Heroes Cancelled

When season 4 wrapped in February, it didn’t seem like a move that would indicate a great deal of faith in the show that has continued to slump, putting up 4th place numbers by its finale. Heroes has been on the fence for a while now but nonetheless has continued to survive the axe. That streak has come to an end as NBC has cancelled Heroes.

Even the lack of Leno (and the resulting 5 extra hours) was not enough to save one of the network’s most expensive shows. Apparently, on top of the fact that cheap to produce shows like The Biggest Loser can deliver worthwhile ratings, NBC has a bunch of new shows on the horizon for next season.

So what’s next for Heroes? It may end up getting an additional final episode or so. At some point. Possibly. Certainly would be nice to not leave the show as they have.

Heroes Season 4 Episode 19

Claire and her father were sunk below ground by Samuel in Heroes Season 4 Episode 18, while Peter and Sylar escaped from years of solitude in Sylar’s mind.

Parkman gets a visit from Eli, who came alone this time, so to speak. He’s there to make sure he and the other heroes in his house are not a problem for Samuel.

Samuel wants Emma to play her cello, but she’s worried about her dream and the thousands of people who will die. He does not deny that the dream is true, so Doyle will mind control her into playing.

Hiro hops out of his hospital bed, brain healed and powers intact.

Peter goes inside Eli’s head, where he finds out that Samuel plans to open up the ground in Central Park. Regardless, Parkman has no plans to let Sylar out of his house.

Claire’s got a plan to dig her way out. HRG has given up. He figures Samuel put them down there so she can watch him die. Since her lungs will regenerate, she should be fine.

Hiro has received an origami crane, which he assumes must have come from Charlie. He goes down to the hall to see her. She’s aged a little. 65 years to be exact.

Sylar invites Parkman inside his head to see what he finds and make the call whether to let him leave or not. After doing so, he reluctantly agrees to trust them to leave.

Playing in the park, Emma is packing in the crowd. Along with the onlookers are news cameras, which Samuel has made sure show up so that the world can know.

Charlie was taken back to 1944, and she has lived all this time.

Claire’s dad wants a promise from her before he dies: that she’ll hide. As he collapses, she digs and sees water pouring in. It’s Tracy. Good thing he can swim. Lauren has lined up a chopper to take them to the carnival’s new location.

Charlie’s dying. So Hiro tells her he can fix this. Oh no. His plan is to go back to 1944 and take her back to the diner.

Sylar arrives at the carnival and finds Emma playing. He’s come to save her. First, he’ll need to overcome Doyle’s mind control.

Claire reveals Samuel’s plans to his people. They don’t much seem to care. Edgar, however, has decided that he does want to stop Samuel, so he wants to know what HRG’s plan is.

When Hiro tells Charlie his plan, she’s not interested. She already had a long happy life, and she wouldn’t want to see her children and grandchildren impacted by changing the past (again). Hiro has realized the story has come to an end.

Now that that’s settled, destiny calls. Noah needs help in New York.

Seems Doyle has underestimated Sylar’s power. It’s not long before he breaks free and gets Emma to stop playing. He’s not like Doyle. He’s a hero.

Undeterred by the room’s lack of concern, Claire tells them that Samuel draws his power from them, and that he killed his brother so that he could gain greater power. Edgar believes her. Eli then reveals that he killed Lydia to make it look like an outsider did it. With everybody sufficiently wigged, they bail and leave Samuel on his own in an attempt to make him just an ordinary guy.

They might consider running if they’re going to prevent a massacre. Samuel gets on stage and begins to make the earth quake. He’s not going to hurt anyone, not if Peter can help it.

Hiro arrives just in time. He needs to teleport everyone out of there. Maybe if Ando supercharges him and everybody holds hands. It works, and Samuel is powerless.

Volume 5 ends, and Volume 6 Brave New World begins.

Claire intends to show the press what really happened there tonight. Rather, she intends to show them by climbing the ferris wheel. Then leaping off.

With its continued ratings slide and expensive production values, there is a lot of speculation that Heroes season 5 will not happen. At this time, however, no decision has been made regarding either renewal or cancellation. Working in its favor is the fact that NBC does not have very much else to turn to, and with Leno having been cancelled, there are 5 hours a week to fill.

