Lost Season 6 Episode 18

Locke and Jack went together to the heart of the island in Lost Season 6 Episode 17, and they proceeded to lower Desmond toward the light.

Juliet, David, and Claire are at the benefit concert, where a passed out Charlie is awakened by Charlotte. Daniel also happens to be back stage, as he’s a piano player who coincidentally is accompanying Driveshaft at the show (really?). Yeah, Kate, Miles, Desmond, and Dr. Chang are there, too. It’s Claire who catches Charlie’s eye, and then the baby kicks.

Desmond reaches the light, and all hell breaks loose. You expected something else? Locke thinks Jack was wrong when the light starts to go out. Seeing as Jack is able to make Locke bleed now, perhaps he was wrong, too. The bad news for Jack is that Locke can make him bleed as well, knocking him upside the head with a rock.

For something that wasn’t such a big deal, Claire is not so much being kicked by her baby as she is going into labor. This all seems familiar to her and Kate, who have delivered this baby together before (or sideways or whatever the appropriate time reference is). Charlie, likewise, is led to flashbacks of them being together. Since they all remember, now what?

The rain’s going and trees start falling on people. Like Ben. Frank, Miles, and Richard, meanwhile, tell them they’d better get over there because they’re fixing the plane and leaving in an hour.

Jack’s back up and looking to go for round 2 with Locke, which will take place on a cliff that’s crumbling around them. This time, Jack gets stabbed, but the attempt to stab him in the neck fails when Kate shoots Locke. Good timing. Then Jack kicks him off the cliff. If he’s not dead, he probably should be.

Locke wakes up in the hospital telling Jack it worked. He can feel his legs. Unlikely or not he can regain sensation that quickly, he can even move them. Then he sees the island, and Jack starts to see something, too. He tells Jack he doesn’t have a son, although that’s who he’s going to go see.

Whatever Desmond turned off, Jack wants to turn it back on. He sends Kate off to get Claire on the plane. Though he can’t promise they’ll see each other again, they can still kiss and profess their love. Sawyer is off, too. Hurley and Ben join Jack, though.

In order to get to the boat so they can reach Frank and the plane he’s fixing, Sawyer suggests jumping of the cliff. Sounds good enough for Kate.

Sawyer, at the hospital to see Sun, runs into Jack. Then he meets Juliet, too. Why not? Now these two are having their own set of flash sidewayses as well, and they can get their own lip locking.

Jack goes to the concert when it’s over, and he bumps into Kate. Where does he remember her from? Perhaps if she touches this man who doesn’t know her, he’ll remember. Or think she’s crazy.

Jack plans to go into the darkness to protect the island, or commit suicide, whichever it may be. He leaves the protection of the island going forward in Hurley’s hands. Desmond put out the light thinking he would leave this place. So much for that theory. Jack wants him to go home now. He’ll see him in another life.

Kate talks Claire into going with them, but Frank doesn’t hear Sawyer’s request to wait. Just in time, they run in front of the plane to be let in. Way to wait until the last second. With the ground getting set to implode around them, it’s time for take off. In the nick of time, they’re up in the air.

Meanwhile, in the belly of the island, Jack has put the stone back in place to allow the light to start glowing again. Seeing that, Hurley and Ben start pulling. Wrong guy. They’ve landed themselves a Desmond.

Ben apologizes for what he did to Locke. He was selfish and jealous that he was special. If it helps, Locke forgives him. That does help, and by the way, you can get out of that wheelchair now.

With Jack gone, Hugo’s now stuck doing that job. Ben suggests maybe there’s a better way than how Jacob ran things, such as letting people leave the island.

Kate brings Jack to where he was going to have his father’s funeral. They’ll be waiting inside for him once he’s ready to leave.

When he gets inside and touches his father’s coffin, he finally remembers everything. Then he opens it. It’s empty, but then he turns around and sees his dead father standing behind him. Seems they have something in common. They’re both dead. Everybody in the church? They’re dead, too. But they made a place together so that they could find each other because they all need each other to remember and to let go. Now it’s time to move on.

