Big Brother 14 Episode 12

Following Danielle’s HOH win in Big Brother 14 Episode 11, she and former coach Dan suddenly became visible for a change, and they chose to nominate Frank and Wil.

Danielle tries to justify going back on her word with Wil. He’s just the pawn. Likely story. Not to be a broken record, but rule #1 in the Big Brother house: if you really don’t want somebody going home, you don’t nominate them.

Janelle and Dan want to work with the coaches, which would include Boogie, who doesn’t want to work with anybody other than Frank because everybody else lied to him.

Ian feels even more alone than before now that the coaches have joined the game. He says he’s willing to vote against Boogie if he has to do so, or at least he realize he’s going to have to at some point as the numbers dwindle.

Danielle is joined by Shane at random for the veto competition, Frank picks Jenn, and Wil picks Ian. Despite having all of his players in the competition, Boogie is not happy because Ian and Jenn suck at competitions and pretty much in general.

Britney sees Janelle in the bathroom whispering with Frank. Here comes the paranoia. Granted, this is a conversation worth being paranoid over, but Danielle and Britney are going to take it to another level. Dan doesn’t get it, as he says Janelle has a personal vendetta against Frank that can’t be buried by one conversation.

In the veto competition, they will toss a ball to try to hit the box with the highest number or at least not the lowest number. The beauty of this game, which is largely based on dumb luck, is you don’t need to get the highest score… you just need to not score lower than everybody else.

Frank scores 20. Ian scores 3, telling us he’s going to throw it, as if it matters. Shane scores 2. Jenn scores 9. Danielle scores 4. Wil scores 6. With the lowest score in the first round, Shane is eliminated, and he receives the power of veto as his prize.

Ian scores 20. Jenn scores 6. Danielle scores 6. Wil scores 5. Frank scores 9. Wil is eliminated in the second round, and he receives a veto ticket that guarantees him to play in next week’s veto competition. He trades it for the power of veto, great logic if somebody else down the line isn’t going to just snatch that from his hands.

Jenn scores 2. Danielle scores 10. Frank scores 4. Ian scores 5. Jenn is eliminated next, and her prize is a Maui vacation. Britney is so glad that Jenn gets a vacation from all the hard work she’s been doing in the Big Brother house.

Danielle scores 9. Frank scores 9. Ian scores 4 and is eliminated. He receives the ability to live a dog’s life for 24 hours, which involves staying in a pen for a day and only going out if somebody agrees to take him for a walk on a leash. He’s looking forward to it.

Frank scores 8. Danielle scores 10. Frank’s prize is $5,000, which he for some reason trades for the power of veto. Like Wil, he believes somebody else isn’t going to want that veto. Danielle’s prize is to wear a spiritard for the week, which she obviously trades to Frank for the veto.

Boogie’s not worried. He and Will never relied on competitions in this game. They thought winning them was stupid because in most cases it is.

Ian has agreed to join an alliance with Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane. Their alliance name: Quack Pack. What the bloody hell is that, Ian?

Boogie has an alternative proposal: Boogie, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane. Their first target would be Janelle, and with that amount of votes, they don’t need anybody else to get rid of her. He doesn’t trust Janelle, and he openly tells her that, which receives no response.

Dan, Danielle, and Ian support getting rid of Janelle, while Britney and Shane could go either way.

This new alliance’s name: Silent Six. At least it’s better than Quack Pack. I like this alliance, but I don’t get it. The biggest threats (plus Danielle) all combined. What, they’re just going to target people like Ashley (who I assume is still in the house) and Jenn (who I know is still in the house because she, uh, won a trip to Maui) for the next month?

Danielle removes Wil from the block. Janelle has been nominated in his place. She has no idea what the heck just happened.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Winner

Trev and Jillian were eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 14, which brings us down to a final two of Russell and Nona.

They take a helicopter ride to the JW Marriott for the final challenge. Ramsay tells them to jump, so they ask how high, but he’s just kidding. They take the stairs down, rather than using the parachutes he provided. Good thing he broke the news because Nona was practically off the roof already.

