The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 5

The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 4 turned into a bloodbath. First, on the two-on-one date, Jake decided to send both Ella and Kathryn home rather then just one of them. As if that weren’t enough, he axed not one but two more women: Ashleigh and Jessie.

This week we head to San Francisco.

The first of three one-on-one dates goes to Tenley. They take the trolley to Chinatown to do some window shopping. For dinner, they go to Coit Tower, overlooking the Bay Bridge. Jake says that he pictures her the most as his wife out of all the women. She says she learned not to take as much for granted after her previous marriage. Her concern is about pilots and faithfulness. The both of them need to get over her past relationship.

Corrie plays a prank on Ali and Vienna, telling them they’re the ones going on the two-on-one date, to which Ali responds tactlessly that she feels sick right now. She seems surprised that her behavior toward Vienna is making the tension even worse than it would be otherwise.

In reality, Gia and Vienna are the two to go on the date together. They get a giant chest of clothes to choose from to play dress up for their date. Gia’s concerned that Vienna is so much more outgoing. Their date takes place in a 12th century Tuscan castle. Back at the house, Ali’s worried that Vienna’s talking about her on the date. That turns out to be a valid concern. This is certainly awkward dinner conversation, particularly with the third wheel. With Gia feeling left out, she and Jake go for some alone time, and it’s then that Gia starts feeling as if she’s on a real date. That doesn’t prevent Vienna from wandering to find them and interrupt. With only one other girl on the date, have a little patience. After Jake spends time with Vienna and then says goodnight, not content with her first bit of alone time, Vienna goes wandering again, to see Jake in bed. It’s getting a little stalkery now. Jake thinks some dirty thoughts, but ultimately just ends up feeling awkward.

Corrie gets the next individual date. Of all the remaining girls, she’s the only one who has not yet kissed Jake. Despite that, contrary to nanny Elizabeth’s theory, she’s still around. She wants him to make the first move; he wants her to open up. They take a row through the park. Afterward, they head to a science center after hours. By this point, they’re feeling the cloud of going so slowly hanging over themselves. She tells him she has no intention of living together before marriage, or sleeping together for that matter. But at least they get that first kiss out of the way.

The final date of the night goes to Ali, who lives in San Francisco and will be able to plan the date to show Jake her city. This is her second individual date. She’s going to take him to her neighborhood and show him her daily routine. She loves San Francisco, perhaps too much for him to hope she’ll move to Texas. After a day of relaxing fun, it’s time to discuss the last rose ceremony. He’s willing to answer any questions she may have, to which she responds that she doesn’t have questions about why some people are there any more. She’s ready to let go of that. Well, that would be a nice change.


Although they made some progress in their last date, it wasn’t enough, and Corrie is going home. Jake’s worried that it took too long for her to open up, and she would never open up fully (at least not before marriage). She thinks this would have turned out differently if not for all the other women.

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