Heroes Season 4 Episode 18

After making a fake deal with HRG in Heroes Season 4 Episode 17, Samuel set him up and made it look like he attacked the carnival. Meanwhile, Parkman trapped Sylar all alone without another soul in his world.

Sylar hears Peter’s calls, and he greets the first person he’s seen in three years. Not liking the thought that somebody’s in his head, he swears to kill Peter. Why would the brother of the man he murdered come to his aid? Because he needs someone to save Emma from killing thousands of people.

Samuel wants Damien to reveal HRG’s memories. They return to 1985 and a used car salesman. In black and white. Turns out he had another wife and family. At least he was going to. A man robbed him using his powers and killed his first wife before she could give birth.

Peter discovers that perhaps Sylar is happy to be stuck in this dream world. That said, maybe he is willing to help break through the wall to Parkman’s basement.

Lauren runs into Emma, who helps her before being warned that Samuel’s done terrible things and now is trying to get his people against a common enemy. Samuel would like a word.

Claire doesn’t need to see any more, but that’s not going to stop Damien. A year later, HRG confronts and kills a special in self defense. That would be his first. In his next memory, he gets a visit from the company. They’re impressed. So impressed they’d like him to come work for them. Two years later, after three more deaths, they need him to make a change. Take a wife and start a family. Perhaps he could go after that waitress named Sandra who’s serving them.

But that’s all in the past. He’s not working for them any more. Flash forward to Thanksgiving weekend and his visit to Gretchen. She must work with him to get Claire back from the carnival and into a normal life. Otherwise, he will erase Gretchen’s memory.

Back at the great wall, Peter’s still hitting it. No progress in he doesn’t want to know how many days.

Lauren warns Samuel that his family’s going to get hurt. He’s just wondering what happens when he brings all the specials there with him. His brother told him he could move mountains or cities. The world should have treated him better.

Like Peter, Sylar has decided he wants out, too. So now he starts swinging a sledgehammer.

Claire would like to see the memory her father has of him shooting Lydia, knowing no such memory exists. Regardless of what she has seen, she has no desire to turn on him.

Samuel’s plan is to bring the whole show to Central Park. Not liking that she is not onboard, he sends Claire to the souvenir trailer to rescue her father, then promptly sinks it.

Eli has been left in charge of taking care of Lauren, a task he has failed at, as she has gotten away. Samuel tells him it’s not worth worrying about. There are other people he needs to deal with instead.

Peter and Sylar have been there alone for years, but Peter still hates him for killing Nathan. When he comes to the realization that Sylar’s not that guy any more, a crack emerges in the wall that allows them to get out of this nightmare world. When they bust out, they find it’s been maybe half a day. Before they can go save Emma, they’ll have to deal with Eli first, seeing as he’s waiting for them on the stairs to Parkman’s basement.

Claire and HRG are still alive. Just underground about 40 or 50 feet.

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Heroes Season 4 Episode 17

Sylar played some mind games with Claire in Heroes Season 4 Episode 16 to get her to tell him he should give up his powers.

Samuel is growing increasingly distrustful of Lydia, who tells him nobody respects him any more.

Parkman returns home, where he sees Sylar. The good news is that Sylar’s not in his head. That’s so two months ago.

Claire goes to see her father, and she’s greeted by Lauren and a bunch of files and maps and everything that he promised to put behind him. They’re investigating the burial of a town, where 200 are dead at Samuel’s hands.

So why has Sylar showed up on Parkman’s doorstep? He needs him to go inside his head again, so he can take his powers away. Maybe that would help him be normal, despite the hundreds of murders.

Peter believes Sylar was trying to help Emma in the dream.

Claire heads to the carnival to see Lydia and warn her that her father’s on his way to kill Samuel. Of course, Eli overhears this conversation. Claire’s hope is that he will give himself up, and she promises his father will not hurt him if he does, as if he’s known for his mercy. HRG and Lauren don’t buy this plan, but he’ll trust Claire since she believes it’s a good plan. Worst case, they just get a better shot at him out in the open away from everybody else.

