The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6

Stefan came up with this theory in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5. If he drinks a little human/Elena blood every day, he’ll get strong enough to beat Katherine.

Jeremy goes to see the less than welcoming Damon. He warns him why Mason is in town, his search for the moonstone. According to legend, the werewolf part of the curse was sealed with the moonstone. Whatever sealed the curse… can be used to unseal the curse.

Liz’s plan is to pretend like her daughter doesn’t exist. For Caroline, she views this as no real change. Either way, her mom doesn’t care.

Mason runs into Stefan. He wasn’t expecting to see him there. Or anywhere. From now on, Mason will have to do his own dirty work, with the sheriff compelled into forgetting what she saw.

When Bonnie touches Mason, she sees Elena, kissing him. That’s not Elena she sees. It’s Katherine. The more bad news is that he got the moonstone from his nephew Tyler. Stefan decides to leave Damon alone with Bonnie, leading to a discussion about how she’s going to get over herself and help them defeat the bad guys. Returning to overhear this lack of playing nice, Stefan jumps in to offer input that he meant that as a question with a please on the end. She agrees to do her witchy thing of making Mason’s brain hurt, which she can do to anyone with a supernatural healing ability.

The moonstone is in a well, whatever that means. Although Bonnie’s vision doesn’t make much sense, that’s all she’s got. She’s not allowed to ask questions. After leaving Damon, suddenly things become clear to her. Does Caroline remember the old well from when they were kids?

Stefan jumps down into the well. That was a stupid idea. It’s full of vervain. This causes Elena to scream, which in turn Caroline hears, and then Bonnie goes to help as well. They lower Elena down to pull Stefan up out of the well, a bloody mess. While she’s down there, Elena finds the stone, after much drama about a run in with a snake.

Mason’s helping Katherine so that she can break the moon curse. This will make it so that he doesn’t have to turn any more, which Katherine wants because she loves him. Damon is all amused by this moron who’s just being used. Katherine will only rip his heart out. Damon can save him the time and do it for her. Kill or be killed.

Caroline and her mom have started to talk. They’re getting along a little bit now. Her request is to not take her memories away. She won’t tell, and won’t hurt her. Caroline would have to be stupid to listen to this, and she does not. While her mom may possibly leave her alone, she’s not going to trust the brothers.

After killing her boyfriend, Damon calls Katherine to provoke her. Following their call, Katherine calls Elena to chat. She suggested that the world would be a much better place if Jenna were dead, which has now culminated in Jenna stabbing herself, but they get her to the hospital in time.

Following this incident, Elena tells Stefan that they have to stop being selfish. It’s over. Again.

With the werewolf she needed now dead, Katherine has a plan B. She compels Matt to go after Tyler, and not stop until he’s been killed by him.

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