Each of them will have one hour to cook their dishes, and then they will be judged by people from LA who apparently know about food.

The first round is soup. Nona makes potato soup with bacon, cheddar, and chives. Russell has cooked cauliflower soup. Obviously, bacon beats cauliflower. Nona gets the point.

Salad is next. Nona has made beet salad. Doesn’t sound very appealing. Russell made burrata and prosciutto salad. Russell gets the point to make it a tie.

Next up is pasta. Nona’s made pan-seared chicken breast over orecchiette, while Russell has gargenelli with sea scallops. Nona takes a 2-1 lead.

Fish is the fourth dish. Russell serves pan-seared arctic char, while Nona has made pan-seared salmon. It’s tied at 2-2.

The tiebreaker is the meat, to be judged by Kerry Simon of LA Market. Nona cooked pan-seared ribeye; Russell cooked grilled veal tender. Russell wins the challenge.

Eight chefs have returned, some more competent than others. As the challenge winner, Russell picks first.

Russell: Jillian, Vinny, Sabrina, Rob
Nona: Gail, Melissa, Trev, Boris

Jillian’s happy to be picked first, the right choice seeing as she should be one of the final two. Vinny is sick to have been picked by Russell. Sabrina’s happy to have not been picked last, which she shouldn’t have been because she just had difficulty with other people being hostile, not her cooking. Trev is looking forward to being able to help knock Russell to the floor.

Nona considers Boris her biggest problem, which will lead her to keep her eye on him and talk down to him as needed. Russell gives Vinny attitude, telling him to go on the other team if he really wants to do so. Go ahead. Do it. This idiot apparently can’t realize he needs you, not the other way around. This is exactly why Russell should not be a finalist. He just can’t work with people, always believing he’s the only one that matters.

Unfortunately, Vinny doesn’t plan to screw over Russell, although his first dish gets rejected. Ramsay tells him if he talked to him like that, he’d be history. Okay. First, he already is history. Second, he doesn’t respect Russell, nor is Russell attempting to earn any respect. Anyway, Vinny’s next scallops are good.

Trev’s salad is overdressed, but his second attempt is also good.

Now they can move to entrees. But first, why is Sabrina stewing beef? Then her first dish is undercooked. That said, Russell switches Sabrina to fish and Vinny to beef. This switch was necessary, or so Russell tells us, although he doesn’t have much confidence in Vinny, who he says completely messed up the scallops (that one time). The switch works.

Boris is on fish. He doesn’t know how long to cook it, though. After being told how long to cook it, he still doesn’t know. Trev warns him that he’ll take over if it happens again. Raw for a third time. So Trev wants to take over, which just leads to an argument. Boris’ fourth attempt is acceptable.

Russell has set a new goal. He doesn’t just want to win. He wants to finish as quickly as possible, whether it’s smart to push his staff that much or not. This is working to get food pushed out rapidly… and then rapidly returned.

Nona’s next dish is a VIP, at least as far as she’s concerned. Melissa delivers raw meat for the meal that’s for Nona’s husband.

Rob runs out of tomato water, so Russell tells Jillian to come over here and cook because Rob can’t. This causes a shoving match between Rob and Russell.

After reviewing the customer comment cards, Ramsay has made his decision. The Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 winner is Nona Sivley. Not a big surprise. Although it could certainly be argued that Russell was the best chef, his inability to get over his own ego caused him to be this season’s biggest ass. Not one to accept defeat gracefully, he blames his team for the loss, warning them he will blackball them from working again.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 14

In a wasted night, nothing happened in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 13.

Ramsay has news for the chefs. Tonight, two people will be going home.

The challenge is to combine two cuisines, better known as fusion. The dishes will be from around the world. Jillian is scared by this non-American food. They will pick flags at random. Nona gets Greece and Italy, Jillian gets Thailand and Spain, Russell gets France and India, and Trev is left with China and Mexico. They may choose as many ingredients as they like. Russell is happy just to have France, so happy that he forgets he also chose India. Jillian’s first challenge to figure out what the heck this food is, and she’s convinced her dish sucks. Nona throws as many ingredients into the dish as she can.

