Heroes Season 4 Episode 11

Before touching Parkman’s hand and no doubt ending up with unintended consequences in Heroes Season 4 Episode 10, Nathan decided that he doesn’t exist any more because he’s becoming Sylar. Meanwhile, Suresh had his own trouble. He wasn’t killed, but he was locked up in the nuthouse.

Samuel’s got his hands on the film that he wanted now. He’s watching the part where he’s being born, a disaster waiting to happen.

Hiro wants to know where and when Charlie is. Samuel is not ready to play just yet, and Hiro can’t make him since it’s not like he can just kill the only person who knows where to find Charlie. But smile, it’s Thanksgiving.

HRG runs into Lauren at the supermarket, where he checks out some yams before inviting her for dinner.

Peter goes to visit his mom, who says that Nathan’s dead body was a shapeshifter, and Parkman is unbalanced and can’t be trusted. Not buying this story, the question is simple. Is Nathan really dead? Yeah, Nathan would like to know the answer to that, too.

Claire’s surprised to find that her dad brought a date. No, not a date. Just an old friend. Mom will understand.

Hiro is not quite ready to enjoy Thanksgiving. First of all, they don’t celebrate that in Japan. Second, Samuel is a liar liar pants on fire. If he did fix the past, though, that would lead some to believe that Joseph should still be around. They fail to realize that Samuel’s goals were more selfish than that. That said, Lydia wants to go back to eight weeks ago so she can see what happened to Joseph.

Angela tells the boys that they really did see Nathan’s body, although his mind still lives on in his current body.

As if Thanksgiving dinner isn’t awkward enough, Sandra’s boyfriend Doug suggests going around the table and saying what they’re thankful for. This can only end badly. When they get to Claire, she’s just not feeling it. She’s thinking about dropping out of school.

Back to the night Joseph died. He warns his brother that he has the power to kill millions. Because of that, he has to be controlled. It’s then that Samuel learns that Suresh was instructed to burn the film. Furthermore, a man from the government is coming to take Samuel in. Well, that’s about all that needs to be said before Joseph gets killed by his brother, which Lydia and Hiro witness.

Doug tells Claire this will all blow over. Stuff like this happens to everyone. Really? So she grabs a knife and slits her arm. Perhaps a visit from Gretchen will cheer her up.

Nathan informs his family that Sylar’s in there with him. Then a freaky light show happens. No need to get an exorcist, though. Sylar’s back. What’s for dinner?

Samuel just learned that the person who killed his brother is there sitting at the table. Edgar speaks up… Samuel is the one who murdered Joseph. The time traveler saw it. Hiro denies seeing anything. Perhaps, then, Edgar killed Joseph. Before Samuel can make Edgar suffer the same fate as his brother, Hiro freezes time, telling Edgar he has to run away to live to fight another day.

Sylar finds out that Nathan’s not so dead after all. He can control Sylar, just like Sylar controlled Parkman all that time.

After her visit with Gretchen, Claire tells her dad she’s going back to school. What she’s really doing is taking the compass she stole from him and seeing where it leads.

Peter promises his mom that he’ll find a way to get his brother alive again.

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