Jack wakes up on the island. He’s in rough shape, but he’s a few steps above dead. After collapsing, he hears Vincent coming up from behind him. Then he sees a plane fly overhead. His eyes close. And that is apparently how we’re going to end the series. Really?

Lost Season 6 Episode 17

Desmond set all the pieces moving in the right direction in Lost Season 6 Episode 16. Meanwhile, Jack was given Jacob’s job to protect the light, which the black smoke wants to put out.

Jack’s “cargo” (aka his father’s body) has arrived from the airline.

Sawyer is off to go get Desmond out of the well, while the others head to the heart of the island.

Hurley goes to round up the next person on his list, the drunken rock star Charlie. If he won’t come willingly, a tranquilizer dart should do the trick.

At the well, James does not find Desmond, but he does find Locke and Ben. After saying they’re not candidates any more, Sawyer takes off with Ben’s gun.

Desmond wakes up on the ground, greeted by golden retriever Vincent and Rose and her husband Bernard. Locke is not far behind. In order to spare them, Desmond agrees to do whatever Locke wants. He assumes they’re going to a place with a very bright light.

Miles has located Richard, who was thrown into the jungle when he thought it would be a good idea to talk to the black smoke.

Officer Miles just saw Sayid, which is weird considering that Sawyer just sent him to county.

Sun is in the hospital, where she’s being seen by Juliet. During the ultrasound, Sun remembers everything. Oh, and the baby’s healthy.

Miles welcomes Richard to the club. He got his first grey hair. While they’re rowing, they run over a body in the water, then they hear screams for help a ways away. It’s Frank.

Everybody’s going to the same place, so Jack wants to go with Locke because he wants to kill him. How he’s going to do that is a surprise, even to Jack. After they walk for a while, Locke suggests that it should just be himself, Jack, and Desmond from that point forward. They tie Desmond up to lower him to the light, where he hopes to go to some happy place where the plane never crashed.

Sayid and Hugo see Shannon getting fake mugged by her brother Boone, and Sayid steps in to save her. They immediately know who each other is.

Claire’s back, and she’s got a gun. She thinks Miles and Richard were sent there to kill her by Locke. They say they just want to go home, but she’s not interested.

Now that Desmond’s been lowered to the light, the question is whether Locke or Jack is right.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 16

We watched the story of Jacob and his brother the man in black in Lost Season 6 Episode 15, which ended with the deaths of Jacob’s mother and brother, with Jacob becoming the protector of the light.

At breakfast, Jack gets a call from the airline. They’ve located his “missing cargo.” It turns out that on the other line is really Desmond.

Kate’s getting patched up by the doc after the bullet went straight through her. Her mind is on killing Locke.

Ben tries to make a citizen’s arrest on Desmond. That goes about as well as can be expected.

Miles, Richard, and Ben come across the spot where Alex’s body is buried. They head inside the house and open the safe to obtain enough explosives to blow the plane to hell. It’s there they meet up with Widmore. He already rigged the plane with explosives.

During Ben’s beating, Desmond told him that he was looking to get Locke to let go, whatever that may mean to him. Desmond walks into the jail to confess to officer Sawyer. Inside his cell, he meets Sayid and Kate.

Jack and his crew are hunting for Desmond. During their walk, Sawyer blames himself for the death of the others. Meanwhile, Hurley is busy seeing invisible blonde boys. Little Jacob wants the ashes, and when Hugo catches up to him, he runs into less little Jacob. His ashes are in the fire. If it burns out, he’ll never see him again.

Locke would like Ben to kill some people for him. Does Ben know where he would find Charles Widmore, the man who owns the outrigger at the dock? Easy. He’s hiding in his closet.

Alex sees the beaten up Ben hobbling along. She and her mom Danielle invite him over for dinner. Alex’s father died when she was two, which is probably why she’s so attached to Ben.

Locke slashes Zoe’s throat because Widmore told her not to talk to him. First thing he plans to do when he gets off the island is to kill Penny… unless Charles tells him what he’s doing there. He brought Desmond back due to his resistance to electromagnetism. This was a measure of last resort. He whispers something more to Locke. Then Ben kills him dead because he doesn’t get to save his daughter, but he already said what was needed anyway.

