The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 12

Trump decided in The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 11 that one person from each team should be fired, thereby making the week’s task completely and totally pointless. First, Steuart was fired, with no explanation provided. I guess because he’s less experienced than Clint.

In spite of their win, the women are up next. Ah, but Clint’s not in the clear yet. He comes back to the boardroom once again, not that he’s going to be the one fired.

Brandy says that Clint is the stronger of the other two.

Clint says that Brandy is stronger than Liza.

Not having been chosen by either of the other two, Liza says that Clint is stronger than Brandy. Of course, the result here is obvious, though. As the target every week for the last several weeks, Liza has finally been fired. She struggles to accept the fact that everybody has been saying she’s the weakest.

The final two will be involved in two different tasks. One will be putting on a dinner gala and concert with Liza Minnelli, while the other team puts on a VIP golf tournament with Kathy Griffin.

Six people are returning. Obviously, among them is Mahsa. Surprisingly, Anand is also there, hoping to redeem himself I guess (he can’t). There are two teams. Mahsa, Poppy, and Steuart are on one team, while Stephanie, Anand, and Liza are on the other.

Trump gives them a choice of either the team or the task. As a member of last week’s winning team, Brandy can pick first. She wants to choose the team, and she picks Liza, Stephanie, and Anand, mostly because she does not want to work with Mahsa. Hilariously enough, that means that Clint gets stuck with Mahsa. Mahsa says that she, Clint, and Jesus know that he’s not square with Jesus, whatever that means. Because he loves Liza Minnelli, Clint goes with the dinner.

Clint is going to run this task with a right hand man, Steuart. The two women are going to have trouble here.

Brandy has no clue about golf or golf tournaments. Luckily, she has Liza, who was on the Kenyan women’s golf team.

One of Clint’s key tasks is to deal with a whiny celebrity who cares about things like the color of the chair she sits in.

Brandy’s team has to choose prizes for the players. Believing that they will already have top quality golf related products, Anand suggests gift certificates. They have $25,000 to purchase prizes and goody bags. Not content with the original decision to offer gift cards, Liza decides to buy prizes such as bags and clubs instead. Both Brandy and Stephanie are angry with this decision.

Clint is not happy with where Steuart wants to put the food, but he will defer to the expert and hope for the best. That’s the least of their worries. At 6:30, they get an e-mail from the caterer saying they may not be able to do it. Steuart tries calling them, but they guy is unable to commit, so Clint instructs him to hang up on him. From there, Steuart has to make a bunch of calls, hoping to find somebody for whom this is not too late notice. They eventually get a commitment.

Brandy asks Kathy Griffin to do a stand up routine. Seems fair enough. Kathy’s not interested.

Who does Donald Trump want to golf with? He’d like to play with Liza. Well, then, this means that they are one man down, their most knowledgeable person on the subject. Hardly a fair curve ball for Trump to be throwing at them. Is he planning on taking one person away from the other team as well?

Then they get some more bad news, a call from the photographer, who apparently failed to realize that he was wanted at Trump National Westchester, rather than Trump National Bedminster. It’s a two hour drive away. Could be worse.

Poppy realizes Liza Minnelli’s name is spelled wrong on their poster. Yeah, that’s why I looked it up on Google before I typed it, and all I’m doing is writing a blog post. Surely somebody there is competent enough to do that. I guess not. Oh, and by the way, not only is it spelled wrong on the welcome poster. It’s also spelled wrong on every placecard for the dinner tables. They’re going to have to find it in their budget to fix this problem, but they don’t have it. It cost $4,000 to do this in the first place. All they have to work with is $1400.

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