Russell doesn’t think Trev could successfully combine Mexico and Texas, let alone Mexico and China. Trev’s been talking about his flavor explosion, but the judges find it bland. Nona’s dish has too many ingredients. Russell combined France and India, minus India. Lack of fusion aside, it’s not spicy enough, and the duck is overcooked. As afraid as she’s been, this is Jillian’s to win unless she screws up as badly as everybody else did. In a change of pace, the judges like her food. It’s a unanimous win for Jillian.

For her reward, Jillian will be going to Spago in a limo for lunch with Ramsay, and waiting for her at the restaurant is her family. The other three will stay behind for move out day, taking the dorm furnished for 16 down to one furnished for 4. They will also be doing the prep work, for which every last detail will be scrutinized… by Russell. Nona welcomes Jillian back from her reward. Russell and Trev are as angry as always.

Each person will get a turn running the pass.

Russell is the first person to take charge, which is not a change for him since he’s thought he’s the boss since the beginning. The first sabotage is pecans instead of walnuts, and Russell notices. He’s happy to reject Trev’s scallops, then instructs Jillian to help him out, which just causes her to get yelled at by Trev.

Nona takes over next. Her sabotage is mashed celery root, whatever that is, instead of mashed potatoes. She tastes the celery root but doesn’t notice. Tasting again, she still doesn’t notice, even after being told.

Trev gets his turn at the pass. Nobody’s listening to a word he’s saying, and they are not talking to him either. No food is leaving the kitchen. His quality control test is seabass instead of halibut, which he spots. From there, he finally kicks into gear.

Jillian is the last one to get a turn, and she’s not playing. Much yelling ensues. Chef Scott delivers New York strip instead of rib eye, which gets past her. Not wanting to make any more mistakes, she decides to reject every fish Trev brings her.

After the service, Ramsay has made his decision on the first person to eliminate. Trev has finally reached the end of the line.

The first person advancing to the final two is Russell. Well, then. I assume the next name to come out of Ramsay’s mouth is the winner because Russell just simply can’t win. That name is Nona.

So that means Jillian has been eliminated. What?

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 13

Bringing us down to the final four, Gail was eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 12.

Trev didn’t think he was going to get another reprieve. Me neither.

Trev and Jillian are put on one team; Russell and Nona are put on the other. They must come up with a great dish together. This is ultimately just a distraction and a way for Ramsay to prove he’s great, tasting their dishes and telling them what’s in them without knowing, which would impress me more if there weren’t cameras everywhere.

After he’s done tasting, he wants them to prepare for their real challenge. They will taste a dish he just cooked, then they will recreate it. Nona grabs veal, and she sees that Trev follows suit. Just to mess with him, Nona grabs some pork, too, though she’s not going to use it. He doesn’t stop there, though. He’s just going to make two of everything he’s not sure of.

Russell and Nona: veal
Jillian: pork
Trev: veal and pork

Russell, Nona, and Jillian: yams
Trev: yams and carrots (make that just carrots)

They have all chosen celery root and cabbage for garnish.

Cabbage mix
Russell, Trev, and Jillian: bacon
Nona: pancetta

Russell, Nona, and Jillian: chicken stock
Trev: chicken stock and… wine

Trev has finally settled on pork. However, he has forgotten his puree.

Too bad he forgot to put his puree on the plate because Trev was the only one right about that. They were all correct about the chicken stock, but Trev including the wine was the right move. The main ingredient was veal, so Russell and Nona are correct. That means it’s between them. The deciding factor is going to be what was inside the cabbage. It was pancetta. Nona wins.

For her reward, Nona will be going to a spa in Beverly Hills. For their punishment, the others will be doing laundry and prepping. Who does Nona want to save from this punishment? Russell. So much for her being Jillian’s girl.

Back at the kitchen, Jillian and Trev hatch a plan to get rid of those other two.