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer can now see Jacob, too. He’s very sorry for the deaths of Sun, Jin, and Sayid. What did they die for?

Locke goes to see Jack because he’s wondering what all these too coincidental coincidences are about. Maybe this is happening for a reason. He thinks he’s ready to get out of this chair.

Jacob tells his story. His last story. He brought all of them to the island because he made a mistake. They call that mistake the monster. One of them will have to replace Jacob. None of them were plucked out of a happy existence. Rather, they were all flawed, alone, and looking for something they couldn’t find out there. Kate’s name was crossed off the wall because she became a mother, although the job is hers if she wants it, seeing as it was just chalk. Whoever gets the responsibility will have to do what Jacob couldn’t, killing the monster if that’s at all possible. They can choose who gets to do this. If nobody agrees, this all ends very badly. Jack stands up.

The prisoners are heading to county. I’d guess one of them knows how to break free. That would be Desmond. In return for freedom, Sayid and Kate promise to do something for him. With that arranged, Hugo drives up with the money to bribe the driver Anna Lucia.

Locke and Ben arrive at the well, where Locke realizes that Desmond is not dead. Desmond was a fail safe, one final way to make sure he never leaves, even if all the candidates die. When he finds Desmond, he’ll help him do the one thing he was never able to do himself. Destroy the island.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 15

Locke managed to get everybody into a tight spot from which they could not escape in Lost Season 6 Episode 14. This was sufficient to get Sayid and Sun out of the way, while Jin was silly and took the bullet to be with his wife. Now Locke wants to finish the job he started.

A pregnant woman, Claudia, makes her way on the beach from a wreck. This would be a good time to give birth then. It’s a boy. His name is Jacob. Then another boy. Before his mother can name him, the other woman on the island apologizes for having to kill Claudia.

Years later the two brothers are chasing after food, when they come upon some men in the jungle. These men don’t belong here. Unlike Jacob and his family, who are there for a reason. His mama’s lesson for them is that people hurt other people and should be avoided as a result.

They are the protectors of a light, the brightest warmest light they’ve ever seen. A little of this light is in every person. It can’t be taken from the island, but it can go out. If it goes out there, it goes out everywhere. Jacob’s mom can’t protect the light forever, so one of them will have to do so.

While they’re playing a game, Jacob’s nameless brother sees their real mom. She tells him Jacob can’t see her because she’s dead. So will he come with her? Sounds like a good idea. She brings him to see a group of people who arrived on a ship the day before they were born. He’d like to leave now, but Jacob’s not interested. Looks like Jacob is stuck being the protector then.

Years later still, Jacob’s all growed up. He goes to visit his still nameless brother, the man in black. His people are greedy, manipulative, untrustworthy, and selfish, but they’re a means to an end, getting off the island. He’s finally found a way. They have discovered the light, which when combined with water will get him off the island using a system they’re designing. After his mom says goodbye, she says she’s so sorry. We learned what that means already. She kills him, too.

Afterward, she takes Jacob back to the light, passing the torch on to him. It’s his turn to protect it now. But he can’t ever go down there.

The man in black is not quite so dead, but we knew that. However, his plan to get off the island is buried, and his village and people are burned. He’s going to have to seek revenge on his mother, killing her back at her camp. Jacob sees this act. He’s not going to kill his brother because he can’t. She made him that way. What he will do is send him down to the light, a fate worse than death. That would explain where the black smoke comes from.

Jacob takes the two stones, one light and one dark, from their game that he finds next to his mother’s body and puts them in a pouch. This pouch is later discovered by Jack, along with the bodies of Jacob’s mother and brother.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 14

Once everybody was back together in Lost Season 6 Episode 13, Widmore took this as his cue to begin the attack.

Locke wakes up in the hospital to Dr. Jack. Everything is back where it belongs, and he thinks he’s a candidate for a new surgery that could possibly make it so he can walk again. Not interested, minimal risk or no.

Jack has made his way to Hydra Island shortly after the attack. Meanwhile, everybody else is being escorted to cages at gunpoint. Widmore needs Sawyer, Sun, Jin, and Hugo, but he’s willing to merely imprison the others if James agrees to get in the cage.