As Samuel’s giving his speech about brokering a deal and the importance of the safety of everybody there, he’s shot from behind. Claire, too, is shot.

Parkman tries to go in Sylar’s head. Then he tries again unsuccessfully. Sylar’s warning is that, either he purges him of his powers, or he will use them in some creative fashion.

HRG spots the shooter, who also shoots Lauren. Too bad it’s not the real Eli, who’s waiting right behind him. Lydia is also among the wounded. Samuel thanks her for her sacrifice, letting her know he set this up.

A properly motivated Parkman tries again. Sylar’s powers seem to be gone, or at least they’re buried. He’s trapped him inside his twisted immortality. Then he proceeds to seal him inside the wall. The problem with this plan is that Peter needs to find Sylar, and he knows that Sylar’s there. Peter’s cool with going back inside Sylar’s head and bringing him back. He is greeted by empty streets without a soul around.

Lauren calls Tracy, seeing as how things have gone wrong.

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Heroes Season 4 Episode 16

Suresh, Ando, and Hiro broke out of the mental institution in Heroes Season 4 Episode 15.

Gretchen wants to discuss what’s happening with Claire, who’s not really interested in chatting. So perhaps that empty seat could be put to better use by Sylar instead.

Hiro collapses and sees Adam Monroe, who’s dead. Is Hiro dead, too? That’s for the judge to decide. Judge Kaito Nakamura (also dead). Hiro has been accused of breaking the hero’s code, altering the timeline for personal gain. The penalty is death.

When Claire arrives at her review session, she is also greeted by her good buddy Sylar.

Hiro pleads not guilty. Ando will be his lawyer.

Claire’s kinda upset at Sylar because he killed her father or… something. Based on the tattoo on his arm, she’s supposed to help him. If she doesn’t, she may want to consider fearing for Gretchen’s life. His theory is that they have a lot in common. So if they have all this in common, how is she a college coed while he’s a serial killer? Her theory: he’s a pyschopath. With that said, they will have to make out some so that he can read her mind.

Having kidnapped her, Samuel’s trying to figure out why Vanessa doesn’t seem to want to be with him. His hope is that spending time with her and remembering the good times will ease her mind about all the bad.

The first people on the stand: Hiro’s sister and young Ando. They tell of how Hiro prevented her dress from being ruined by a slushy. Ando objects that Hiro did anything wrong. He just helped two people fall in love. Nobody got hurt, so it’s okay.

Sylar points out Claire’s inability to say the one thing she really wants to Gretchen. If she keeps this up, she’ll end up all alone, too.
Done listening to all this, Claire stabs him in the eye, and Sylar’s big mouth just told her exactly where to find her friend.

Next on the stand is Sylar. His agreement with Hiro was to save the waitress in exchange for the cheerleader and anybody else he wanted to kill. So how many hundreds of people have died since then? Hiro believes that Charlie was a good person worth saving, and he stands by it. The final witness will be Charlie. Oh wait. She’s lost in time. How did that happen? Hiro made a deal with a double-crossing villain.

Somehow, Samuel seems to be winning over Vanessa. Not letting the fact that she’s basically his prisoner stop her, she decides to kiss him. He remembers her dream home, and he offers it to her. This could be their life. It’s a fantasy come true. Not her fantasy, though. His.

After being rescued by Claire, Gretchen’s just glad this is all over. Only it isn’t. While they’re hiding from him, though, they have a heart to heart, which leads to the discovery that Sylar’s answer is to get rid of all of his powers. Well, now the shape shifting Sylar knows what he needs to do. He never actually took Gretchen anywhere.

When this is over, Claire goes to find Gretchen and decides that hand holding is okay.

Seeing as there are no other witnesses sitting around, and despite the fact that it always backfires on Law & Order, Ando calls Hiro to the stand. His whole life he has wanted to be a hero, and he wants to use his powers only for good. Then he recites the opening to Quantum Leap. If breaking the code for family, friendship, and love makes him guilty, then guilty be he.

The verdict: guilty.

