Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 13

Bringing us down to the final four, Gail was eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 12.

Trev didn’t think he was going to get another reprieve. Me neither.

Trev and Jillian are put on one team; Russell and Nona are put on the other. They must come up with a great dish together. This is ultimately just a distraction and a way for Ramsay to prove he’s great, tasting their dishes and telling them what’s in them without knowing, which would impress me more if there weren’t cameras everywhere.

After he’s done tasting, he wants them to prepare for their real challenge. They will taste a dish he just cooked, then they will recreate it. Nona grabs veal, and she sees that Trev follows suit. Just to mess with him, Nona grabs some pork, too, though she’s not going to use it. He doesn’t stop there, though. He’s just going to make two of everything he’s not sure of.

Russell and Nona: veal
Jillian: pork
Trev: veal and pork

Russell, Nona, and Jillian: yams
Trev: yams and carrots (make that just carrots)

They have all chosen celery root and cabbage for garnish.

Cabbage mix
Russell, Trev, and Jillian: bacon
Nona: pancetta

Russell, Nona, and Jillian: chicken stock
Trev: chicken stock and… wine

Trev has finally settled on pork. However, he has forgotten his puree.

Too bad he forgot to put his puree on the plate because Trev was the only one right about that. They were all correct about the chicken stock, but Trev including the wine was the right move. The main ingredient was veal, so Russell and Nona are correct. That means it’s between them. The deciding factor is going to be what was inside the cabbage. It was pancetta. Nona wins.

For her reward, Nona will be going to a spa in Beverly Hills. For their punishment, the others will be doing laundry and prepping. Who does Nona want to save from this punishment? Russell. So much for her being Jillian’s girl.

Back at the kitchen, Jillian and Trev hatch a plan to get rid of those other two.

Ramsay would like two minutes with Jillian. He tells her she seems to have lost her confidence, but she’s got to stop beating herself up after making mistakes.

Jillian’s first dish is delicious. Russell’s scallops are cooked perfectly.

Nona’s risotto, however, has way too much pepper. Then Russell delivers raw scallops, responding to Ramsay with a simple “Yo.”

There’s a lot of meat being ordered, and Trev is shaking in his boots. Ramsay has to do the work for him. This is different. Trev is kicked out for 30 seconds to take some deep breaths. Trev’s meat, cooked by chef Ramsay, has met chef Ramsay’s approval. It’s not long before Trev is confused again.

Back at the fish station, Russell has cooked one halibut perfectly. However, he has overcooked the other one. Russell dismisses this, saying he has only made one mistake. Plus the one earlier. And now the raw halibut he has delivered.

Jillian continues to deliver delicious garnish.

Meanwhile, Trev and Russell start bickering. Jillian says Russell’s a bully, while Trev’s an idiot. Fair assessment.

I’m not a chef, and even I can tell that Nona has screwed up more risotto. It’s not even green. It’s also burned and bland. She is unsurprised, as she knew it was not right but sent it anyway.

Before they even finish the service, Russell starts discussing the elimination. Following a decent service, they must now nominate two people. Trev nominates Nona and Russell. In response, Nona believes she had a good night. She nominates Trev and Russell. Jillian votes for Trev and Russell. So much for the plan. Russell votes for Trev and threatens to beat him up.

The first nominee is Trev; the second nominee is Russell.

I’d be fully comfortable with either of these two leaving. Trev has been something of a disaster since the beginning, while Russell just simply should not be allowed around people. Regardless, nobody is leaving tonight. Pointless.

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