Heroes Season 4 Episode 15

Sylar paid a visit to Samuel in Heroes Season 4 Episode 14, which led him to the conclusion that he needs to go see Claire.

HRG could call Claire, but he doesn’t want to do so. They will have to do the tracking the old fashioned way and place a call to Vanessa Wheeler, whose family owned Samuel’s childhood home. Looks like he’s going to California.

Lydia, meanwhile, is looking to find a new leader. There’s a man of compassion who could be the next Joseph. Maybe she could call him. Peter awakens, compass on arm.

Parkman’s being a stay-at-home dad in an effort to stay at home and lock his doors. He gets a visit from Noah, who says that Samuel’s after Claire, and maybe tomorrow it will be little Matt Parkman.

As planned, Hiro and Ando have made their way to a mental institution and are getting Hiro “strapped in.” On his way to his new room, Hiro stats yelling about Dr. Watson when he sees the name Ahmadi on one of the doors. Ahmadi is Suresh.

Vanessa denies knowing Samuel in person, as she did on the phone. Parkman might be able to convince her she can trust them, though.

Peter goes to see Emma, and he sees the cello with a compass on it. Looks familiar.

Samuel seems obsessed with Vanessa, more and more since Joseph died. Maybe they don’t need to find Samuel. Perhaps Vanessa can get him there instead.

Like Emma, Peter knows Samuel, only he thought his name was William. When she pulls out the compass, Peter suggests keeping her distance.

So why hasn’t Suresh broken out yet? Storm troopers (the orderlies) have dulled his senses with Jawa Juice. Hiro grabs Suresh’s pills and switches them with aspirin. Well, that worked, except that Ando accidentally swallowed them.

Samuel arrives, with Eli by his side to serve as a distraction as he hauls Vanessa off. Samuel thought he got the upper hand over Noah, but all went as planned. He and Parkman are tracking Vanessa.

Angela had a dream, and she tells Peter that there’s nothing he can do to save Emma. He has to save himself. Although the dream was foggy, the message was not: she’s going to help kill people. Something to do with the cello.

Hiro wakes up Suresh, who busts out of his room. They grab Ando, put him in a wheelchair, and run to freedom. Those pills gave Ando some nice firepower, which allows them to escape as the confused storm troopers look on.

The signal HRG hoped to follow has disappeared. Parkman suggests that maybe some days he can’t save the whole world. Go home and hug his little girl.

Like his mom, Peter has a dream about Emma. Afterward, he comes to destroy the cello.

As they’re running through the woods trying to escape the storm troopers and ewoks, Suresh suggests that Ando use his red light on Hiro to get him to teleport them out of there. Let’s just hope nobody dies. It works, and Hiro’s back to normal.

At Parkman’s suggestion, HRG stops by to visit Claire. He’s torched a lot of bridges, but hopefully he can still repair the one with his daughter.

Parkman, on the other hand, is realizing that maybe there’s more to the world than just his family.

HRG admits that he cares for Lauren more than he might have wanted to admit. While they’re kissing, they get a visit from three escapees from a mental institution.

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