Lost Season 6 Episode 2

Lost Season 6 Episode 1 was a tale of two cities. On the one hand was a group of people who landed as scheduled. On the other was a group of people still trapped on the island, including dead Juliet and dying Sayid.

Jack gets paged when the flight lands. There’s been a mix up involving the “cargo” he checked in Sydney. The coffin was never put on the plane. It’s not there, and they don’t know when it will arrive because they’re not exactly sure where it is.

Sawyer stays behind to bury Juliet, while the others go to the temple with Hurley to try to save Sayid. Underground, things start to go wrong. Kate disappears. Hurley starts yelling. Then Jack gets punched.

Kate asks the agent for permission to go to the bathroom. He reluctantly agrees, and there’s good reason for his reluctance, as she immediately starts breaking herself out of those cuffs. He discovers something is wrong but not in time to prevent her from smashing the door into his face and stealing his gun.

Since Miles talks to dead people, Sawyer wants him to find out what Juliet wanted to tell him before she died. She wanted to tell him: it worked.

The rest of the group are being escorted by a bunch of people with guns, who take them to the temple. They’re instructed to shoot them, until Hurley says that Jacob sent them. After opening the guitar case and reading what’s inside, they take Sayid to the spring. Seeing as how he carried the case across the ocean and through time, Hurley would like an explanation. If Sayid dies, they’re all in a lot of trouble.

Jin’s being held up at the airport. His case full of money has attracted the attention of security. Sun pretends she doesn’t speak any English, and Jin hasn’t learned either, not having been on the island.

Sayid is brought into the spring, where he’s held underwater. They can’t let him up until the hourglass runs out. After what appears to be too long, they let him up. Then they say he’s dead.

Kate finds an escape to go outdoors, where she’s made to wait in line for a cab. During her wait, she’s spotted, so she hops in the first cab she sees. He already has a customer, Claire, but Kate’s gun gives him the hint that she wants him to step on the gas.

When Hurley reveals that Jacob is dead, the entire place goes on full scale alert.

The black smoke (aka John Locke) wants the one thing that John Locke didn’t: he wants to go home.

Sawyer has decided he no longer intends to kill Jack. Rather, he’ll just let him suffer there like the rest of them.

Jack, whose father’s body is “in transit,” meets Locke at the airport. He lost a bag of knives. After they talk, Jack says he’s a spinal surgeon, and nothing’s irreversible.

Locke beats up and carries Richard away. He’s very disappointed in all of them. As he’s leaving, he passes his body on the ground.

Jack gets a “polite” request to have a conversation with the others. Either he goes with them willingly, or he’ll be dragged away. They’re gonna have to do this the hard way then. But with Sayid waking up and all, that interrupts the party.

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