Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 10

Losing his last life, Marty was voted out in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 9.

In a move of sheer stupidity, they have decided to move everything around the fire. There’s a thin line between protecting the fire and creating an environment for an inferno.

Holly is aggressively pushing for the elimination of Brenda, who believes she’s the king of the hill (with Sash being her queen). Jane’s running with this as well. Benry, Fabio, and Dan have to know they need to shake things up. NaOnka’s willing to do whatever she has to do, whatever that may mean. Chase would rather get rid of Benry. I don’t know what purple Kelly thinks because I’m not entirely sure whether she even talks.

For the challenge, they will be divided into two teams of 5. Using 4 barrels, 2 planks, and 10 feet of rope, they must make their way across the beach to the finish platform without touching the ground. Reward will be a trip to the Cerro Negro, one of the most active volcanoes, for some pizza and brownies, complete with volcano surfing, a concept that seems entirely made up. Chase, Kelly, Jane, NaOnka and Fabio are on the blue team following the school yard picking, and they are going against Sash, Holly, Brenda, Dan, and Benry on the yellow team. Blue team’s leading, and as the yellow team is failing to get it together, they all fall anyway. Unless the blue team screws up, which it doesn’t appear is going to happen, they’re going to run away with this challenge. Blue team wins reward.

When they return to camp, the losing team is greeted by the same scene we saw in Survivor: Amazon when Butch became obsessed with firewood and started piling it everywhere… their camp has burned down, and along with it will go all their belongings. Although their shelter is fine (the tarp notwithstanding), they surrounded the fire with every chest they had, and every chest they had is now ash. One of the chests had all of their food in it. To add insult to injury, the fire that they were so worried about keeping going is now out.

Chase tells Kelly she never really talks. Yeah, I noticed her being the most invisible player in the history of the game.

Now it’s time for some strategy. As Fabio starts talking, NaOnka says he needs to go off to the side with her. I wouldn’t go anywhere with her if I were you, dude. She may well throw you off the volcano. Her actual motivation is to tell him that everybody wants to get rid of Brenda. That works for him.

Chase warns Brenda that Holly and Ben are working to get rid of her. His basis for this is solely about trusting her, whether it’s the smart move or not. Unless he’s got the votes lined up, he’s backing the wrong horse. He goes to NaOnka to say that Benry needs to go next. In turn, she tells Benry that Chase cannot be trusted, and then she says the same to Jane and Holly.

For the immunity challenge, they will stand on a platform over the water while holding on to a rope. Every 5 minutes, they will move their hands further down the rope. Sash is first out, followed by Kelly. Holly falls next. Then Brenda, and from there it doesn’t matter too much because the stars have aligned against her. Dan drops next, with Fabio behind him. NaOnka falls. This leaves three people left standing when they move to the second knot. Benry falls. At this point, Jane’s starting to struggle, while Chase looks like he’s doing just fine. However, it’s Chase that loses his grip, and Jane wins immunity. Although the editing would lead us to believe otherwise (because the story of Chase falling before Jane is more interesting), Chase says he did not fall but rather was disqualified for some unknown reason.

Sash, who also believes he’s in complete control of the game, has finally found out about the plan to get rid of Brenda. He can either join the majority, or he can be an idiot like Chase has been. Chase’s concern is that Brenda’s departure means he would be playing with people he doesn’t trust. That’s Survivor. He has a warning for Brenda that it’s a done deal, with NaOnka having flipped.

Brenda’s last hope is to get Sash’s idol, so they can blindside NaOnka. That would address the immediate concern of her going home right now, but it also puts a huge target on Sash, without doing anything to secure the numbers.

At tribal council, NaOnka is called out as the one to jump ship. NaOnka denies responsibility, which is fair because it’s not like she’s the only one flipping. The whole tribe has flipped, well, aside from a couple of idiots.

Brenda says that scrambling is not worthwhile, and she really doesn’t have an interest in doing so. She’ll just let the cards fall as they may.


Comeuppance. I was growing tired of Sash and Brenda acting like they were Survivor gods. With 5 votes, Brenda has been voted off the island. As for that lone Benry vote? That was purple Kelly, who’s apparently the most clueless person in the tribe.

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