American Idol Season 9 Episode 9

The audition rounds concluded in American Idol Season 9 Episode 8 with a final sweep through the various cities. We got a look at Lacey Brown and Aaron Kelly. Tonight, Hollywood week begins. American Idol’s newest judge Ellen DeGeneres joins the cast. Now past the audition rounds, the contestants will be allowed to sing with an instrument, should they choose to do so.

Katie Stevens sings For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder. Simon says she’s quite good.

Skii Bo Ski has yet to drop his stupid nickname. He sings Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations. Ellen warns him there’s a fine line between sexy and scary, no doubt an indication of the type of input we can expect. Still better than Paula, though.

Katie is in, but Skii Bo Ski is out.

Andrew Garcia sings Straight Up by Paula Abdul while playing guitar. You’re one season too late for that, dude. This very unique rendition goes over well with the audience. Kara calls that genius.

Vanessa Wolfe has made her journey to the fancy big city from her small town of 1100. Ellen tells her that her nerves are gonna kill her.

Andrew is through to the next round. Vanessa and Tasha Layton have been eliminated.

Cornelius Edwards, Maegan Wright, and Amadeo DiRocco are also eliminated. Guitar playing Janell Wheeler, however, advances.

Haeley Vaughn has seen a lot of people struggling with their instruments, but she proceeds with her guitar. Rocker mom Mary Powers comes to the stage next. Both of them advance to the next round.

The judges tell Jay Stone he’s ridiculous. They should have listened to Simon in the first place in Orlando. This half singing thing isn’t working.

Lilly Scott is the first new face of the night. She sings Lullaby of Birdland by Ella Fitzgerald while playing guitar. Kara finds her to be refreshing.

Michael Lynche’s wife’s water just broke, and she will not be happy if he doesn’t come home successfully. He sings Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer while playing guitar. He advances to the next round.

Tim Urban got off to a bit of a rocky start in his first audition but was given one more chance. He sings Come Back to Me by David Cook to somewhat mixed reviews.

Justin Williams sings and plays keyboard. Randy just calls him interesting. He is sent packing. Really? That was not good enough to at least go again?

Tim, however, goes through to the next round.

Paige Dechausse and Erica Rhodes have been cut, as have Jersey sisters Amanda and Bernadette Desimone.

Maddy Curtis sings, well, I’m not sure what she sang, but Simon says it’s the wrong song whatever it was.

Casey James is the guy who got through because he took his shirt off. He plays blues guitar. Much more impressive than without the instrument.

Casey advances, but Maddy does not.

Didi Benami sings Terrified by Kara DioGuardi. At least she’s not crying this time. Simon hates to admit he really likes that song.

Crystal Bowersox sings A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Any time somebody does this song on this show, I think back to Kelly Clarkson’s breakthrough performance (and how it pales in comparison by contrast). Nonetheless, she does well.

Both Crystal and Didi advance.

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