The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5

Katherine tried to get Caroline in between Elena and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 4, failing miserably in the process. Elsewhere, Tyler found out that his family’s curse is triggered through death.

A friend of Mason’s thought he was cheating with his girlfriend, leading to a rumble in the parking lot. The ensuing battle resulted in Mason getting his powers. All it takes is any death at your hands, even an accident, such as a car wreck.

Elena and Stefan plan to continue pretending they’re angry with each other. But it’s only pretend. Honest.

Caroline’s mom has noticed that lately she seems… different. It’s the added paleness and craving for human blood.

Stefan would like to have a truce with Mason. Yeah, he’s heard that story before, when he spoke with Damon. It’s two against one, and it’s not a full moon. Might want to consider accepting playing nice.

Mason warns the sheriff that she has two vampires living right under her nose. One of them is Damon Salvatore, whom she considers a friend and an ally.

Jeremy’s been drawing some wolf pictures. Tyler is angry that his secret is out.

A little girl offers Damon some lemonade, containing vervain, with the sheriff within sight. If she needed proof that Damon’s a vampire, she just got it. Now it’s time for her to go to work, which frustratingly to Caroline means she lasted five whole minutes. This is enough to convince Stefan that they need to put Mason down, although he doesn’t like it.

The brothers head into the woods, where they’re promptly shot and drugged. While he would like to participate in the killing, Mason is dismissed by Liz. She’s there as the council, not the law, and he can’t be a party to this. As he’s leaving, he runs into Caroline and Elena. Caroline can take him. Wanna bet? Yeah, she does.

Once she’s done beating up Mason, Caroline heads off the find the brothers. Now she has a choice to make. Stop this murder and be found out, or flee and let it happen. Whatever her choice, Elena’s going down there. So she follows. Hi, mom.

This is a most unfortunate situation. Two deputies dead, and now what are they going to do about the sheriff? She’d like to be killed now. No such luck. Damon will honor their friendship, even if she won’t. His plan is to compel her once the vervain wears off, but whatever happens, she wants her daughter to be kept away from her.

Stefan has an idea. Drink a little human blood each day and build up a tolerance to it, thereby making himself strong enough to fight Katherine.

Tyler almost killed a girl, accidentally of course. For a split second, he wished she died. With that out of his system, he hands over the stone to his uncle.

After speaking to Damon, Elena has decided to be onboard with Stefan’s plan, so she cuts herself and will feed him her own blood.

Katherine’s not happy that Mason tried to kill Damon and Stefan, but she is happy that he has fulfilled her plan of finding the moonstone.

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