Bernard is in his office when Jack goes to see him. He’s hoping to get a look at Locke’s patient file in order to find out how he was hurt. Turns out he was on the same flight with the two of them. Who wasn’t? Although he can’t break patient-client confidentiality, Bernard can give him the name of another man in the accident with him, Anthony Cooper.

Locke, Sayid, and Jack are on the beach about half a mile away from the caged people. Locke’s going to need help convincing the others they can trust him. Why? He’s not killing anybody (at least not any of them), although he could.

Somebody kills the power on the generator. Any time you see that black smoke, somebody’s probably gonna end up not living. The dead guy won’t needing his keys, allowing Jack to grab them and free the others. He’ll lead them to the plane, but he still doesn’t plan to get on it with them.

Jack goes to see Anthony Cooper, who’s in far worse shape than Locke is, wheelchair-bound and from the looks of it unlikely to be saying much.

On his way to the plane, Locke is shot at. Well, that’s a futile idea. Once everybody else catches up, Locke warns them of Widmore’s plan: get them all together in a nice confined space with no hope of escaping, then he’s going to kill them with the C4. Because the plane is no longer safe, the submarine is their hope. Liking this plan because it was his all along and happy to not be dead, Sawyer is onboard, but he still doesn’t trust Locke.

Claire received a music box from her father, which she would like to know from Jack what it’s about. He doesn’t know. Oh, yeah, she was on the flight with the whole rest of the world, too.

With everybody packing heat, the storm into enemy territory begins. Jack’s plan is a bit different than everyone else’s. Once he shoves Locke off the dock, all hell breaks loose. Shots are fired from the woods, striking Kate. As everybody else boards the sub, Locke gets up and heads toward them to start picking them off. Claire’s still out there firing. Sawyer heads back, but he’s willing to leave her behind if it means getting away from Locke. As for Jack, he’s leaving whether he wants to or not.

There’s some more explosives on the sub with them. The bomb is ticking. Locke put it in Jack’s backpack. 4 minutes to go. They did exactly what Locke wanted. Jack doesn’t mind. He says go ahead and let it keep counting. His theory is that nothing’s going to happen, and that Locke can’t leave the island unless they’re all dead. Not trusting the doc, James pulls the wires out anyway. The watch stops its countdown. Then it speeds up.

At this time, Sayid tells Jack where he can find Desmond, then he takes the bomb and runs. Water starts flowing in from everywhere, but at least they aren’t in little pieces. Hurley is instructed to take Kate. He can’t go after Sayid because there is no Sayid. The others work to free Sun, and Sawyer gets knocked out in the process. Jin’s going to free Sun whether she wants him to or not. He insists Jack leave and save Sawyer instead. Sun’s begging continues to fall on deaf ears. I’ll never let go, Sun. Doesn’t look like either of them will make it.

Locke blames himself for being in a wheelchair, and he blames himself for his father’s condition as well. That’s the reason why he doesn’t want the surgery, so he can continue to punish himself.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 13

Hurley started dating a possibly crazy Libby in Lost Season 6 Episode 12. Meanwhile, on the island, he was leading Jack and Sun to join Locke’s group.

Jack wants to catch up. What the hell is Locke anyway, and why him? Locke was stupid enough to believe he was brought there for a reason, a belief he pursued until it got him killed. Oh, and Jack was kind enough to bring his body back in a nice wooden box. Yes, he was Jack’s dead father, too. All the black smoke wants to do is get everybody else off the island.

Having been run over by Desmond, Locke is on his way to the hospital. He’s being wheeled in alongside Sun with her gunshot wound. All she can keep repeating is “It’s him!”

Claire’s following her brother Jack. Whether he likes it or not, he’s with Locke now.

Sawyer has an alternate plan. They’ll take the sub. Hurley’s invited. So is Sun. Sayid’s over on the dark side and can’t be brought back no matter what Star Wars would lead Hurley to believe.

Kate is in the police station with Sawyer. She doesn’t strike him as the murdering kind. Doesn’t she think it’s weird they keep meeting like this? Almost like someone’s trying to bring them together. She thinks he let her go at the airport because he went to Australia and didn’t want anyone to know he was there. Miles pulls him away from his flirting/blackmail so they can pursue Sayid, who they believe is responsible for Sun being shot.

