Heroes Season 4 Episode 19

Claire and her father were sunk below ground by Samuel in Heroes Season 4 Episode 18, while Peter and Sylar escaped from years of solitude in Sylar’s mind.

Parkman gets a visit from Eli, who came alone this time, so to speak. He’s there to make sure he and the other heroes in his house are not a problem for Samuel.

Samuel wants Emma to play her cello, but she’s worried about her dream and the thousands of people who will die. He does not deny that the dream is true, so Doyle will mind control her into playing.

Hiro hops out of his hospital bed, brain healed and powers intact.

Peter goes inside Eli’s head, where he finds out that Samuel plans to open up the ground in Central Park. Regardless, Parkman has no plans to let Sylar out of his house.

Claire’s got a plan to dig her way out. HRG has given up. He figures Samuel put them down there so she can watch him die. Since her lungs will regenerate, she should be fine.

Hiro has received an origami crane, which he assumes must have come from Charlie. He goes down to the hall to see her. She’s aged a little. 65 years to be exact.

Sylar invites Parkman inside his head to see what he finds and make the call whether to let him leave or not. After doing so, he reluctantly agrees to trust them to leave.

Playing in the park, Emma is packing in the crowd. Along with the onlookers are news cameras, which Samuel has made sure show up so that the world can know.

Charlie was taken back to 1944, and she has lived all this time.

Claire’s dad wants a promise from her before he dies: that she’ll hide. As he collapses, she digs and sees water pouring in. It’s Tracy. Good thing he can swim. Lauren has lined up a chopper to take them to the carnival’s new location.

Charlie’s dying. So Hiro tells her he can fix this. Oh no. His plan is to go back to 1944 and take her back to the diner.

Sylar arrives at the carnival and finds Emma playing. He’s come to save her. First, he’ll need to overcome Doyle’s mind control.

Claire reveals Samuel’s plans to his people. They don’t much seem to care. Edgar, however, has decided that he does want to stop Samuel, so he wants to know what HRG’s plan is.

When Hiro tells Charlie his plan, she’s not interested. She already had a long happy life, and she wouldn’t want to see her children and grandchildren impacted by changing the past (again). Hiro has realized the story has come to an end.

Now that that’s settled, destiny calls. Noah needs help in New York.

Seems Doyle has underestimated Sylar’s power. It’s not long before he breaks free and gets Emma to stop playing. He’s not like Doyle. He’s a hero.

Undeterred by the room’s lack of concern, Claire tells them that Samuel draws his power from them, and that he killed his brother so that he could gain greater power. Edgar believes her. Eli then reveals that he killed Lydia to make it look like an outsider did it. With everybody sufficiently wigged, they bail and leave Samuel on his own in an attempt to make him just an ordinary guy.

They might consider running if they’re going to prevent a massacre. Samuel gets on stage and begins to make the earth quake. He’s not going to hurt anyone, not if Peter can help it.

Hiro arrives just in time. He needs to teleport everyone out of there. Maybe if Ando supercharges him and everybody holds hands. It works, and Samuel is powerless.

Volume 5 ends, and Volume 6 Brave New World begins.

Claire intends to show the press what really happened there tonight. Rather, she intends to show them by climbing the ferris wheel. Then leaping off.

With its continued ratings slide and expensive production values, there is a lot of speculation that Heroes season 5 will not happen. At this time, however, no decision has been made regarding either renewal or cancellation. Working in its favor is the fact that NBC does not have very much else to turn to, and with Leno having been cancelled, there are 5 hours a week to fill.

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