Ramsay would like two minutes with Jillian. He tells her she seems to have lost her confidence, but she’s got to stop beating herself up after making mistakes.

Jillian’s first dish is delicious. Russell’s scallops are cooked perfectly.

Nona’s risotto, however, has way too much pepper. Then Russell delivers raw scallops, responding to Ramsay with a simple “Yo.”

There’s a lot of meat being ordered, and Trev is shaking in his boots. Ramsay has to do the work for him. This is different. Trev is kicked out for 30 seconds to take some deep breaths. Trev’s meat, cooked by chef Ramsay, has met chef Ramsay’s approval. It’s not long before Trev is confused again.

Back at the fish station, Russell has cooked one halibut perfectly. However, he has overcooked the other one. Russell dismisses this, saying he has only made one mistake. Plus the one earlier. And now the raw halibut he has delivered.

Jillian continues to deliver delicious garnish.

Meanwhile, Trev and Russell start bickering. Jillian says Russell’s a bully, while Trev’s an idiot. Fair assessment.

I’m not a chef, and even I can tell that Nona has screwed up more risotto. It’s not even green. It’s also burned and bland. She is unsurprised, as she knew it was not right but sent it anyway.

Before they even finish the service, Russell starts discussing the elimination. Following a decent service, they must now nominate two people. Trev nominates Nona and Russell. In response, Nona believes she had a good night. She nominates Trev and Russell. Jillian votes for Trev and Russell. So much for the plan. Russell votes for Trev and threatens to beat him up.

The first nominee is Trev; the second nominee is Russell.

I’d be fully comfortable with either of these two leaving. Trev has been something of a disaster since the beginning, while Russell just simply should not be allowed around people. Regardless, nobody is leaving tonight. Pointless.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 12

Sabrina finally met her demise in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 11, in spite of the fact that there are still worse people left than her. Granted, I’m not sure whether any of these people should actually win. Maybe Jillian. Too bad Russell has an attitude problem because he’s probably the top chef.

Trev says that the fun and games are over. Oh, so he wasn’t just screwing around before?

They all head downtown to cook in LA Market, or rather outside of it in food trucks. Customers will be sampling five dishes, one from each of them (each chef’s signature lunch), and they will then vote for their favorite. Trev tries hitting on women, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes last. Nona tries southern hospitality. Russell is just lucky they even have to taste them all because they’re not thrilled when they hear octopus.

61% of the people agreed that the worst dish was Russell’s. After his resounding loss, he’s still convinced he made the right choice. On the other end of the scale, 40% voted for Gail’s salad as their favorite. 2% behind was Nona. Trev is angry. Still. For her reward, Gail will get a makeover from an annoying stylist to the stars. The others will stay behind and do some cleaning.

Russell has his typical attitude of not caring about anybody other than himself. Jillian’s onboard with this plan, not caring whether Gail sinks or swims, mostly just hoping that she sinks.

Jillian is assigned to the fish station. She’s never cooked scallops, but she feels confident because she has seen it done a lot. No need to practice even. That plan does not pay off. She doesn’t think they’re cooking, so she just keeps cooking them. They’re now overcooked. And again. Each time, Nona has to restart her lobster spaghetti, which takes 7 minutes. On her third try, Jillian gets the scallops right. However, the spaghetti is crunchy, and can be started again. At least Jillian has figured out the trick to cooking scallops: just count to 90.

It doesn’t end there, though. She may have figured out how to cook the scallops, but now she doesn’t know how to cook halibut. For a change, Russell is actually helping somebody who is struggling, and he continues to assist Jillian. When Jillian gets on track, Gail doesn’t have the garnish that she needs anyway.

After receiving undercooked beef from Trev, Ramsay gets fed up with everybody, and he walks out of the kitchen with Scott. Well, then, that should decrease the amount of unnecessary screaming if nothing else.

