Heroes Season 4 Episode 12

Claire and Gretchen reunited at Thanksgiving dinner, where Claire promptly stole the compass from her father in Heroes Season 4 Episode 11. Sylar, meanwhile, took over Nathan’s body, but not completely.

Lydia tells Samuel that she knows the truth, but she plans to keep the secret safe since she’s got a daughter to look after.

When he realizes the compass is missing, HRG immediately suspects Claire and calls to leave a voicemail warning her to stop whatever it is she’s planning. Lauren offers her CIA assistance to help track Claire down.

Peter plans to fight Sylar by taking his powers from him. He’s going to get Nathan, and if there is no Nathan, he’ll just have to settle for revenge.

Claire and Gretchen arrive to meet Lydia. She’s something like a crystal ball. Claire’s question is whether she’s supposed to be there. In response, she gets a tattoo of herself as an indestructable cheerleader.

Peter’s greeted by a seemingly nice lady on the elevator. She attacks him and throws him out. Yeah, that would be Sylar’s shapeshifting. As Sylar gets more aggressive, he finds out he’s powerless. Peter got some new abilities from the Haitian: mind erasing and power blocking. Perhaps if he tortures him some, they can make a deal. He’ll let up in exchange for Nathan’s return. Sounds like a pretty one sided deal because it is. Sylar tells him to just keep going. Following this session, Sylar shifts back into Nathan.

Gretchen doesn’t care for their little carnival trip, but Claire’s enjoying herself and thinking she may well be able to fit in there.

Emmett, Samuel’s new right hand man (or men as it may be) pays HRG a visit. He’s looking for something, and nobody will get hurt if he gets what he came for. That is before all the shooting starts. The prime one is the only one that can be shot, so the plan is to shoot them all and hope for the best. While HRG and Lauren are arriving at that plan, Emmett disappears, along with the files about the bad guys.

Samuel’s telling the kids stories, and when he’s done with his story, he drags Claire over to tell one of her own. While she’s doing that, Gretchen confronts him. What do these people want from her? He says they have a lot of love, whatever that means.

One of the carnival games is rigged. A guy who played minor league ball for three years was forced to miss the ball tosses. Afterward, he wants to see the man in charge to discuss the stolen money. Samuel lets the guy just keep punching him until Claire breaks it up. You can’t beat self healing girl in a fight, dude. Once he realizes that, it’s time to run the other way.

Nathan’s grown tired of fighting, but his brother tells him he can keep going. After a discussion about how Sylar’s killing him, Nathan jumps off the building. Peter grabs hold, but Nathan will not struggle to help him out. His parting thoughts before letting go are that Peter can do anything. Following a thud, Sylar walks away.

Following her visit, Claire has decided to stay for a couple more days rather than leaving with Gretchen. Samuel’s not after her, though.

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