women and felt Liza did a great job. The tiebreaking vote goes to the men. David gets congratulated for his comeback, and Steuart will be meeting with Larry Young, the President & CEO of Snapple.

Poppy thinks the biggest problem was not including their contact information.

Mahsa again blames Liza, then turns the discussion into a conversation about herself. This leads to an angry and shouting Brandy, a change of pace for this typically composed contestant.

Last week, before the boardroom, Mahsa told the men how much they made, and she responds that Clint told her how much the men made. It’s a good thing Clint is back in the suite because he ain’t happy.

Well, that doesn’t last long. Clint comes stampeding back to the boardroom, ready to go for another epic fight. His defense is that he made $370, but he was out riding the whole time and had no idea what the team made as a whole. This is all a lie. Mahsa says that Clint’s the liar, and she hopes that Brandy will come to her defense. Brandy’s got the pitchfork out ready to join in. The men stand united behind Clint, however.

No need for Liza to bother bringing Stephanie and Mahsa back with her to the boardroom. Mahsa is fired for her disloyalty. That was weird and about as random as can be expected from Trump, although she was on her way out anyway since she and Stephanie weren’t taking the hint that Liza wasn’t going home.

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The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 6

Hoping to boost his ratings (it didn’t work), Trump fired two people because he could in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 5. First, having screwed up the presentation, Gene was fired. Then, Wade was fired because he didn’t test Gene’s speaking abilities or some such nonsense.

Although they won, that is not stopping the women from arguing, with a battle between Kelly and Liza going on.

Switching over to the other team and their dysfunction, Anand says that David is nothing but a virus to the team (he’s not wrong). Can’t say I blame him considering that comment about harassment, a term which he clearly does not know the definition of.

When she goes to meet with the CEO of Rockport for her reward, Stephanie receives an offer to participate in an advanced management training program.

The teams will be creating their own pedicab tour, which will involve passing a test to get their license, design a tour, sell it, and do some pedaling.

Don Jr. is not available this week, but the family parade continues, with Eric Trump filling in.

Kelly will be the project manager for the women; Anand will be the project manager for the men.

The first step is to get a pedicab license. Really? Kelly and Mahsa fail.

The men toss around the idea of a gimmick pedicab ride, where they turn the rides into Roman chariots. They decide to focus on creating pre-sales and work on selling the day before. Their obstacle is, as usual, David, who’s only on the show so people will talk about him, but should have been fired last week or the week before that or the week before that…

The women are looking for men with money, hoping that sex will sell on Wall Street, as they try to pitch their babes on bikes tour. Kelly is worried that the men there will mostly be working, but Stephanie assures her they’ll be on lunch.

On the other hand, the men just walk right outside and start yelling in front of Trump Tower.

Dave is depressing people. During his tour, he talks about how he doesn’t have money, and how his wife left him because of it. Oh, and his great great grandfather was killed by a mule. Where’s a mule when you need one? David’s more interested in telling his life story than actually giving people a tour.

The women have put on their skimpy outfits, but nobody cares. Everybody is too busy to bother stopping. Kelly should have put her foot down rather than letting Stephanie get her way. Right now, they’re all pretty much just hanging out on the corner.

Liza tells people that they’re giving away free tours. It’s not free, though.

Around lunch time, having wasted half the task standing around, the women finally start to get some business.

When Eric asks Kelly who her best salesperson is, she says Poppy, who has no sales experience but seems to be doing a lot of selling. Mahsa does not like that answer. She runs to tell Stephanie, who is equally upset. What do Mahsa and Stephanie hope to gain by throwing a fit during the task?

Trump asks Clint how the team did. He believes they may have pulled one out today.

But wait. Can he talk about David? Since it’s becoming the season of David, why not? “Dave is the most classless, schizophrenic human I’ve ever met in my life. Dave cannot find his rear end in the bathtub when it comes to business. He is a disruption. He is a problem. And frankly, win lose, or draw tonight, sir, I beg you, I implore you to rid us of this plague before we go any further, or we won’t be able to function.”

Wow. Steuart agrees, and they’ve nicknamed David the virus. Anand echoes that, saying it was three against six, not four against six. Then Clint threatens to remove David’s hand if he puts it up again. As much of an ass as David is, the overreaction we’re seeing here isn’t any better.

If they win, Trump can’t fire David. That’s not how the game is played. Yeah, he’s not supposed to fire two or four people at once either or rig the show so a pre-picked friend wins with the reason given being that she’s old. Stuff happens. There are no rules on this show, just Trump’s ill-fated whim.

David apologizes. Clint does not accept his apology because David couldn’t get a job as an Oompa Loompa making Gobstoppers.

Eric thought some people on the women’s team were doing a lot, such as Brandy and Poppy. Kelly, however, was not as aggressive in sales, in addition to having failed the pedicab driver’s test.

Who was the least effective in terms of the team’s ability to win? Kelly says that Liza has the greatest opportunity for growth.

Mahsa hopes they won. She’s not sure. That’s as much enthusiasm as she can muster. She agrees Liza was the weakest link.

The women made $320. The men made $950. Not even close. Whoever was the best salesperson for the women, I’m not sure it really matters. For his reward, Anand will be meeting with Chuck Davis, CEO of Fandango and DailyCandy.

Kelly blames the location, which falls on Stephanie, though she wants nothing to do with her poor location choice. Trump tells them this decision meant they had no chance. Undeterred, Stephanie continues to lie, but she does stumble on to something. Why was she given so much responsibility? Shouldn’t the project manager have done more?

Mahsa would fire Liza for not selling anything. Trump’s response is that he couldn’t sell on Wall Street either. Ivanka thinks the men would be fired if their bosses looked out the window and saw them with babes on bikes.

Poppy would fire Liza as well.

How did New Yorker Mahsa allow the team to choose Wall Street? The men with the money are there. At least she’s willing to admit it, even if Stephanie is not.

Liza and Stephanie will be coming back to the boardroom.

Stephanie blames “the group” for location, and says that Mahsa was the one who actually took the lead. Mahsa, Stephanie, I’m not really seeing much difference between the two.

Liza would fire Kelly as project manager, who didn’t know more about the location the others (but not Stephanie, let’s get that clear because Stephanie had nothing to do with the location, even though she did) picked.

Trump asks Kelly if she should have spoken to Mahsa or somebody who knows more about New York. She would have gotten the same answer. Stephanie and Mahsa thought Wall Street was brilliant. Which of them convinced the other is not entirely clear, but they insisted it was a great idea. Even after they flopped for the first couple of hours, Stephanie insisted they made the right choice. Not only that, but Stephanie knew all she felt she needed to know: rich men are on Wall Street. You could be from Canada or Chicago wherever Stephanie says she’s from, or Russia for that matter, and know that.

Kelly is fired. I grow bored with Trump’s decisions and logic.

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