But wait. This is just the opportunity Russell wanted, to be able to boss people around. He rejects Trev’s meat, all of it, which Trev considers wrong. Believing he can take a shortcut, Trev merely refires the meat, allowing both Russell and Nona to tell him his meat is dead. After his tantrum is over, Ramsay returns and reassigns everybody to different stations, with a warning that the first mistake means dismissal.

One of the reassignments is Gail going to the fish station, which Jillian just got done learning, and Gail has bombed on twice before. She can go upstairs, leaving all the rest of the diners (one whole table) in the hands of the four who remain. Then Jillian gets sent away.

Following yet another poor service, they can each pick two people for elimination. After being subjected to Ramsay’s stunning lack of ability to build confidence in his subordinates, Gail votes for herself. Trev votes for Jillian. Russell would like to get rid of everybody other than Nona.

The first nominee is Gail. The second nominee is… um… Trev.

What has Trev got left that Ramsay hasn’t seen? Excellence, he says. Now might be a good time to show that then. Even just not sucking would work. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Gail.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 11

Trev may have been voted by the others as the weakest link in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 10, but that didn’t prevent Ramsay from getting rid of Vinny instead.

Having received black jackets, everybody goes to bed happy. Except Trevor.

The first individual challenge is to create an amuse bouche to make a great first impression. They will be judged on presentation and taste. Each of the 5 judges will judge from a scale of 1-10 in both categories, for a maximum score of 100.

Gail’s sesame chicken spring roll looks good. She gets 44. They also enjoyed the taste, awarding her 43, for a total score of 87.

Sabrina has cooked smoked salmon, but mostly she just has a crush on one of the chefs, until she finds out he doesn’t like her presentation, resulting in the need to make fun of him and his Frenchness. Her presentation score is 35, which has eliminated her from the running. The garlic’s a bit much. 35 here as well, for a total of 70.

Jillian’s grilled pita bread and vegetables is called boring. She gets 32 for presentation and 33 for taste, for a total score of 65.

Nona has cooked shrimp and grits. Really? Her presentation gets a 34, and the taste is 33, for a total of 67.

Russell gets a perfect score of 50 for presentation. With his score of 50 for taste as well, he scores a perfect 100.

Unless Trev is perfect, Russell wins. We know Trev ain’t gonna be perfect. His odd looking frog legs get a 31 for presentation, and the taste also gets a 31, making him a last place 62.

Russell will be going out to lunch at LA Market for his reward, and he chooses Gail to go with him since she placed second. The others will prep and clean up. Trev uses this as an opportunity to continue with his anger.

Nona will do tableside service. Jillian would rather get rid of Trev instead.

Sabrina starts off with poorly cooked risotto. Gail’s scallops are not any better. Then Trev follows suit with his lobster spaghetti. This leads to Russell offering to help for a change, which Trev declines, and then, in need of his 15 minutes of fame for the season, Scott begins yelling.

Sabrina and Russell get on Trev’s case for his refusal to keep counting down. This battle is going nowhere fast. Neither Sabrina nor Trev is going to work together, so Ramsay wants the entrees to begin. That doesn’t help. Gail’s fish is stuck to the pan.

Finally, the chefs are getting up to speed. That is until Sabrina’s salad gets rejected.

Next problem: Jillian’s salty mashed potatoes. Then Gail delivers watery salmon that’s supposed to be grilled, which is followed by Russell’s undercooked beef.

One more mistake, and they’re done. That mistake comes courteousy of Russell with his raw meat, and everybody can get out of the kitchen.

After having a service in which nobody was unscathed, they must all make nominations. Trev blames Sabrina. Russell blames apps, so he nominates Trev and Sabrina. Jillian agrees. Trev nominates Gail and Sabrina. Sabrina nominates Trev and Gail. In closing, Jillian says that she got no communication from Gail on fish, but Russell tells her she can’t change her vote. After Sabrina makes her pitch to Jillian, she decides to change her vote: Gail and Trev. The person who apparently hoped to not vote, Nona, will be the tiebreaker. We know she’ll pick Trev, and she’s been wanting to get rid of Sabrina for weeks, even when she didn’t do anything wrong.

