Heroes Season 4 Episode 18

After making a fake deal with HRG in Heroes Season 4 Episode 17, Samuel set him up and made it look like he attacked the carnival. Meanwhile, Parkman trapped Sylar all alone without another soul in his world.

Sylar hears Peter’s calls, and he greets the first person he’s seen in three years. Not liking the thought that somebody’s in his head, he swears to kill Peter. Why would the brother of the man he murdered come to his aid? Because he needs someone to save Emma from killing thousands of people.

Samuel wants Damien to reveal HRG’s memories. They return to 1985 and a used car salesman. In black and white. Turns out he had another wife and family. At least he was going to. A man robbed him using his powers and killed his first wife before she could give birth.

Peter discovers that perhaps Sylar is happy to be stuck in this dream world. That said, maybe he is willing to help break through the wall to Parkman’s basement.

Lauren runs into Emma, who helps her before being warned that Samuel’s done terrible things and now is trying to get his people against a common enemy. Samuel would like a word.

Claire doesn’t need to see any more, but that’s not going to stop Damien. A year later, HRG confronts and kills a special in self defense. That would be his first. In his next memory, he gets a visit from the company. They’re impressed. So impressed they’d like him to come work for them. Two years later, after three more deaths, they need him to make a change. Take a wife and start a family. Perhaps he could go after that waitress named Sandra who’s serving them.

But that’s all in the past. He’s not working for them any more. Flash forward to Thanksgiving weekend and his visit to Gretchen. She must work with him to get Claire back from the carnival and into a normal life. Otherwise, he will erase Gretchen’s memory.

Back at the great wall, Peter’s still hitting it. No progress in he doesn’t want to know how many days.

Lauren warns Samuel that his family’s going to get hurt. He’s just wondering what happens when he brings all the specials there with him. His brother told him he could move mountains or cities. The world should have treated him better.

Like Peter, Sylar has decided he wants out, too. So now he starts swinging a sledgehammer.

Claire would like to see the memory her father has of him shooting Lydia, knowing no such memory exists. Regardless of what she has seen, she has no desire to turn on him.

Samuel’s plan is to bring the whole show to Central Park. Not liking that she is not onboard, he sends Claire to the souvenir trailer to rescue her father, then promptly sinks it.

Eli has been left in charge of taking care of Lauren, a task he has failed at, as she has gotten away. Samuel tells him it’s not worth worrying about. There are other people he needs to deal with instead.

Peter and Sylar have been there alone for years, but Peter still hates him for killing Nathan. When he comes to the realization that Sylar’s not that guy any more, a crack emerges in the wall that allows them to get out of this nightmare world. When they bust out, they find it’s been maybe half a day. Before they can go save Emma, they’ll have to deal with Eli first, seeing as he’s waiting for them on the stairs to Parkman’s basement.

Claire and HRG are still alive. Just underground about 40 or 50 feet.

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