The Amazing Race 25 Episode 5

Despite their initial dominance, Jim & Misti fell short in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 4 on the simple failure of reading the clue, but they were saved by a non-elimination leg.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Kym & Alli – 9:48PM
Second: Brooke & Robbie – 12:18AM
Third: Keith & Whitney – 12:22AM
Fourth: Amy & Maya – 12:37AM
Fifth: Tim & Te Jay – 1:00AM
Sixth: Shelley & Nici – 1:59AM
Seventh: Adam & Bethany – 2:19AM
Eighth: Jim & Misti – 2:29AM

Teams will now fly more than 2000 miles to Marrakech, Morocco. I would be surprised if there is more than one flight a day that is going to get them there from Sweden and especially nothing this late at night, even if the sun still has not yet set.

Nici thinks the appropriate language to speak in Morocco is Spanish. No, she’s serious. Not just the usual “rapido” but actual full conversations. Perhaps their cab driver understands (turns out Spain is right across the sea), though everyone else there is speaking French, also not the language I expected to hear.

For their speed bump, Jim & Misti must hang carpets, or at least she tries to help while he takes control. The other teams meanwhile are dragging a vendor cart through the streets. They need to take them to the correct location and then set them up.

The road block requires teams to finish preparing the animal skins then deliver the prepared skins by bicycle.

Road block (in order of arrival): Keith, Amy, Brooke, Bethany, Tim, Kym, Nici, Misti

They all discuss how this is the grossest thing they have ever done. Maya, who is not one of the people participating in the task, talks about how it’s not that bad. It smells just like a petting zoo.

All teams go the same way and arrive at basically the same time. Whatever advantage the lead teams may have had is gone now.

Having finished for now taking things out on her daughter, Shelley gets into an argument with Keith over a few seconds difference in receiving a clue. Just let her go, Keith. She seems to need to get a clue more.

The detour is a choice between twirl time or tree time. In twirl time, teams must become street performers, spinning their tassle for one consecutive minute while maintaining a beat. In tea time, they have to carry a tea set through the streets and then one team member will balance a tray on one arm while the other pours.

Tea time: Adam & Bethany, Jim & Misti, Brooke & Robbie, Tim & Te Jay, Keith & Whitney (switched from twirl time)
Twirl time: Kym & Alli, Amy & Maya, Shelley & Nici

The head twirling is the difficult part of the twirling task. Nobody gets it particularly quickly, and some struggle to get it for a while. Whitney eventually gives up. The other task is more about attention to detail, most importantly the proper pouring height. Then there’s Misti, who does not understand that you can only use one arm.

Kym & Alli choose not to U-turn anyone, and Adam & Bethany follow suit. Shelley & Nici don’t need to use it (they are in third, and the sensible thing is to save it), but it’s obvious they are going to. They U-turn Keith & Whitney for the sake of revenge. Tim & Te Jay do not U-turn anybody, and the next three teams do not either.

Al Matjar Carpet Shop is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Really?

First: Kym & Alli (win $5,000 each)
Second: Adam & Bethany
Third: Tim & Te Jay
Fourth: Shelley & Nici
Fifth: Brooke & Robbie
Sixth: Misti & Jim
Seventh: Amy & Maya
Eliminated: Keith & Whitney

Keith & Whitney were already way behind everybody else after switching detours, so their only hope was that somebody else would be U-turned. Adding their U-turn to the task problems, they ended up hours behind the rest.

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