Trev is the first nominee; Sabrina is the second nominee. That said, and in spite of the fact that she can’t stand Trev, Sabrina thinks Gail should go. A crying Sabrina is dismissed.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 10

Following a terrible service in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 9, Rob was sent home.

Russell’s angry. Yeah, that’s new.

The next challenge is about communication and timing. Russell says they’re screwed because he’s the only one who communicates. If they’re to rely on his communication for this, they may as well quit now because his definition of communicating is yelling, without listening to a word. They will have 30 minutes to cook three dishes. Each person will get 5 minutes in the kitchen, and then they will have 15 seconds to communicate what’s been done to the next chef. Blue team will all go twice, while only two people on the red team will go twice, Sabrina and Jillian.

Sabrina apologizes for killing the lobster. Ariel, Ariel, save me.

Trev didn’t start the lobster, a fact that he has failed to mention to Vinny. Everything’s pretty well ready for Gail. All she has to do is put the salmon on. She doesn’t. On Trev’s second go, the lobster still hasn’t been started. Vinny, having 5 minutes left, decides to just poach the tail. Sabrina finally got the salmon Gail neglected in the oven. Jillian doesn’t really want to proceed, but she has no choice but to plate it with seconds left and hope for the best. Then she drops it after burning her hand.

A salmon dish without salmon isn’t going to win them any points. The men score a point.

The blue team has produced bland pasta, whereas the girls have seasoned theirs perfectly. That ties us at 1.

Trev also failed to communicate about the green beans, which aren’t cooked right. Same problem with Gail. That brings it down to the rest of the chicken dish, and the men finally win. The men get a cooking store shopping spree. The ladies will be dealing with delivery day. Had the salmon not been dropped, they would have won.

For the next dinner service, they will decide their own menus. Each team will come up with four appetizers, four entrees, and four desserts. Russell’s got ideas, but none of them are anything anybody wants to hear. Sabrina is having the same problem, as nobody has ever wanted to hear what she has to say.

Most of the chefs decide to go to bed early, but Trev and Vinny would rather stay up and drink. Just waiting for an excuse to do some more yelling, Russell comes down around 1:30 for the sole reason of doing just that. He finds them talking smack about him, although nothing they say is untrue.

Every customer will have the choice of ordering off the red menu or the blue. If it were me, I’d be going with the more interesting red menu. A pattern starts to form with the diners, who are all ordering red.

Nona’s risotto is undercooked. Not a good start, but her second try is good.

Blue kitchen is finally starting to get orders.

Russell gets his appetizers out, but Vinny forgets that he needs lamb for their current ticket. That lamb was for their VIP guest, the chef of the restaurant they ate at yesterday, who only ordered blue because they were with him. When Vinny delivers the lamb, it’s still not ready. For a change, Russell decides to be a team player, and he bails out Vinny. Only not so much. The chef is not happy with the food he receives.

Gail has no more luck on her first entree. Or her second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth tries at it.

Sabrina’s having trouble with hearing Ramsay, but her meat is cooked perfectly.

Vinny doesn’t want to deliver an undercooked bass. So much for that plan.

Effort number 7 from Gail is still no good. She can get out.

After the overall poor service, nobody wins. They can all think of one individual they do not think belongs in the final six. Russell nominates Vinny. Vinny nominates Sabrina. Jillian nominates Trev. Sabrina agrees. While Russell may be willing to turn on his teammates, the women are not. Trev nominates Sabrina. Gail nominates Trev. Nona falls in line.

Trev can step forward. He can take his jacket off because he needs to put the black one on. Another fake out nobody bought. Jillian is also in the final six. Nona as well. Russell, too. Sabrina joins them.

That brings us down to Vinny or Gail. I gotta go with Vinny here, but Ramsay disagrees. Vinny has been eliminated because they were backed up like never before, even though he didn’t get kicked out.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 9

Having flailed about for a couple weeks now, Boris was eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 Episode 8.