Locke took something from Widmore, which he would like back. Or else they’ll blow everyone up. Locke has until night to call, which will be difficult seeing as he takes the phone and smashes it.

Claire has an appointment with the adoption agency, where she happens to run into Desmond. It just so happens he’s on his way to see a lawyer, and it may help if she has one to help with the adoption contract. His lawyer: Ilana. The all too convenient coincidences continue. They’ve been looking for her.

Because the others are threatening to attack, they’re going over to the other island. Sawyer is sent to get a boat. He will take Freckles with him. Before leaving, he instructs Jack to double back and grab Hugo, Sun, and the pilot who looks like he’s from a Burt Reynolds movie. No Sayid, no Claire.

Sayid’s mission will be to kill Desmond. In return, he will be able to get back the woman he loved, who is currently dead. So what will he tell her when she asks what he did to be with her again?

Mainland Sayid has to leave, and he’s never coming back. Nadia might consider stalling the LAPD while he packs. Too bad Sawyer’s waiting in the backyard.

Claire trusts Locke because he’s the only one who didn’t abandon her. That does not bode well for Jack’s escape, which she witnesses. When they arrive at the boat, Claire’s right behind them, and she has a gun. Change of plans then. She can go with them. Kate promises.

And it continues. Jack’s at the same building as Claire and Desmond. He, too, is meeting with Ilana, who wants to introduce him to his father’s other child.

Jack doesn’t feel right leaving the island. If that thing wants them to leave, maybe it’s afraid of what happens if they stay. Is he with them, or is he going in the water? Water it is.

Sun wakes up in the hospital. She’s fine, and so is the baby. Yeah, Jack’s there, too. He was called in for an emergency so he could operate on Locke.

Sawyer arrives on the island, where he’s given the customary gun waving greeting. It’s here that Sun and Jin are reunited. She can speak English again now. If they would all get on their knees now, Widmore can proceed with blowing up the others.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 12

Lost Season 6 Episode 11 went on and on about Desmond trying to find his wife Penny and the rest of her family.

Now, everybody loves Hugo, owner of the Mr. Cluck’s franchise of restaurants and the man of the year. If only he could get a date, then his mama would be happy.

On the island, he’s standing over the grave of Libby, where he’s greeted by Michael, who’s there to stop him from getting everybody killed. Seeing as he’s the guy who murdered Libby and Lucia, he may not be the most trustworthy source.

He also happens to meet Libby on the mainland. She knows his name, although he doesn’t remember her. Then she gets dragged away by Dr. Brooks. Seems she’s mentally ill.

Ilana’s on a mission to blow up that plane. In her last moments, she learns an important lesson: be careful when handling dynamite, or you may get blown to bits.

The only way Locke, Kate, and Sawyer are getting off this god forsaken rock is if their friends return. Kate doesn’t see that happening, but Sayid has returned with the package, Desmond.

Having seen his girl carted off to the mental ward, Hugo decides to drown his sorrows in a bucket of chicken, family size. It’s there that he meets Desmond, who advises him to go with his gut and try to find out where he supposedly knows Libby from.

With Ilana out of the picture, Richard goes to the Black Rock with the others. He wants to be the one handling the dynamite. Too late. Hugo’s already there blowing it up. No dynamite, no more blowing up the plane. He always listens to dead people who yell at him. They’re more reliable than alive people.

Hugo heads to see the doctor. Perhaps he would make an exception and let him see Libby if he were a family. Or maybe if he donated $100k. Where is it she thinks she knows him from? Once she saw him, she saw all the memories of her life, only it was another life. She also has a memory of him being there at the psych hospital. Although he doesn’t remember her, he’s okay with her being crazy, and he’d like to go out on a date. Fine by her.

Locke sees a boy, one he wants to ignore.

Hugo’s plan is that they have to go talk to Locke. Either Richard can go with Hurley, or he can keep trying to blow stuff up. Blow stuff up it is then. Ben and Miles are with Richard, but Jack and the others stick with Hugo. During their walk, Hugo admits that he didn’t really see Jacob back there, which Jack already knew. It’s a good thing Jack trusts him because he has no idea where he’s going.

