The Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 11

Falling below the yellow line up against one member of the alliance, Lisa was eliminated in The Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 10.

At the next weigh in, there will be two lines: one yellow, one red.

Frado thanks everybody for keeping him there. Any other season, they would have been smart enough to vote him out.

The three alliance members are pretty well convinced they are unbeatable, and at this point it seems they have good reason for their cockiness.

Olympian Nastia Liukin is there for the challenge and to promote Subway. The winner of today’s pop challenge will win $10,000 from Subway. It includes 5 different exercises, and after each exercise one person will be eliminated. They will do 1 mile on the StreetStrider, half a mile running, 1000m on the rowing machine, jump rope 100 times, and climb 500 feet on Jacobs ladder. The leaders are all pretty close as Frado and Elizabeth bring up the rear on the StreetStrider, and ultimately Elizabeth is the first person to be eliminated. Ada runs away from the others on the run. Frado again finds himself in the bottom two, but he outruns Mark. The boys are confident that they can oturow the lone girl. At the halfway mark, it appears they may be right. For yet another event, Frado is battling for his life, this time against Ada, and again he is successful. None of the boys know how to jump rope, so this will come down to who can trip their way through it first. Frado has met his match and is eliminated. That leaves Patrick and Brendan competing for the prize. Brendan is off to an early lead on the ladder, and that does not fade as he wins the challenge.

Elizabeth tells us it would be a huge mistake to underestimate her. Then I’m making a huge mistake.

Bob doesn’t believe that Brendan is giving 100%, so he’s going to ride him throughout their workout.

Being this close to the finals, they begin to discuss what they will do with their winnings. Brendan would like to get his students outside the inner city. Mark made a promise to his father that he will travel with him. Patrick no longer needs a new car, so his plan is to pay down his debt, which has been growing since he has been unemployed this year. Ada would like to start some sort of foundation to provide positive reenforcement for kids.

When he started, Frado needed 6 shots and 12 medications to try to control his diabetes, which was out of control. He is down to just one drug, and Dr. H has decided that today is the day he can come off that one as well.

At the beginning of the season, they competed in a challenge. Some of them did 500 steps; some of them ran a mile. Today, they will be doing both, weighing exactly what they did back then. After each 100 steps, they will drop the amount of weight they lost in the corresponding week. Then they will run, dropping weight at checkpoints along the way. The winner of the challenge will receive a 1 pound advantage and a $25,000 home gym.

Ada starts off in the lead. Her nearest competitor is Elizabeth, as the boys are dragged down by all the excess weight. She is followed by Brendan. Mark’s in last place, but that 41 pounds of weight he dropped the first week may kick him into gear once he’s dropped it. Ada retains the lead through the next round, and now Brendan has pulled into second. Frado has dropped down to last place. Elizabeth drops down to fifth. Ada continues her dominance of the challenge, in first place the entire time, and she’s off to the run, which history tells us she will also win. Brendan remains in second. Patrick is third, about a minute behind him. It goes without saying that Ada has won the challenge. She is followed by Brendan, Patrick, Mark, Frado, and then Elizabeth.

Bob still wants Brendan to lose that “can’t” word from his vocabulary, and he’s afraid that red line has its eyes set on Elizabeth. Jillian’s still not convinced that Ada’s in the place she needs to be, in spite of the progress she’s made thus far.

Following their last last chance workout, it’s time to start determining the final four. Tonight, half the people will fall below the yellow line, and one of those people will be below the red line. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will end up below the red line, and that person will immediately be eliminated.

Ada: 179 pounds (-6, -1, 3.78%)
Elizabeth: 192 pounds (-4, 2.04%)
Mark: 292 pounds (-7, 2.34%)

From this point forward, one person will be safe, and one will not.

Patrick: 279 pounds (-12, 4.12%) – putting Elizabeth below the yellow line
Frado: 248 pounds (-15, 5.70%) – putting Mark below the yellow line
Brendan: 260 pounds (-5, 1.89%) – putting himself below the red line, while hitting the 100 pounds lost mark

In an unexpected turn of events, Brendan has fallen below the red line, and he is eliminated. That leaves Mark and Elizabeth below the red line, and the outcome is obvious. Mark is the biggest threat of the season, having lost both the highest percentage and highest amount of weight. On the other hand, Elizabeth has been carried through the season by people who believe she is weak, with tonight marking her eighth time below the yellow line. Mark’s convinced that the boys will have his back, but Elizabeth knows that trust in this game can be fleeting.

Ada: Mark
Patrick: Mark

With two votes, Mark is not The Biggest Loser.

Brendan is down 125 pounds to 237 pounds today. He plans to run the Boston Marathon again (so apparently he ran it at some point before then), with the hope of beating his previous time of 4 hours and 58 minutes.

Mark is down from his starting weight of 421 pounds to 248 pounds today, for a total weight loss of 173 pounds. He’s finishing his journey with his cousin, who has lost 100 pounds herself, and with the assistance of Sunshine from season 9.

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