The Amazing Race 15 Episode 11

The Amazing Race 15 Episode 10 ended in the non-elimination of Brian & Ericka after Sam & Dan stole their cab.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Meghan & Cheyne – 9:46PM
Second: Sam & Dan – 10:13PM
Third: Herbert & Nathaniel – 10:17PM
Fourth: Brian & Ericka – 11:40PM

Teams will make their way across town (really?) to the Spanish Synagogue, and from there they head to the Ekotechnicke Museum. The road block will go forward despite the fact that it’s the middle of the night. The road block is to enter a room filled with telephones and search for the five phones that actually have someone else on the other end. A voice will give them a letter in the first name of Franz Kafka, and when they have all five letters, they must unscramble them to advance.

Before they can do their road block, Brian & Ericka are greeted by a speed bump. Since they’ve got an hour and a half to make up and it appears they’re staying put in town, their only hope seems to be an hours of operation. Their speed bump task is to pay a visit to M1 Lounge, a pub with chicks dancing on the bar, where they must prepare and drink absinthe, known for its high alcohol content.

Road block (in order of arrival): Meghan, Dan, Big Easy, Brian

Meghan seems to figure it out pretty quickly, but Dan and Big Easy end up working together, in a case of the blind leading the blonde. At least they’re supposedly working together. Once Dan gets it, they’re no longer working together. It starts with an “F”. That’s all he’s saying. If you’re gonna play aggressively, at least be smart about it. Don’t just randomly sabotage every team and have them all out to get you. By the time Brian gets there, Big Easy’s still around trying to figure out the puzzle. He’s killed an awful lot of time. As it turns out, Brian gets the word right before he does. Since he’s been there for a few hours and already in last place anyway, Big Easy decides to take the 4 hour penalty. 4 hours and already in last should spell elimination unless there is some sort of travel to create bunching, which would mean Sam & Dan get their wish to eliminate what they perceive to be the biggest competition.

The next stop is Kryocentrum, where they will skip down to skimpy outfits and enter a room kept at 180 degrees below 0 for two minutes.

From there, they will head to the Charles Bridge, which links the old and new sections of the city. The detour is a choice between legend or lager. In legend, teams will build a golem out of clay and transport it across town. In lager, teams must deliver beer to a group of rowdy soccer hooligans. They will carry the beer from the brewery through the busy town square to a bar.

Legend: Meghan & Cheyne, Sam & Dan
Lager: Brian & Ericka

Meghan & Cheyne fight their way to the rabbi since the golem is so heavy, but there’s never any doubt what position they will finish. Sam & Dan break their golem right after they start covering it. Rather than just grabbing a new one, they hope the broken arm will go unnoticed. It’s not long before we hear much screaming to shut up. Can someone slap these guys already? Ericka drops her whole tray and begs Brian to switch to the other task. He asks her to just carry two at a time. She doesn’t want to do that either. She should just be glad she didn’t have to lug that golem around. At least then, they wouldn’t have to deal with the random drunks trying to steal their drinks, though. As for Sam & Dan, for some reason, the rabbi doesn’t care that their golem is broken. When it’s over, Dan admits to being a complete baby during the whole race that task. Early the next morning, Brian & Ericka complete their task after the pub has closed, waking up the guy working there to give him the final glasses. However long it took them, it’s a foregone conclusion what the outcome of this leg will be.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Strelecky Ostrov. The Trotters are told to go straight there so that Phil can eliminate them.

First: Meghan & Chenye (win 52″ TVs)
Second: Sam & Dan
Third: Brian & Ericka
Eliminated: Herbert & Nathaniel

Coming into this leg, I didn’t see how the heck Brian & Ericka could catch up, but one lengthy detour was enough to save them and eliminate the Globetrotters.

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  1. I wished that the brothers had gotten eliminated, they are so catty amongst themselves but also underhanded with others but yet if the tables were turned bet your bottom dollar they would not like that (i.e. cab incident). I honestly believe that there is no one that really wants them to win this race or even come in 2nd either.

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