Hiro has decided to change his plea to guilty. He wants to do the right thing and go out a hero. He’s offered the chance to fight for his honor against Adam.

Victory Hiro. Then he gets a visit from his mother, who tells him destiny is more powerful than science. She’s come to heal him.

Sylar goes looking for Parkman.

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Heroes Season 4 Episode 15

Sylar paid a visit to Samuel in Heroes Season 4 Episode 14, which led him to the conclusion that he needs to go see Claire.

HRG could call Claire, but he doesn’t want to do so. They will have to do the tracking the old fashioned way and place a call to Vanessa Wheeler, whose family owned Samuel’s childhood home. Looks like he’s going to California.

Lydia, meanwhile, is looking to find a new leader. There’s a man of compassion who could be the next Joseph. Maybe she could call him. Peter awakens, compass on arm.

Parkman’s being a stay-at-home dad in an effort to stay at home and lock his doors. He gets a visit from Noah, who says that Samuel’s after Claire, and maybe tomorrow it will be little Matt Parkman.

As planned, Hiro and Ando have made their way to a mental institution and are getting Hiro “strapped in.” On his way to his new room, Hiro stats yelling about Dr. Watson when he sees the name Ahmadi on one of the doors. Ahmadi is Suresh.

Vanessa denies knowing Samuel in person, as she did on the phone. Parkman might be able to convince her she can trust them, though.

Peter goes to see Emma, and he sees the cello with a compass on it. Looks familiar.

Samuel seems obsessed with Vanessa, more and more since Joseph died. Maybe they don’t need to find Samuel. Perhaps Vanessa can get him there instead.

Like Emma, Peter knows Samuel, only he thought his name was William. When she pulls out the compass, Peter suggests keeping her distance.

So why hasn’t Suresh broken out yet? Storm troopers (the orderlies) have dulled his senses with Jawa Juice. Hiro grabs Suresh’s pills and switches them with aspirin. Well, that worked, except that Ando accidentally swallowed them.

Samuel arrives, with Eli by his side to serve as a distraction as he hauls Vanessa off. Samuel thought he got the upper hand over Noah, but all went as planned. He and Parkman are tracking Vanessa.

Angela had a dream, and she tells Peter that there’s nothing he can do to save Emma. He has to save himself. Although the dream was foggy, the message was not: she’s going to help kill people. Something to do with the cello.

Hiro wakes up Suresh, who busts out of his room. They grab Ando, put him in a wheelchair, and run to freedom. Those pills gave Ando some nice firepower, which allows them to escape as the confused storm troopers look on.

The signal HRG hoped to follow has disappeared. Parkman suggests that maybe some days he can’t save the whole world. Go home and hug his little girl.

Like his mom, Peter has a dream about Emma. Afterward, he comes to destroy the cello.

As they’re running through the woods trying to escape the storm troopers and ewoks, Suresh suggests that Ando use his red light on Hiro to get him to teleport them out of there. Let’s just hope nobody dies. It works, and Hiro’s back to normal.

At Parkman’s suggestion, HRG stops by to visit Claire. He’s torched a lot of bridges, but hopefully he can still repair the one with his daughter.

Parkman, on the other hand, is realizing that maybe there’s more to the world than just his family.

HRG admits that he cares for Lauren more than he might have wanted to admit. While they’re kissing, they get a visit from three escapees from a mental institution.

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Heroes Season 4 Episode 14

Hiro seemingly went mad, while Claire did some digging into what Samuel is up to in Heroes Season 4 Episode 13, but in the end the focus shifted to Nathan’s funeral.

86 hours ago, HRG met with Peter to show him Nathan’s body and tell him the plane’s ready to go.

Samuel gets a visit from the one person with abilities he could probably do without: Sylar. With all these powerful people around, Sylar could sure have himself a good feast and get a lot more powers. That may be tough to do when Samuel knocks him out with his own increasing power base, though.

Angela warns Peter to not seek vengeance against Sylar.

Edgar pays HRG a visit, but his speed and knives don’t work this time. Then he brings him to a freezer and injects him with something to slow him down and level the playing field.

