South Park Sends Steve Irwin to Hell

Hell hath no fury like Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the hit animated TV series, South Park. No one is safe when they start their search for a new target.

A recent episode of South Park featured recently deceased Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. Matt and Trey are anything but scared of hitting on touchy subjects, and they sure hit on one here. Steve Irwin’s death was so recent and so tragically unexpected that many South Park viewers are outraged over how quickly Matt and Trey turned their sights on the Crocodile Hunter. Just like Gilbert Gottfried making jokes about 9/11 shortly after the event, many see this targeting of Steve Irwin as coming to soon.

I, personally, don’t think it was that bad. It is awfully soon for them to be going after Irwin already, but they kept it short and didn’t go overboard with the bit. It was a tasteful as tasteful can be on South Park and, to be honest, it wasn’t even that funny by South Park standards. Steve Irwin’s run in with Ross the Intern of the Jay Leno show was a lot funnier in my opinion.

What did you think of the bit? If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it after the jump!

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Miss An Episode of Heroes? Catch It Tonight!

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If you happen to be one of those people that missed one of the first three episodes of the best show on TV, Heroes, tonight is your oppertunity to get caught up. NBC will be running the first three episodes of it’s hit TV series Heroes tonight, starting at 8:00pm PST.

If you haven’t watch a single episode of Heroes yet, I highly recommend watching tonight. My TV is usually limited to mostly reality TV, but this show as completely sucked me in and I love it. The characters are fantastic, the story line is awesome and every episode leaves you wanting more. It’s one of the few TV shows in recent years to actually grab my attention. Someone, who I wish I could recall at the moment but can’t, put it best saying that Heroes is like how X-Men should have been.

Watch episodes 1 – 3 of NBC’s Heroes TONIGHT! Starting at 8:00pm PST.

Check your local listings for details.

Nancy Grace Is a “Big Bitch!”

I absolutely HATE Nancy Grace.

In case you don’t know who Nancy Grace is, she is a “show host” of sorts with her own show on CNN. The show is generally a forum for interviews and, I would say debate, but Nancy Grace doesn’t allow people with opinions unlike hers to say much as she has a lifetime subscription to the “i’m right and you’re wrong” mentality on every topic under the sun.

Nancy Grace is also well known for being an incredibly aggressive interviewer. A short while ago she interview 14 year old (I think) Elizabeth Smart so aggressively about what it was like to be abducted and repeatedly sexually assualted that Elizabeth essentially had to tell her to shut the hell up and stop asking her questions like she was.

She performed another interview recently with a woman who’s 2-year old son was abducted and she had the nerve accuse her over and over of abducting or killing her own son. A short time after the interview was recorded, the woman was found dead in her home. She commited suicide. Yet Nancy Grace decided to air the interview anyways. How classy is that?

One of the things that irks me more than anything about Nancy Grace is the fact that she performs all her interviews under the guise of being a caring and concerned person, yet she continually make false accusations of her guests and is incredibly aggresive while interviewing them. That’s no way to treat a person, especially someone that had their 2 yeard child abducted or had been abducted and sexually abused for 8 months. How horrible of a person can you be?

Recently a viewer of Nancy’s show called in and decided to share his opinion of her on live TV. The results are hilarious and incredibly gratifying to hear spoken on national TV. Eat this Nancy Grace:

NBC TV Show 2-hour Premiere: Heroes

I completely forgot about the season premiere of NBC‘s new show Heroes being on tonight, though luckily managed to catch it part way through while flicking through the channels.

Though I didn’t see it all, I’l fix that tomorrow when they re-air it at 9:00pm PST, from what I did see it looks like a very interesting a very promising show. I’ve been seeing the commercials for this one for a few months now and have been very interested in seeing it, so I’m glad I managed to catch at least part of it.

Monday night is a rather dead night for TV so I certainly know what I’ll be watching now. Heroes seems really interesting, has a lot of cool ideas and different characters, and even though I only caught the last half or so of the premiere, I can already tell how a lot of the characters are going to end up linking together in the end. This is going to be a good show, I can feel it.

Yay! Sadly enough there isn’t much OTHER than reality TV that I watch, so finding a regular TV show that looks promising is actually kind of exciting.

Show Info:

9:00pm PST
Channel 16 in BC

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CNN Reporter Kyra Phillips Does Letterman Top 10

As you probably know by now, CNN reporter Kyra Phillips had a bit of an accident with her coordless microphone the other night and had her bathroom chat broadcast on national TV during President Bush‘s Katrina address. Well, it did turn out that the “asshole” she referred to was unfortunately a member of her family and not the President. Although the event has still managed to turn her into a mini 15 minutes of fame style celebrity and she made an apperance on the Dave Letterman Show for the top 10 list to celebrate.

The topic of this very special Top 10 list just happened to be the “Top 10 Kyra Phillips Excuses” list. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of Dave Letterman or the Top 10 list specifically, I’ve rarely ever found them funny, but this one was actually pretty good. I especially liked #5. It’s good for a chuckle.

Check out Dave Letterman’s Top 10 Kyra Phillips excuses list @ Raw Story.