In the “dramatic” conclusion to last week’s episode, Ramsay said he wasn’t done because he wanted to speak to Trev. He can take his jacket off… because he’s going back to the men’s team. As lame as expected. When it’s this predictable, it doesn’t deserve its own cliffhanger.

The girls, who finally agree on one thing, are happy to see him go, hoping that the boys dump him first chance they get.

Ramsay has brought in some food. Only one dish is from a 5 star hotel, while some of it is Chinese delivery, gas station food, and the like. Sabrina liked the Chinese roll. Nona liked the gas station chicken sandwich. Rob was a fan of the wings from the London Hotel. Nona didn’t care for the wings.

It’s time for the blind taste test.

Russell and Gail are up first. Both get grapefruit right. However, Russell guesses crab and Gail guesses salmon for the sea bass. Then they both guess romaine instead of iceberg lettuce. Russell gets truffles right, but Gail says watercress. This gives the boys a 2-1 lead.

Rob and Sabrina are the next pair. Rob starts off saying the asparagus is bok choy, and Sabrina agrees. Rob thinks the filet mignon tastes like chicken. Sabrina agrees again. Both are also incorrect on the cheddar cheese, with Rob guessing American and Sabrina saying provolone. Lastly, Rob thinks the mussels are octopus, and Sabrina says ham. Still 2-1 for the boys.

Vinny and Jillian are next. Hot dogs seem easy enough, but Vinny says ham, while Jillian says salami. Both, however, get potatoes and mozzarella cheese. That brings us to 4-3.

Trev and Nona are last. Trev believes the pear is apple, and Nona doesn’t have a firm opinion one way or another. Trev goes with halibut for the scallops, but Nona gets it right to tie the game. Both are correct on squash. The final item is endive. Trev says arugula. Nona, however, is right, and the girls win.

The blame for this challenge falls on Rob, while the girls can thank Nona for getting 3 out of 4. For their reward, the girls get a shopping spree. For their punishment, the guys are going to help Hell’s Kitchen go green, digging through the trash for recycling. They will also be prepping both kitchens.

Trev’s risotto tastes fantastic, and Jillian’s does as well. So do Sabrina’s scallops. Rob, however, ends the streak, with his scallops getting rejected. Then again.

Nona fails to drop the chicken on time, and now she can’t cut it right. Sabrina takes charge, getting them back on track and delivering more good fish.

Back to Rob and his fish failures. His halibut is rejected as well. Ramsay calls him out to the dining room, telling him he’s got 5 minutes to wake up. This leads Russell to pretend to be a leader. That is until Ramsay walks away, at which time Russell ignores everybody, not bothering to respond when they ask him questions. When Ramsay returns, Russell’s back to yelling again. I don’t know what this guy’s game is, but he can’t possibly think this attitude is going to get him a win.

Then Nona gets yelled at because, uh, well, he can. Ramsay says get out of his way. She backs up. Get out of my way. Backs up further. Get out of my way. 10 feet back. Still not enough room between you and Ramsay’s ego. Go upstairs now. That was pointless.

Vinny’s egg spinach is overcooked. His gnocchi is not cooked right either. He can go upstairs, too.

Russell, who’s had a decent service aside from the fact that he’s an ass, is kicked out because of raw chicken. He blames everybody else.

Rob makes his final mistake of the evening, and he can get out like the rest of the cast.

This leaves Trev to complete service in the blue kitchen. Wait. What? He’s just about ready to jump on dessert anyway, but he does succeed where the others failed.

Sabrina and Jillian are congratulated on a job well done.

It goes without saying that the blue team loses. Trev can pick two nominees. Russell tells him he’s got his back (he couldn’t even give him a towel), and that Trev has the biggest heart and drive. Vinny says he’s the team’s team player, and I can’t find fault in that logic. Rob’s defense is that he was the last one in the kitchen with Trev.

Rob is the first nominee; Russell is the second nominee. Rob’s the obvious target here, even if Russell just simply needs to go because he cannot work with humans. Rob has outstayed his welcome and can head home.

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