Sylar’s not exactly dead, so Samuel puts him in Lydia’s trailer. Everybody has to play to their strengths. Hers would be being a piece of flesh. By slipping him the tongue, she’s able to get glimpses at what he wants. He grabs her power, which allows him to find out that what she wants is to manipulate him to her goal: killing Samuel. Once she calls him impotent, though, that’s pretty much all there is to this little meeting.

Peter decides to go around saving people, so he heads to the scene of a shootout of a disgruntled ex-employee, and Claire follows him. His hope is to talk some sense into the shooter. The problem with this plan is that Claire’s the one who can’t get hurt by bullets, whereas Peter just lands himself up on a stretcher. At least she can give him her power so that he’s now virtually invincible.

Edgar having been exiled may make him willing to cooperate. It should work better than slicing him anyway. He and HRG are both worried about what Samuel’s up to. The problem is they have differing opinions how to proceed. Edgar wants to leave the others alone but just get rid of Samuel. HRG wants to reintegrate them back into society.

Samuel agrees to a game of chance. He’ll tattoo Sylar to see whether he belongs there or not. The result leads Sylar to believe he doesn’t. Instead, he’s off to see the cheerleader.

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Heroes Season 4 Episode 13

Claire went to the carnival in Heroes Season 4 Episode 12, and she decided to stick around for a while.

Samuel is going to the city to get someone to help their plan come together. He tells Claire they’ll end up with a permanent place, and then she may want to stay. Or go. Her choice. Well, she’s not really free to go, but she can think she is.

Hiro’s on the streets of Japan, where he sees a woman getting mugged. His reward for being a hero: the cops arrest him.

Ando’s been looking for Hiro for about six weeks, so as it turns out that’s where Hiro is headed after the police get their hands on him. Perhaps Ando can explain why Hiro is talking in riddles. Perhaps not.

Emma gets a letter from the medical school. Her application has been denied. When she gets home, she gets a visit from Samuel. He’s the one who sent her the cello.

Hiro has a plan: go to the land of swamp dragons and rescue Dr. Watson. Sounds like somebody needs his brain operated on. Nonetheless, Ando’s starting to understand. Some of this is from Sherlock Holmes, some from X-Men. Maybe if they go get his comic books they will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Samuel’s reason for visiting Emma is because he hopes to locate another hero also overwhelmed by his gift.

Claire thinks she’s being followed. Pretty much because she is. Eli’s all around her. She leads him into the house of mirrors, where she, too, can now appear as multiple people. Then she knocks him out. After that, she sneaks in to find out what Samuel’s been so preocupied with since she got there. It doesn’t end there, though. Eric Doyle is back to see if he can control her again. While inside the trailer, she finds out that Samuel is using HRG’s old files to find people with abilities. He’s planning something. Doyle is okay with that.

Based on Hiro’s rambling about Don Quixote and Spiderman, some of it in Spanish, Ando has determined that Hiro wants to go to somewhere in Florida called Arkham. A search leads to a psychiatric hospital. Well, that should be fun.

Samuel tells Emma her playing is like a siren’s song. This proves true. A little bit of playing allows him to track down the hero he’s looking for, Ian. Before leaving, Samuel gives her the compass to help get her to a place he’d like her to visit.

A plane crash pops up on the TV. Nathan Petrelli was the pilot.

Claire manages to talk some sense into Doyle, who suggests talking to Lydia if she wants to know what’s happening. She guesses what happened to Joseph: his brother Samuel killed him. Lydia begs for help to find someone who can stop Samuel. That will have to wait, seeing as Eli’s waiting for Claire as she walks away. Samuel is around to see this and pretend he doesn’t know what’s going on and that Claire’s not a prisoner. He admits he killed his brother, but says he just lost control.

Ian’s power is to create plant life. Kind of a boring power, but he can turn this wasteland into a paradise, a new home. Once Ian has created this new environment, Samuel reiterates to Claire that she’s free to go. Regardless of what she’s seen, she is open to the invite back and has no intention of giving the compass back to her father.

Claire gets a call from Peter. Something happened to Nathan, which makes her next stop a funeral.

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