The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7

Damon trapped and killed Mason in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6, so now Katherine has a plan B: getting Matt to go after and be killed by Tyler.

The plan now is to kill Katherine. Sensible plan.

Katherine heads to the masquerade ball with straight hair. We know this. Straight hair = Elena. I’m surprised nobody in the town seems to know that yet. She reinforces her plan with Matt when she arrives.

Bonnie thinks maybe she knows Katherine’s witch friend. Perhaps she is mistaken, but regardless she got a weird vibe.

Stefan is not fooled by the straight hair at least. He agrees to a dance, though. This happy dancing doesn’t last long before Katherine stabs a girl in the back, literally.

Jeremy is sent as the messenger boy for Katherine. Meet Stefan and Damon at the edge of the lake by the woods. Caroline spills the beans. They’re trying to kill her. Shocker. It’s all… a trap. She’s just trying to lure Katherine into a room, one from which she can’t escape.

When Damon shoots Katherine from behind, there’s a little glitch. Elena starts to bleed from the same spot of her chest. Then her arm. These two brothers may want to consider not stabbing and shooting her sooner rather than later. In the nick of time, Jeremy runs in to stop them from killing her. They’re not the only ones with a witch on their side.

As planned, Matt gets into a brawl with Tyler. Good thing Caroline is there to knock Matt out before he gets himself killed. One punch and done. Matt’s not alone. Standing by, a girl named Sarah also attacks Tyler. Now her, her he accidentally knocks down and out. Uh, what’s up with Tyler’s eyes?

Bonnie knows who the other witch is, and she’s going to go find her. When she does that, they don’t get into any sort of brawl just yet, but she does sense the moonstone on Bonnie. Hand it over. You can trust her. And she does. With that, she promptly walks in to the room with Katherine and gives it to her, on the condition that her debt to her for saving her life is satisfied.

Stone in hand, Katherine falls to the ground and starts gasping for breath. Should have warned her that there was another witch involved. They’re related, by rumor. Her mother is the first cousin twice removed from the niece of Bonnie’s grams.

Caroline’s not surprised to find out that Tyler’s wound from the fight has healed already.

Katherine’s not dead, just trapped. Her warning for Damon is that Elena’s in danger and needs to be protected. He’ll protect her. While Katherine rots in hell. Then he seals her in.

A masked man comes up from behind and grabs Elena.

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