The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 5

Miggy and Migdalia had a competition to see who could be the nastiest in The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 4. In the end, Migdalia was narrowly voted out.

When she goes to her room, Miggy’s an emotional wreck. At 2:51AM, we hear someone from production say they’ve called 911. Miggy is suffering from acute abdominal pain.

It’s been a month. What that means is that the first two teams eliminated are back. Having placed last in the first competition, the yellow and blue teams were booted in a cruel twist, but they have a second chance based on what they’ve done while they were at home.

They’re not heading right to the scale. Instead, Bob and Jillian will get their hands on them first for a last chance workout. This is what they need because their home workouts were nothing compared to this.

The team that has the highest percentage of weight loss will return to the house, get immunity, and have the only vote this week.

Cherita: 253 pounds (-24, 8.67%)
Victoria: 319 pounds (-39, 10.89%)
Blue Total: 572 pounds (-63, 9.92%)

Sunshine: 250 pounds (-25, 9.09%)
O’Neal: 338 pounds (-51, 13.11%)
Yellow Total: 588 pounds (-76, 11.45%)

O’Neal’s huge number is 6 pounds better than the campus average. With that, the yellow team is returning to campus. The blue team will be heading back home again.

During a workout, Melissa breaks down crying, but despite saying she can’t do these leg presses Bob is making her do, she does them anyway. He tells her he’s impressed because he didn’t think she was playing the game last week since she lost so much weight even though she was immune. Granted, Jillian still thought she was playing.

Daris is not hitting his burn. Why not? Is he willing to continue being just the fat funny guy?

The challenge is to hit a tackling dummy 1000 times. The winner will get immunity; the last place finisher will get a 2 pound penalty. Each team must pick one person to represent them in the challenge. Michael, Stephanie, and John are on their own. The other teams select Lance, Sherry, Andrea, Sunshine, Sam, and Daris. Michael has figured out a way to not move his feet much at all. Andrea hopes her softball background will help. Lance and Sam are in the early lead. As they head toward the halfway mark, Michael’s creeping up on them. Sherry is leading the battle for last at this point. Eventually, Michael finally overtakes the lead around 900, and he wins immunity. Sam and Lance come close. Sherry ends up finishing last to get the penalty.

Miggy returns, having had an appendectomy. Since she has had surgery, she is only allowed to walk. So she walks and walks and walks: 13 miles the day after surgery. When she goes to see the doctor, she’s allowed to get back to business, but will have to be careful. He has bad news, though. They poured salt water into her, probably 8-9 additional pounds. Her odds of surviving the week may have just gone down to slim to none.

John has switched from the pool to the gym and is now working out with everybody else.

At the last chance workout, Ashley’s just taking it easy, whether she has the disadvantage or not. After Jillian beats her up, she reveals that her problem is that she lost her father, who treated her badly because of her weight. Rather than dealing with her emotions, she’s ballooned up to 374 pounds (and she also drinks and smokes)

O’Neal intends to be a game player. He’ll do whatever it takes to get to the end.

Sunshine: 245 pounds (-5, 2.00%)
O’Neal: 333 pounds (-5, 1.48%)
Yellow Total: 578 pounds (-10, 1.70%, immune)

Michael: 443 pounds (-13, 2.85%, immune)

Ashley: 317 pounds (-9, 2.76%)
Sherry: 180 pounds (-6, 3.23%)
Pink Total: 497 pounds (-15, +2, 2.54%)

Melissa: 198 pounds (-5, 2.46%)
Lance: 314 pounds (-4, 1.26%)
Red Total: 512 pounds (-9, 1.73%)

Cheryl: 194 pounds (-3, 1.52%)
Daris: 283 pounds (-12, 4.07%)
Orange Total: 477 pounds (-15, 3.05%)

Stephanie: 225 pounds (-5, 2.17%)

Sam: 310 pounds (-10, 3.13%)
Koli: 335 pounds (-6, 1.76%)
Grey Total: 645 pounds (-16, 2.42%)

Andrea: 262 pounds (-5, 1.87%)
Darrell: 343 pounds (-8, 2.28%)
Black Total: 605 pounds (-13, 2.10%)

Miggy: 206 pounds (-5, 2.37%)

John: 421 pounds (-6, 1.41%)

As the only member of the brown team, John has been eliminated, so there is no need for the yellow team to deliberate. From his starting weight of 484 pounds, he’s now down to 380. He wasn’t too crazy about the gym when he got home, but he has since discovered jiu jitsu.

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