The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 6

Only the required number of girls went home in The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 5, as Jake sent Corrie home. Tonight, Jake will be going to all of the girls’ homes.

First up is Gia’s hometown of New York. They go on a boat and take pictures of various landmarks of the city. Jake brings up that Gia never talks about her previous relationships. Her one serious boyfriend did bad things like cheating on her with all of her friends. I sure hope she’s gotten a new set of friends. They go to dinner with her mother, stepfather, stepbrother, and half brother. The family is full of paraonia that she’ll get hurt again. Her mom thinks he’s got love for her, although Gia remains worried that he’s just doing the same things with everyone else as he is with her.

From the big city we head to Ali and the quaint little town of Williamstown, MA. There’s not much to do there but hang out on the street. So they go to her dead grandmother’s house. For dinner, they go to meet her mom, sister, and brother. Last time she brought a guy home, her mom did not approve, and that was the end of that. Ali’s family does not seem overly skeptical about Jake, and he does not end up getting the third degree. If he asked her today, she would say yes. We normally don’t hear that for at least one more week.

Tenley’s hometown of Newberg, OR is next. As they chat by the lake, she brings up her ex-husband, who she says let someone else plan most of his life. Jake runs most everything past his parents. She brings him to the dance studio she grew up in, and she has choreographed a dance for him, something her ex was never interested in (yeah, I get the feeling we’re going to hear about that guy a lot). Jake expects cautiousness when he meets her dad, mom, and sister. The last time she was there, she told her parents that her ex was not coming back. Watching last season, her father said he wished she’d meet that guy. Jake’s got a question for her mom: is Tenley ready to go down that road again, having just gotten divorced in the last year. Her warning for him: she’ll have emotional spill overs for a while. His last question is for her father: can he marry his daughter?

Vienna gets the last hometown date in Sanford, FL. They also get a boat ride on the river she grew up on. She wishes him luck with her father, who hasn’t liked either of the guys she brought home in the past. They meet her father, mother, and apparently sister. Vienna and her dad are in tears the second she walks in the door. She’s fallen for Jake, something she hasn’t done before. Her father expects her to be treated like a princess.

Jake gets a knock on the door when he’s relaxing in his room. A tearful Ali is at the door. Either she stays there, or she goes back to work. I saw this twist last season. His advice to her is to weigh which decision would be the bigger regret. He can’t guarantee her she’ll get the ring. She guesses she’ll let him know at the rose ceremony.

As the rose ceremony begins, Ali asks to talk to Chris. She still doesn’t know what to do. Basically, she doesn’t want to give an answer until Jake lets her know she will survive the axe. After listening to her whine for a while, he finally breaks his stance and tells her he doesn’t want her to go because he will not send her packing. That said, she just wants a little bit more time. Oh, can we find a way to draw this out any more? After some more consideration, she says she has to go. Surely she already knew that before putting him and herself through this.

This begs the question: which of the other three girls was going to get cut?

Oh, and next week, Jake gets a call from Ali. Oh geez.

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