The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9

Elena’s kidnapping led to everybody meeting Elijah, one of the original vampires, in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8. They ended up killing Elijah, or at least that’s what they thought. Elena’s kidnapper, Rose, is now on their side, apparently.

Rose’s story is that Klaus, the oldest vampire in the history of time, is the one who wants Elena dead.

Elena’s plan is simple. She’s going to go ask for help from her murderous lying doppelganger. Alone. With offerings of some family keepsakes and a bottle of blood, Elena pries information out of Katherine. She first met Klaus when she fled to England, abandoning Bulgaria because she got throwed out. Klaus wants the same thing from Elena that he wanted from Katherine, to kill her. The curse was bound with Petrova blood, and the doppelganger was created as a way to undo the curse.

It was in England where Katherine met Rose and Trevor, who decided to save her because he loved her, whether that meant Klaus was going to kill him instead or not. Trevor’s hope was to run until he died, which he pretty much did. If Elena doesn’t want to die, she has another choice, turning herself into a vampire like Katherine did.

Bonnie runs into a new guy at school while Jeremy’s hitting on her. Luca’s father knew some Bennetts when he was doing his residency in Massachusetts. Does she have any family in Salem? Luca and his father are witches, too, or at least they’re warlocks.

Damon and Rose go to meet Slater, the guy who hooked her up with Elijah. So how do you get in touch with the oldest vampire there is? Craigslist. Whatever useful information Slater may have is irrelevant because Elijah breaks up their party before he can really be of much help.

Elena knows she’s not the only thing needed to break the curse. There’s the moonstone, a werewolf (Tyler), a witch to do the spell (Bonnie), and a vampire (Caroline). Better that they die than Katherine.

If a vampire breaks the curse, werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon, and vice versa for the vampires and sun. The race is on to do it first.

Katherine has saved the best part of her story for last. Klaus killed her entire family. If Elena’s plan is to run, he will hunt down her friends, family, and anyone she’s ever loved. Meanwhile, Katherine, who happens to have the moonstone in her hand, is the safest one of all of them. No vampire would be stupid enough to go into the tomb.

Rose and Damon have decided that the smart move would be for the two of them to hook up.

In her breakdown, Elena says that everything that’s going wrong is because of her. Quite overdramatic.

Slater wants no part in any of this, but he did some digging. They can destroy the curse, but they need the moonstone and a witch. Luckily, as a guy who’s been going to college since ’74, Slater has a degree in theater, so he pulls off this convincing setup for Elijah. Somehow, Elijah can compel other vampires. He can even compel them into killing themselves by driving a stake through their hearts, which he does to Slater. Then out from the other room walks Luca’s father.

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