Michael is stuck on the island because of his murderous past, and there are others on the island like him who can’t move on. He’s very sorry for what he did to Libby.

When they kiss on their picnic date, Hurley remembers everything. Not so crazy after all.

Locke’s destination: a well. A very old well. So old that the people who dug it did so completely by hand. They weren’t looking for water. Rather, they were looking for answers, which they did not find. His lesson for Desmond is that Charles Widmore is not interested in answers, just power. Why isn’t he afraid being out there in the middle of the jungle with Locke when nobody knows he’s there? What is the point of being afraid? That question is simple to answer by throwing him down the well.

Hugo arrives to meet Locke, and with him are both Jack and Sun. That about completes the set.

Desmond heads to the school pretending he’s there to find a school for his son. In reality, he wants to run over the man in the wheelchair.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 11

Jin and Sun had their adventure in Lost Season 6 Episode 10, in which he was kidnapped and she ended up unable to speak English. Jin was brought to the package, who turned out to be Desmond.

Desmond wakes up to be greeted by Zoe. He’d like to see his wife, but instead he’s stuck with old man Widmore, who informs him he’s been brought back to the island. Violence ensues.

The crew is trying to get the generator running again, which it hasn’t done in 20 years. During the process, they inadvertently turn it on while somebody’s inside the machine. That somebody is now dead and extra crispy.

Having seen that, Widmore has a test for Desmond. He wants him to hop inside, too. His question is whether he can survive a catastrophic event again.

Flashing sideways, Desmond meets Claire at the airport. He offers her a ride, but she’s got a date with a cab driving felon. He doesn’t want a restaurant or any “companionship” when he meets up with the driver. He’s just there to work. For Charles Widmore. In this too coincidentally small world, Charles wants Desmond to get the drugged up bass guitarist of Driveshaft to his wife’s event. Charlie’s preference would be to get drunk and talk about the new love of his life, who he saw for a moment on the airplane when he was choking to death.

Charlie reluctantly agrees to go for a ride with Desmond. As they’re dirving along, Charlie grabs hold of the steering wheel, driving them directly into the water. The alert Desmond is now forced to save Charlie’s life. In doing so, he has a flash of a hand saying “Not Penny’s Boat”.

When he gets to the hospital, the CAT scan is inconclusive, so Desmond’s going downstairs for an MRI. 30 minutes in a cramped super loud machine. This should go well. And actually, it kinda does. He remembers Penny. This is the moment Charlie was talking about when he discussed being in love. He’s gotta find him. Perhaps Dr. Jack can assist. No need after all, though. Hard to miss the half naked man running down the hallway.

Since Charles is afraid of his wife, he sends Desmond to break the bad news that he’s lost the rock star. She’s taking this surprisingly well. What she doesn’t appreciate is his request to see the guest list when he hears the name Penny. He’ll need to stop looking for whatever it is he thinks he’s looking for. He’s not ready yet. For something.

As he’s getting ready to leave and/or get drunk, he’s approached by Daniel Widmore, the guy who was hoping to play with Driveshaft. Daniel, too, is going on and on about love. After he saw the women he loved at first sight, he wrote something in his notebook. Since he’s a musician, he has no clue what he wrote, but a friend of him says it’s quantum mechanics so advanced that only somebody who had been studying physics their entire life could have come up with it. What if this wasn’t supposed to be their life? What if they had some other life and somehow changed things? That said, he thinks he already did set off a nuclear bomb. Seeing as Desmond’s asking about a woman named Penny, he must have felt this shift, too.

Acting on a tip from half brother Daniel, Desmond heads to the stadium, where he finds Penny running. With that, he wakes up inside the machine. Not so dead after all. Now he says he understands that he’s there to do something important. When do they start?

Zoe is escorting Desmond through the jungle. Sayid comes up, kills some people, and tells her to run.

Back in the stadium, Desmond fainted when Penny shook his hand. Perhaps she’d like to go for a coffee.

One last thing he needs from his driver George: the manifest from the flight.

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