Heroes Season 4 Episode 17

Sylar played some mind games with Claire in Heroes Season 4 Episode 16 to get her to tell him he should give up his powers.

Samuel is growing increasingly distrustful of Lydia, who tells him nobody respects him any more.

Parkman returns home, where he sees Sylar. The good news is that Sylar’s not in his head. That’s so two months ago.

Claire goes to see her father, and she’s greeted by Lauren and a bunch of files and maps and everything that he promised to put behind him. They’re investigating the burial of a town, where 200 are dead at Samuel’s hands.

So why has Sylar showed up on Parkman’s doorstep? He needs him to go inside his head again, so he can take his powers away. Maybe that would help him be normal, despite the hundreds of murders.

Peter believes Sylar was trying to help Emma in the dream.

Claire heads to the carnival to see Lydia and warn her that her father’s on his way to kill Samuel. Of course, Eli overhears this conversation. Claire’s hope is that he will give himself up, and she promises his father will not hurt him if he does, as if he’s known for his mercy. HRG and Lauren don’t buy this plan, but he’ll trust Claire since she believes it’s a good plan. Worst case, they just get a better shot at him out in the open away from everybody else.

As Samuel’s giving his speech about brokering a deal and the importance of the safety of everybody there, he’s shot from behind. Claire, too, is shot.

Parkman tries to go in Sylar’s head. Then he tries again unsuccessfully. Sylar’s warning is that, either he purges him of his powers, or he will use them in some creative fashion.

HRG spots the shooter, who also shoots Lauren. Too bad it’s not the real Eli, who’s waiting right behind him. Lydia is also among the wounded. Samuel thanks her for her sacrifice, letting her know he set this up.

A properly motivated Parkman tries again. Sylar’s powers seem to be gone, or at least they’re buried. He’s trapped him inside his twisted immortality. Then he proceeds to seal him inside the wall. The problem with this plan is that Peter needs to find Sylar, and he knows that Sylar’s there. Peter’s cool with going back inside Sylar’s head and bringing him back. He is greeted by empty streets without a soul around.

Lauren calls Tracy, seeing as how things have gone wrong.

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