The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 6

John fell below the yellow line and was eliminated in The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 5.

They go to the Olympic Training Center, where they’re informed that they will be competing as individuals. Oh, and two players will be eliminated at the end of the week. The person with the lowest percentage will be eliminated automatically, and two more will go below the yellow line.

Everything there is healthy and has a purpose. The food for each sport is designed with the specific requirements of that sport in mind, not just calories in and calories out.

They’re not just meeting with Olympic athletes… they’re going to be working out with them. Jeret “Speedy” Peterson eventually asks Bob if these guys need a break. No, no break for them.

Koli is struggling, a fact not lost on Bob. He doesn’t think he deserves to be there, whereas John should be there instead.

The pop challenge is to slide back and forth on a slide board 500 times. The first three finishers will get advantages in the main challenge, although Ali will not be revealing any more just yet. Darrell, Miggy, and O’Neal sit out due to medical reasons. Daris is the first person to fall, but he will not be the last. Melissa is the first one to 100. Sam is behind her. Daris, Lance, and Sunshine are battling for third. Melissa is the first to reach 250, with Sam about 7 behind her. As they go toward 500, it’s a tie between Melissa and Sam. Melissa stumbles at 490, allowing Sam to win the challenge. Sunshine is up by 5 over Lance in the battle for the bronze, and she ends up taking third place by 3.

From the pop challenge, we head right into the main challenge at the Garden of the Gods. The challenge is based on the biathlon. They will run around the field, and every time around, they will be able to take a shot. Once their target is hit 5 times, they’re out. Sunshine will receive the opportunity to hit one target right away, Melissa will be able to hit two targets, and Sam will hit three targets. Sunshine assigns her point to Sam. Melissa, likewise, assigns both of her points to Sam. Sam opts to return the favor, giving one to Sunshine and two to Melissa. Ironically, they’ve all three screwed each other over. So much for an advantage. With that out of the way, the prize for the challenge is announced: immunity.

Sam’s the first to shoot and hit Lance. Daris also hits Lance. Lance targets Andrea. Everybody else aims for Lance, and he is out quickly. Ashley strikes Miggy. Sherry hits Koli. Melissa’s the next target on the chopping block, and she is the next one out. Miggy is next, followed by Daris. Andrea has taken the final shot against three people in a row. Realizing he’s about to be eliminated, Michael asks Stephanie to let him get one more shot. Nope, she eliminates him. Andrea is the next one out, and then Sunshine and Koli. Then O’Neal finishes off Sam. Darrell eliminates Stephanie. Cheryl eliminates Sherry, then Ashley eliminates Cheryl. Darrell has a choice between O’Neal and Ashley. He chooses to eliminate Ashley. In the end, Darrell and O’Neal line up their final shots at the same time. O’Neal wins immunity.

During the last chance workout, Bob has a moment with O’Neal that he lives for. He has him stand on a bosu ball and do squats.

Tonight they will weigh in as individuals.

O’Neal: 325 pounds (-8, 2.40%, immune)

Michael: 432 pounds (-11, 2.48%)

Stephanie: 221 pounds (-4, 1.78%)

Sunshine: 239 pounds (-6, 2.45%)

Koli: 326 pounds (-9, 2.69%)

Andrea: 255 pounds (-7, 2.67%)

Darrell: 338 pounds (-5, 1.46%)

Sam: 298 pounds (-12, 3.87%)

Sherry: 177 pounds (-3, 1.67%)

Ashley: 311 pounds (-6, 1.89%)

Daris: 274 pounds (-9, 3.18%)

Cheryl: 191 pounds (-3, 1.55%)

Miggy: 199 pounds (-7, 3.40%)

Lance: 305 pounds (-9, 2.87%)

Melissa: 199 pounds (+1, 0.51%)

Hard to chalk that one up to gameplay. Having gained a pound, Melissa has fallen below the red line and is eliminated. In parting, she asks for the others not to send Lance home before he hits 250.

That leaves Darrell and Cheryl below the yellow line. Since this is Olympics week, there is no vote. Instead, they will go head to head in an elimination challenge. They will each balance a torch stem on their heads. First one out goes home.

To be continued…

The Olympics will run on each of the next three Tuesday nights, which means we have to wait until March to find out how this challenge turns out. Really, NBC?

Melissa has dropped from her starting weight of 233 pounds to 175 pounds today. She says Lance is still out there, which I take to mean he’ll last at least a few more weeks.

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