Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 12

Sash and Brenda were still under the impression they were in charge in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 10. That impression proved to be quite wrong, as Brenda was voted out.

It’s still raining back at camp. NaOnka and the strangely now visible purple Kelly are taking it the hardest. Benry’s perfectly happy for one or both of them to quit. Deciding her head’s not in the game, NaOnka gives her idol to Chase, with the hopes that he will put it to good use (I’m not sure what he’s done so far that would indicate he is capable of that).

The person most worried about a possible departure of NaOnka and Kelly is Sash. If they go, he’s going to have to take the side of one of the two groups that remain, neither of which is something he wishes to be part of.

For the reward challenge, they will be divided into two teams. They will be tethered together and untie and carry their 8 foot stuffed dummy through a series of obstacles. The prize, brought to you by the creative minds who produce Big Brother no doubt, is a sneak peek at the new movie Gulliver’s Travels, complete with movie food. The schoolyard pick gives us the teams. Fabio, Sash, Jane, and Kelly are yellow; Holly, NaOnka, Chase, and Benry are blue. Dan was not selected, but he opts to back the blue team. The yellow team is the first to release their dummy. Both teams get over the first obstacle at the same time. Yellow takes the lead after the next obstacle, dragging Jane along for the ride. Blue takes over on the final obstacle, and they win reward. Having backed the right team, Dan will also be receiving the reward.

Sash poses a question immediately following the challenge: should they ask if they can eat the chicken? Jane doesn’t seem to believe that asking is a requirement. Bad Survivor move.

Making the decision that she’s gone out with a bang, NaOnka informs Jeff that today is her last day. Anybody else here want to quit? Yes, this is purple Kelly’s last day, too. At least we got to know her for like 12 seconds this season. Jeff does not understand their decision, so he will give them the afternoon to think about it. They can reveal their decision of whether they want to give up their shot at $1 million, on day 28 of 39, tonight at tribal council.

Jeff proposes a deal: if one person from the winning team is willing to give up their spot on the reward, they can take back to camp a tarp and enough rice to get them through the last 11 days. Does anybody want to be the hero/sucker? Holly says okay. Benry proposes NaOnka should sacrifice instead, and Holly is equally disappointed in NaOnka not stepping up, seeing as after tonight she will be able to eat whatever she wants.

When they get back to camp, Holly asks Kelly about her plans to quit. Holly knows what it’s like wanting to quit, having been talked into staying by Jimmy Johnson, and she’s glad she did. The worst thing is when Kelly is cold from the rain. Now she’s got a tarp. Yeah, but she’s hungry, too. Now they have more rice. Nonetheless, she’s been sucking it up for 28 days. She can’t suck any more.

On the other hand, while watching this movie that looks less than funny, Benry finds himself thinking that he wants NaOnka to just go home.

Considering what time it is and the fact that they have not had an immunity challenge, I’m going to assume that at least one person will be quitting tonight.

Benry’s frustrated sitting there listening to these people talk about quitting. Fabio doesn’t care if it starts snowing… he’s going to stay.

Jeff asks NaOnka if she had any shot to win. Marty finds this quite amusing. Jeff is thoroughly thrilled by NaOnka’s delusion that she thinks she can win. Furthermore, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her selfishness of not forgoing reward.

After their discussion, it all comes down to one simple question. Are they going to stay?

NaOnka quits. I half expected her to stick around, but I can’t say I will miss her.

That gives purple Kelly a 1 in 8 shot at the million dollars. She, too, quits. There goes the most invisible person in the history of Survivor.

Everybody else just moved up two notches without having to get any blood on their hands. Sitting there in disgust, the jury members wish they had the chance these other two are throwing away.

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